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Fly past Sheffield.

Mi Amigo.

NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire 22-Jan-2019 20:43 Message #4733849
Anyone going to watch this?
Its been in the news recently. 75th anniversary of American Flying Fortress crashing in Endcliffe Park, Sheffield.
There is a memorial in the park.
The plane Mi Amigo needed a place to land, but it was a sunny day, and the park was full.
The plane had to crash into a hillside.

American Air Force and RAF jets taking part.

22nd February.
Aely  Female  Hampshire 22-Jan-2019 21:24 Message #4733850
I did see on the news a few days ago the man who, as a young boy, had witnessed the crash and laid flowers on the anniversary every year afterwards asking that some commemoration should take place . I am pleased to hear that his request has been granted. The pilot of the plane spent the last seconds of his life trying to avoid civilian casualties in the park and surrounding houses - and succeeded.
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire 23-Jan-2019 13:33 Message #4733884
I watched it on TV news and it brought a lump to my throat - bless the chap who wanted the commemoration and the BBC chap who got the ball rolling. If it was nearer I would go & watch it, but will have to make do and see it on the box I expect.

I often think about those lone pilots who were so very young. Can you imagine the many of the youngsters of today doing such brave things. And to think if it wasnt for them, so any of us wouldnt even exist.
NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire 23-Jan-2019 20:09 Message #4733918
Yes they were heroes.
An eyewitness told me the story a few years ago.
The plane was in trouble and needed to land, only clear land around was the park.
The plane circled the park and then started to land, the crew waving children out of the way.
But the children just thought they were waving, and waved back.
When the pilot saw they were not going to move, he pulled the plane up.
The plane crashed into trees on a hillside, close to where the memorial is.
There is a memorial service every year, attended by servicemen from America, but it is a small gathering.
Will be a bit different in 2019!
warmundeft  Male  Wrexham 23-Jan-2019 20:57 Message #4733924
Fly-past is thanks to Dan Walker, a presenter on BBC's Breakfast who, while walking his dog in Endcliffe Park, fell into conversation with Tony Foulds, who since witnessing the crash has been tending the memorial to the ten US airmen crewing the B-17 Flying Fortress 'Mi Amigo'.

"I'll see what can be done." Dan told Tony when the subject of a fly-past came up.

Dan went on to launch a 'Twitter' campaign and there was a (deservedly) lengthy piece on Breakfast on Tuesday morning, which also involved the US Ambassador and USAF guys at RAF Lakenheath, from where the aircraft will fly to take part in the commemorative events at Sheffield on 22 February.

It takes ordinary people with amazing tenacity and talent to work towards and achieve what promises to be an amazing event.
Fingers crossed for good weather (and no drones!).

I am tempted to make the effort to go across and see for myself - will weigh things up and decide nearer the time.

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