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Rattle That Cage

Through Darkness To Light

Rikco  Male  central London 13-Mar-2019 00:05 Message #4736813
I come to
Rattle your cage
Tickle your rage
Gots ma incense sticks & plenty of sage
Don't need no wage
I do this shit for free
Be excused but please don't excuse me
On profane profanity
You call them cursewords of vanity
I call them sentence enhancers
Put the noun to the verb n make them dancers
Be a chancer
Take a risk
Skinny dip n back flip
Reprogram your computer chip
Right n wrong are but perceptions
Being programmed from birth we gotta make exceptions
For those that just don't get it
Those that try but lie cos they always a sweat it
I'm no seer or guru
I drink beer n smokes joints 2 til 2
And far from me to tell anybody how to live or how to be
But I will be me
Bore to ya core
Grind ya face full into the floor
Make ya taste that dust a little more
Until your mind frees n you can see your
Perfect reflection
In everything
In all the world offers n brings
Especially when it shocks n stings
Lessons to embrace
Pay attention don't let em go to waste
Wanting you to see clearer
Always reverting you back to the mirror
Always n in all ways peeling back the veil
Your veils n limescales
The greatest project you'll ever work on is yourself
I Love you baby
BunnyGirl  Female  Buckinghamshire 13-Mar-2019 07:49 Message #4736814
And.:) what is the point of all that ?

If someone said that to me think,they were barmy !
Rikco  Male  central London 13-Mar-2019 08:40 Message #4736815
If you can’t understand this then this ain’t for you
BunnyGirl  Female  Buckinghamshire 13-Mar-2019 16:27 Message #4736827
Wrll i know that lol
NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire 13-Mar-2019 17:29 Message #4736828
Hey Bunny just go with the flow.
Look at the message and go.
Look in the mirror and dance.
Have a holiday in France.
Live the romance.
Dance in yer pants.
Try a voyage on a ship.
Skinny dip and back flip
And on the way out.
Dry yourself on a towel.
Remember to smile and not scowl.
Put the noun to the vowel.
Rikco  Male  central London 13-Mar-2019 20:08 Message #4736835
Excuse me BunnyGirl if I sound abrupt or rude. The main thing you should take from this is the best project you’ll ever work on is yourself, just believe in you n there is nothing you can’t do, too many nouns verbs n words, some sweet n some bitter like lemon curd, if it resonates don’t hate embrace n appreciate, if ya really wanna get it then debate...
As for Mr Hermit, Love to hear that guy spit, he understands, levels of perception, judgement is not the intention, trying to open ya up, look at the cup, is it half full or half empty, look between the lines m you’ll see plenty
Bring the humour and the joy, play this matrix lika toy
Thank you
brisinger  Male  Lancashire 13-Mar-2019 20:33 Message #4736837
There's no meter in the meter,
Find a word that rhymes with orange.
BunnyGirl  Female  Buckinghamshire 13-Mar-2019 21:53 Message #4736840
I will think the way i do and do not expect other people to tell me how to think.

You do not like it cos i do not agree with you.

Just like a male don't like women to have minds of their own.
Rikco  Male  central London 13-Mar-2019 22:37 Message #4736845
I certainly don’t write for people to agree with me
Read the first line again
I actually laughed out loud at your first comment but I didn’t want you to think I was laughing at you, so it seems we’re back at perception again, lady, think n do what you like, anger is far from me, everybody got a right to their own opinion.
So much for my poor attempt of an apology for being blunt haaahaaa
Rikco  Male  central London 13-Mar-2019 22:40 Message #4736847
Rhymes with orange
How about more cringe
Or your minge
Excuse me that just fell out
No offence intended
That’s what happens when the mind is bended
Thank you
brisinger  Male  Lancashire 14-Mar-2019 20:44 Message #4736892
Nope, they still don't rhyme with orange. There is only one word in the Oxford English Dictionary that rhymes with orange and that is sporange a very rare alternative form of sporangium (a botanical term for a part of a fern or similar plant). Look it up if you don't believe me.
NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire 14-Mar-2019 21:23 Message #4736893
I think your minge is close, but maybe not a tight fit.
There is a mountain in Wales called Blorange, (I think).
Rikco  Male  central London 14-Mar-2019 23:35 Message #4736907
Spirants hey
What is it, a spilt orange?
Thanks for the lesson
I think rhyming is about more than getting words sounding exactly the same
I could use same and come with cane or rain then divert to insane n tease ya brain to make you forget the main
Point of discussion
Excuse my bad humour
Eljer  Male  North London 1-Apr-2019 23:01 Message #4737880
How about door hinge?

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