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any good cheap ones that don't break easily?

tumbleweed  Male  Gloucestershire 9-Jan-2019 08:15 Message #4732999
In order to block outside noise, not inflict my noise on others, and generally get better listening from my laptop, I use plug in earphones.

Most of them seem a bit flimsy. Even expensive ones. So I tend to go cheap. They don't last long though, but I get the impression that more expensive ones wouldn't last either. Especially with a lot of in and out of either ends of them. I am not the most delicate person either, so i must learn to do it all gracefully.

Now over the last few years, I have bought some from the pound shop, for a pound would you believe. The longest I think any of those have lasted has been a few months. I have bought some from supermarkets, for anything from £2 to £10, but again, only a few months worth of use,even from the £10 one. Perhaps a year for that one.

The latest I got from Wilko for £2.50 a couple of months ago. But one ear thing has now packed up. I have noticed that being quite common in all the ones I have bought. One ear goes, so its still ok with the other ear, but obviously only part.

Sometimes you can 'twiddle' and fiddle with the dodgy one, and it works ok on and off, a bit like a Norman Collier routine.

There are videos on youtube on how to mend some of these things, but it involves buying bits and pieces and taking things apart and stuff. Probably not worth it for a really cheap pair.

Are there any really robust decent ones around for under a tenner? I suppose wireless ones would be ok, but I haven't looked into them yet, or the cost.
vanman  Male  Cambridgeshire 9-Jan-2019 09:18 Message #4733006
"Sometimes you can 'twiddle and fiddle with the dodgy one, and it works ok on and off ..."

Perhaps you not being 'the most delicate person' should learn to take them out by the ear plug and NOT pull them out by the wire!! lol ;-}
OnlineMSE  Male  Essex 9-Jan-2019 09:36 Message #4733011
I've had plenty of earphones that have ended up the same way with only one-earphone left working.
The wire is so flimsy along it's length, and I invariably catch it somehow while using them (including them getting knotted between use & how does that happen? !) and at the earphone end that is a weak point and always going to be vulnerable to failure.
The last set I got was a JVC sports set (so they've got the hooks that go behind the ear for stability). I haven't used that sort before and I only got them because they were a silly price at ASDA (£2 instead of £8, so bought the last 5 sets they had left).
They seem to have stood the test of time, maybe because being sports one's they are a bit more sturdy and the wire goes into the housing rather than the earbud itself.
But now, if your device allows it, bluetooth earbuds are the way to go, as then you have no wires to worry about.
I have bluetooth over ear headphones, you do get good sound but I don't really like to walk around with those on.
tumbleweed  Male  Gloucestershire 9-Jan-2019 14:23 Message #4733049
Thanks for the info. I may look into Bluetooth, and weigh up the cost etc. My laptop isn't Bluetooth at the moment.
Harley44  Female  the Isle of Wight 9-Jan-2019 23:39 Message #4733097
You can get cheap ones on Amazon:) I have bluetooth ones - one pair is a copy of ipod ones and they came from China, surprise? And the other pair is just 'sit in the ear' type, but my problem with those is I have very small ears so have to be careful that the ones I buy are small enough to fit. My old pc doesn't have bluetooth so I got a bluetooth usb dongle which plugs into a spare usb port...problem sorted.
Addie123  Female  Leicestershire 10-Jan-2019 00:54 Message #4733099
The best thing you could do its stop using in ear headphones and get the big headphones that look like a headband. Or even invest in a headset. I paid a bit more for my headphones. They have lasted me ages, small ones get loose connections so easily that's how one ear gets affected. I don't know if you've ever opened them up and had a look. Usually they only use a tiny blob of solder wire and I have sometimes found that the wires fray or snap altogether. Before you waste more money think about investing in a really comfortable pair that look like this ??
Hope this helps ??
Addie123  Female  Leicestershire 10-Jan-2019 00:57 Message #4733100
Oh my emotes disappeared lol where has my headphone emoji gone.
OnlineMSE  Male  Essex 10-Jan-2019 09:22 Message #4733118
There's no denying that over ear headphones are far superior than in-ear for the sound quality/exterior noise isolation.
But out & about the issue I have is that they make the user look like a right knob 'ead.
(and on a safety level the isolating nature means you're far less aware of your surroundings).
tumbleweed  Male  Gloucestershire 10-Jan-2019 09:36 Message #4733120
I don't think emojis work on here. Maybe in a few years, or decades, they will upgrade.

All suggestions taken on board. I will try and suss out the best to do on limited budget.

I don't use any when I am out and about, in the streets, driving etc. It's bad enough trying to stay alive as it is, bikes whizzing past, cars whizzing past etc, without myself shutting off all outside sound. Similar could be said for indoors, I suppose, apart from all the things whizzing past, but I will take a chance on that.
HonestBob  Male  the Central region 10-Jan-2019 10:33 Message #4733132
TW the best headphones I've had are the ones I got with my iPhone, many years ago. I bought an additional 3 or 4 sets. They are used for chatting on the phone at work, they are well used and covered in dirt... they are no longer white!

I have a set of Bluetooth head phones that I use to listen to YouTube. They are Phillips, had them for about 3 years, they cost around £80, they are very well used, and I am very happy with them.
TheSarcasticOne  Male  Essex 12-Jan-2019 01:11 Message #4733217
I spent several months looking into headphones, cabled, wireless, blue tooth, battery life, noise dampening, sound quality and also how I would use them.

In the end I went for

Using as a headset, they are not very good as the microphone is too far from the mouth.

Using to listen to music and film they are not too bad, this is from my tablet, laptop and phone.

These are no the best that I tested if you want that look at B&O, these were bought to see if I would benefit from them.

So far I have found the blue tooth functionality to be great, feels odd sometimes with no wire but I will be going for the B&O set later.

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