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A national disgrace!

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Hierophant  Male  East Anglia 7-Jan-2019 11:55 Message #4732916
I popped to Aldi this morning and part of my journey is along a newish dual carriageway that was built to ease congestion in my local small town. I noticed the local council workers were litter picking along this road - there were 3 vans with flashing lights and at least 8 guys in their hi-viz outfits, all picking up litter and stuffing it into pink plastic sacks.
What really shocked me was just how much litter there was laying in the grass, it was a sea of paper, cans, plastic bags and all manner of stuff. I felt totally ashamed!
What on earth is wrong with us? Are we so dumb that we happily see our council tax increase each year to pay the wages of these guys to do our work for us? Do we care so little about our surroundings, happily living in a pig sty, up to our knees in crap and filth?
I have to litter pick as part of my job, even young people are messy and habitually chuck litter on the ground without batting an eyelid.
What can we do about it?...
fosy  Male  Leicestershire 7-Jan-2019 12:31 Message #4732917
scummies dont care.

six hours being pilloried ought to help, seeing as we dont have the police to slap wrists.
barney  Male  Surrey 7-Jan-2019 12:55 Message #4732918
Some years ago I was in Germany and I was amazed how clean it was. Even the verges and central reservation of the roads were mown like lawns and litter free.
Then back home and the road out of Heathrow and on the way home was like driving through a landfill site, a national disgrace and the first thing visitors see on landing in this Country.
When Rudy Giuliani took over as Mayor of New York it was a crime ridden filthy dump so he decided to clean it up. His idea was to start at the bottom by fining people for litter dropping, even fag butts and then work your way up and it worked.
When I was last there it was safe and pretty clean.
So lets start by dishing out some hefty fines for littering.
One thing I will say is that in some places its hard to find a litter bin now. Is that to save the Council money by not having to empty them ?.
Templar2013  Male  South East London 7-Jan-2019 14:34 Message #4732922
There is only ever one person to blame for littering and that is the person throwing it down. Everything else is just excusing their disgusting behaviour.
tumbleweed  Male  Gloucestershire 7-Jan-2019 16:08 Message #4732925
It is often a chain thing, handed down through generations of litter louts. What chance has the little brat chav got, when its parents are Jeremy Kyle contestants.

Mother chav, unwrapping fag packets and chucking the wrapper anywhere, Daddy chav, chucking their empty can of Special Brew on the pavement.

Even some well brought up kids, when their parents are not with them, and they are with their mates, will 'rebel' and chuck the Maccy D wrapper on the floor, to try and look cool and pull the chav birds.

I thought this new generation were the ones who 'cared about the environment' more than any before them. It turns out they are worse than the lot.
joolsy  Female  Essex 7-Jan-2019 17:15 Message #4732926
Grrr litter ... It is pain in the butt ... I'm forever sweeping my drive .. Take away rubbish drink cartons ... Fag butts ... I had to put a sign up with a bottle of bleach because this dozy women kept letting her poodle poop on me drive ... Disgusting ... I think they are dragged up ... Gawd nos what there homes are like .. My grandchildren hate mess ... When we go to the beach ... Reu and eadie like to make it all shinny for making sand castles ... They do make me laugh ... It costs nothing to be clean ... And show respect for others imo ... Think the litter louts should join Mrs hinches army ... Ya no
JustLyn  Female  Cheshire 7-Jan-2019 17:46 Message #4732928
I often pick up litter and pop it in the bin, but when my daughter worked at McDonald's, just as around the time she became ill at age 16, one customer just went up to her and threw the rubbish at her feet. It was a horrible degrading experience for her. Before now, I've filled carrier bags just on a walk, but I am a tad nervous about tackling anyone over it one to one after a couple of people have been assaulted because they dared to take action.

Once, I did see someone toss something out the car window as I was walking past, and I couldn't resist tossing it back in and saying he had dropped something. I did walk on waiting for bang on the back of the head!

I'm always picking rubbish up from the road I live on, under the hedges, even a wine bottle on top of my hedge yesterday. I sometimes think I'd like CCTV just to catch the regular culprits but in reality, I'm not sure what we can do as shaming them would become a bit of a claim to fame for some of them?

I have noticed all the bins that were taken away a few years ago, due to "cost" have all been returned, and since the last council in power sold off the local water park, that meant bins were no longer emptied, but since there has been a recent change, they are all back again. Don't ask, I'm not mentioning any names or parties.

This shows my age, but I often wonder is a new kind of National Service would be a good idea, not to do with war, but to do with community and environmental issues. I do see kids being encouraged to drop there teeth rotting drink bottles by the side of their pushchairs when they have finished them, I dread to think what their homes are like.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 7-Jan-2019 18:40 Message #4732929
All along the A55 the verges are full of litter anything from nickers, bottles of pee to food and drink wrappers, its horrible. I certainly notice a difference in the amount of litter in and out of tourist season, theres loads more in tourist season. I wish they'd come up with something better than black plastic for wrapping hay bales in, the plastic just tears a gets blown about, we get loads of stuff that some in over the side of boats too, bits of net and fish boxes.

I always taught my children not to chuck their litter on the ground, I was outraged when told by a railway employee that they'd done away with bins and wanted people to chuck their rubbish on the ground.

Having seen the way that some people choose to live, I'd have to say yes some people are happilly living in pig sty's and their just as likely to be prosperous and quite well to do, as poor and ordinary.
HotOrWot  Male  Lancashire 7-Jan-2019 18:44 Message #4732931
We have a similar problem near where I live with dog walkers picking up poo then hanging bags in the hedge - idiots!
They moan of no dog poo bins. Litter louts complain of no litter bins. What an awful sense of entitlement when you think it is someone else’s duty to collect your crap and save you taking it home to dispose of.
BunnyGirl  Female  Buckinghamshire 7-Jan-2019 19:30 Message #4732934
I have a fence and gate around my garden so do not get any litter in the garden and also i have seen the dog walkers pick up their dog poo so no trouble there. Anyway we do have a dog poo bin just on the green which is not far from where i live.
eurostar  Female  Merseyside 7-Jan-2019 19:32 Message #4732935
I live in a quiet small road unless its recycle bin pick up day!!!…...we all have a big wheelie bin to put paper tins etc in, no bags,,,so the council come along and empty our bins...into an open top wire mesh sided lorry!!!….so obviously as they drive around paper etc all blows up and out onto the street...…..bloody stoopid……….
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia 7-Jan-2019 19:48 Message #4732938
I actually think that if litter bins are provided, most people will use them. Where I work, we have plenty of bins and most people do take the trouble to put their rubbish in one. Of course, you always get the odd few who are unable to move their arse 5 yards to put a crisp bag in the nearest bin, so drop it and walk away.
It seems chucking litter out of the window of a car or van is somehow seen as ok or unavoidable - I saw a McDonalds bag laying at the bottom of a hedge on my Aldi trip, the nearest McDonalds is probably 10 or 15 miles away.
It's all very sad...
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia 7-Jan-2019 19:52 Message #4732939
Oh yeah, the bloody dustmen (or whatever they are called these days) annoy me at times - they stand there and push a green button to tip the bin into the lorry, yet any rubbish that spills out onto the road they just leave to blow about... grrr
JustLyn  Female  Cheshire 7-Jan-2019 20:30 Message #4732941
At least dog poo is biodegradable but no one want to get their foot in it, or even worse toddlers. I don't get why people hang the bags in trees either.

The most bizarre thing I saw in the local water park was a tree decorated in boxer shorts, about 10 pairs.

OnlineMSE  Male  Essex 7-Jan-2019 20:42 Message #4732942
Local Councils should be more proactive in enforcing fines for committing an environmental offence by issuing fixed penalty notices to those seen littering (including food waste, cigarette butts or chewing gum), and not clearing up after their dog.
Hit 'em where it hurts, in their pockets because it's the only way these people will learn, and the plus side is much needed additional income for the local authority.
eurostar  Female  Merseyside 7-Jan-2019 21:04 Message #4732943
onlinemse. Liverpool council had litter enforcers...…...kingdom group they were called, they went ott, if a hankie dropped out of a pram or your pocket they,d pounce...…..£80 instant fine...….they didn't even give people chance to pick up and put in the was like a war...……….seriously...a common sense attitude would have done the council got rid of them before one got killed
persona_non_grata  Male  North London 8-Jan-2019 08:10 Message #4732947
A lot of the roadside rubbish, mostly takeaway residue and packaging, is thrown from cars so bins wouldn’t make any difference to those offenders. I know some bins were discontinued as they liked up too quickly and by overflowing made a worse mess than being without bins. Bins are still useful in the high street but they should not be a necessity. When was the last time you had so much rubbish it was impossible to take it home?
tumbleweed  Male  Gloucestershire 8-Jan-2019 08:30 Message #4732950
Some of the £80 fine things do seem a bit ridiculous. There are videos on youtube. Some jumped up little Hitlers, throwing their 'authority' around. Often a bit pathetic.

Also, lack of bins in places just asks for littering. Many responsible people will take it all home, and the hardened litter louts will always just chuck it anywhere, but for the people inbetween, it is sure to encourage just leaving it there, somewhere, anywhere.
warmundeft  Male  Wrexham 8-Jan-2019 15:13 Message #4732958
In whole-hearted agreement with all.

Unfortunately there are no such things as formal qualifications in consideration; neither does respect seem to prevail.
Probably that criticism is not applicable to the entire population, but just what proportion of intellectual pygmies is necessary to cause upset, misery and blight to the surroundings of us all - and how can we foster an attitude of good citizenship?

My example - and yours - of picking up behind anonymous litter-chuckers has yet to lead to any improvement in behaviour and I too despair of the outlook.

Is there really no alternative to being smothered, drowning in a sea of sh1t?
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 8-Jan-2019 18:42 Message #4732964
Paying 5p for a plastic bag has made a big difference in litter, you really notice it in summer when the English bring their rubbish here to dump. The other thing that really bugs me is fly tipping, we have really good tips that take just about anything and they're so busy they have to close on monday and tuesdays so as they can cope with the volume, I guess some people get to the tip and realise its shut and then dump stuff on the roadside.
AndyMacG  Male  the West Midlands 8-Jan-2019 21:40 Message #4732978
I totally agree with you on this subject Hiero, absolutely disgusting what some folk will throw just anywhere, one of my neighbours who lives opposite parks his car half on the footpath and half on the road, just inside his front garden is where he keeps his general waste rubbish bin but when he comes home at night he is forever throwing his empty Mc D cups, plastic coke bottles and cans, even Mc D food bags, i’ve told him about it once or twice but it has made no difference, i have thought about reporting him but we still have to live in the same street!
I heard something on the radio the other day that it was being toyed with the idea of putting deposit charges on plastic bottles, tin drinks cans and disposable cups, a bit like when i was a kid and there was cash to be made on empty bottles, if that happens i’ll go and pick his empties up, ;-) lol

Andy Mac
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia 8-Jan-2019 21:57 Message #4732980
I read recently that someone suggested vehicle registrations being printed on takeaway packaging when you buy your burgers at the drive-thru - I'm not sure how practical or useful that would be though.
Imagine the administration/costs of tracking down the owner of a vehicle whose number plate was stamped on a Burger King bag found in a ditch.
We do need to think outside the box though, clearly, lobbing litter out of a moving car is a major problem...
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 9-Jan-2019 11:27 Message #4733035
Trouble with that idea is you could have the same problems as with people being fined for fly tipping when they've been traced through a piece of litter with their address on it, they've paid for a firm to come and collect the waste and take it away believing its all above board and reputable only to find its been fly tipped. How on earth would you prove that a bag or cup hadn't escaped from a bin, either because animals had been through it or because it blew out the recycling box and the dustman didn't have the time to chase it?
Madness102  Female  South Yorkshire 9-Jan-2019 22:14 Message #4733086
Throwing litter from a vehicle is an offence - so if u see someone do this take their reg and report to council.
But likely as not, they will do nothing about it !!
Poo is biodrgradable??? Well some sh1t has been outside my front gate gor about three weeks now - I did push it away towards the gutter (using a bit of cardboard) but its still all there and has been trodden all over the place - its such a sight I hate it.
There really is no real answer except the idea of sending youngsters away to learn how to behave is a good idea.
I have always thought that prisoners and comunity service penalties could easily be brought out to clean up - maybe if they were forced to pick up, they might just realize the value of being tidy in future.
JustLyn  Female  Cheshire 9-Jan-2019 22:26 Message #4733093

I agree. I think some prisoners do community service, not sure though. I think school children should pick it up around schools but I suppose parents would object and you never know what you'd find in it these days.

I know what you mean about the poo on the path. I'm not justifying it, just mean if there was odd bit missed, it won't be there a week later like cans and bottles.

I notice a few National Trust places don't want us to use bags, depending on the environment. Hardcastle Crags has a stick 'n flick policy but that just wouldn't work at the local water park. It's horrendous.

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