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If you were going to remake any films or telly

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tumbleweed  Male  Gloucestershire 2-Jan-2019 10:33 Message #4732622
I am often not a fan of remakes. For all sorts of reasons. Or old telly shows turned into films etc.

Some of the ones that I think should have been left as they were are The Italian Job ( I refuse to watch the remake ), The Ladykillers, The Addams family telly show ( turned into films ), The original Batman ( turned into different films ), Bilko, the list goes on.

In another thread, there is the latest Poirot, with John Malkovich. Various reviews.

If you were to remake an old film or TV series, which ones would you do? Which ones wouldn't you do?

Who would play the new roles?

Which ones have you liked better than the originals? Which ones worse?

Add anything else that you want as well.
Nigel_In_Devon  Male  Devon 2-Jan-2019 10:57 Message #4732625
So often the remake / sequel turns out to be inferior. However, with trepidation, I went to go and see Mary Poppins Returns with my Granddaughter. I was surprised to find I enjoyed the film as much as I did the original. Although they filled the film with new songs the background music kept including parts of the old songs too. I really felt they did a brilliant job with this film.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 2-Jan-2019 11:06 Message #4732626
I wish they'd remake The Water Margin, I really loved that series and it sparked my interest in martial arts, I'm sure it could be done loads better these days with better sets and CGI.

I wouldn't touch I Claudius, I still can't see many of the Julio-Claudians as anyone other than the actors who played them in the series.
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire 2-Jan-2019 11:23 Message #4732629
I would like to see a remake of 'Splendour in the Grass' - Warren Beatty and Liz Taylor (I think). It was a very moving film but a long time ago.

I would not like to see a remake of ' Friends'. I just found it irritating and silly.
BunnyGirl  Female  Buckinghamshire 2-Jan-2019 12:45 Message #4732642
What about a remake of Steptoe and Son but who would you pick to play the characters.

The original players were Harry H Corbet and Wilfred Brambell
BunnyGirl  Female  Buckinghamshire 2-Jan-2019 12:46 Message #4732643
Should Wilfred Bramble
wholelottakaren  Female  Lincolnshire 2-Jan-2019 16:32 Message #4732648
The remake of the Italian job was actually quite good. It was a different film - it's when they do a verbatim remake that things go wrong in my view. I 've heard there's a Dambusters remake - I won't bewatching that. How could you possibly top the original and to appease the easily offended they changed the pooch's name. The new Mary Poppins wasn't a remake - it was another book in the series. I liked it
JustLyn  Female  Cheshire 2-Jan-2019 16:38 Message #4732649
I really enjoyed the Earth Children series of books by Jean Auel, the first one "The Clan of the Cavebear". The following 3-4 were also good sequels, but the later ones went off quite a bit.

Here is a shortened copy of the synopsis from Auel's website.

"In this first book of the beloved Earth's ChildrenĀ® series, Jean M. Auel takes readers back to the dawn of mankind and sweeps them up into the amazing and wonderful world of Ayla, one of the most remarkable heroines ever imagined.
Over 30,000 years ago, in a world we know but would not recognize, a young girl of five plays by herself on a creek bank. Suddenly, her world shifts, as a cataclysmic earthquake leaves her an orphan in a harsh Ice Age landscape.
A way away, a group of people now called Neanderthals also finds their world changed, as the quake destroys the cave they've called home. They must journey to find a new place to live."

After thoroughly enjoying these books I was overjoyed to see a film based on the series. It was the most incredible letdown and one of the most disappointing films I have ever seen. I'm really surprised there hasn't been a remake. It scored 5/10 on Rotten Tomatoes and starred Darryl Hannah.

If there was a remake, mmm... not sure, but there would need to be Ayla as little more than a toddler to begin with, then as she grows up, someone fit, probably a blonde Scandinavian type, and her eventual partners of which one would be also like herself and the other, a neanderthal alternative race. I think a young and upcoming actor called Daisy Waterstone would look the part. She was in The Durrells which I haven't watched, but here is a glimpse of her.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 2-Jan-2019 18:51 Message #4732657
I loved Jean Auels books but hated the film, I actually wonder if it wouldn't be better done as a big budget TV series rather than a film? If it had the same sort of budget and productions values as Game of Thrones then I think it could work, but trying to fit all those books and the level of detail in them into even two or three films would be really difficult.

I hope they don't remake Buffy or Angel, but I'd love them to repeat them, I can't understand why no one has to be honest.
JustLyn  Female  Cheshire 2-Jan-2019 19:06 Message #4732659

My daughter has been rewatching Buffy and another set called Sabrina on Amazon Prime. I don't pay for it but she has an annual student subscription still active so was a bit cheaper.
OnlineMSE  Male  Essex 2-Jan-2019 19:29 Message #4732663
They're showing Buffy the Vampire Slayer from the start on the SyFy channel.
You can't beat a bit of kickass vampire slaying.
NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire 2-Jan-2019 22:57 Message #4732676
I would remake The Stud using real people (not actors).
The Oliver Tobias role would be filled by Happy Matt (he works out).
The sex scenes would be very short.
Or The Alamo with Warmydeft playing Davy Crockett, he could wear a dead raccoon, instead of a syrup.
Or Speed set on The Hermits bus, on a trip through Germany.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 3-Jan-2019 11:22 Message #4732703
I don't have Amazon prime or pay for networks, I'm not sure my tv will do streaming, I realised yesterday its about 7 years old, but its still going strong.
TheSarcasticOne  Male  Essex 5-Jan-2019 04:12 Message #4732802
I would love to see a modern version with a bigger budget of Blake's 7.

tumbleweed  Male  Gloucestershire 5-Jan-2019 09:30 Message #4732809
I was neglecting my duties of thread starter, and hadn't returned.

Good replies from all so far.

I watched the original Mary Poppins over Christmas, and really enjoyed it again. I may see the new one at some point, but I still think the original won't be beaten, and nobody could say 'Meery Poppens' like that, or play her like Julie did.
Nigel_In_Devon  Male  Devon 5-Jan-2019 11:27 Message #4732818
TW, I went in to see Mary Poppins Returns with just those thoughts.

I wouldn't say it was any better or worse. Different but enough similarity to still be enjoyable. It was interesting watching and likening scenes in the new with the old! :-)

As for true remakes...I used to enjoy James Bond books and also the Modesty Blaise too. Good films were made of the JB books but the MB film was awful. Perhaps a remake of the MB film could be done but a more serious attempt along the lines of the JB films.
deano927  Male  Hampshire 8-Jan-2019 16:15 Message #4732960
I remember watching The Water Margin as a youngster, Wonderoushen, and was captivated. Later I went on to become quite a fan of Bruce Lee and martial arts films in general. I would also like to see a remake and, like you, am convinced it would be miles better in terms of quality.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 8-Jan-2019 18:37 Message #4732963
China's so much more open now and they're taking pride in thier history so in a way I'm surprised they've not remade it, or that we don't see other Chinese and south east Asian tv.
Addie123  Female  Leicestershire 10-Jan-2019 01:07 Message #4733102
I love john Malkovich. He's a very talented man.
Addie123  Female  Leicestershire 10-Jan-2019 01:09 Message #4733103
I would love a remake of flowers in the attic. That could be something special.
Peterdryrot  Male  Hertfordshire 10-Jan-2019 05:30 Message #4733110
I would like to see a remake of Blake 7 TV sifi
tumbleweed  Male  Gloucestershire 12-Jan-2019 12:35 Message #4733227
I was reading some stuff about Guy Fawkes, as you often find yourself doing in January, and I started thinking about any Guy Fawkes/ Gunpowder plot films etc.

I think there have been some TV series, and by the looks of it, a film from 1923, but no recent blockbuster type thing.

I suppose it wouldn't appeal to America as much, and that could be why. Although I'm surprised that they haven't come up with one anyway, and pretended it was them it happened to. Like they tend to do with other stuff.

Or we could make one. By we, I mean the British, and not MSE, although...
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 13-Jan-2019 11:37 Message #4733266
Kit Harrington, (John Snow) made a mini series on the gunpowder plot, he's a decendent of one of the plotters, many people complained that it was to graphic and horrible, but it was a horrible time where people where snatched from their homes, tortured and executed in public by the most barbaric means possible.

There are other periods of history that I'd like to see dramatised, or rather the drama acted out on screen, Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine would be a good one. The story of Aethelflaed Lady of the Mercian's would also be good, hardly anyones heard of her but she's a massively important figure, a woman who ruled with the consent of her male nobles, who led them in battle, who founded towns, rebuilt others like Chester and stopped further Norse incursions after the death of her father Alfred the Great. It would also be great to know more about Athelstan who united England into one country.
OnlineMSE  Male  Essex 13-Jan-2019 13:19 Message #4733285
Or maybe an undubbed remake of the late 70's cult classic Monkey (aka Monkey Magic) which
followed the pilgrimage of Tripitake, and the re-incarnated Monkey, Sandy and Pigsy encounters with humans and supernaturals on their journey.
It was well dubbed with OTT (sometimes hilarious) oriental accents and memorable battle scenes yet often contained a moral tale based on Buddhist or Taoist philosophies.
JustLyn  Female  Cheshire 13-Jan-2019 13:26 Message #4733287

That would appeal to me too. Sounds brilliant, especially if done as an art cinema kind of thing like Studio Ghibli films or Anime.

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