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Diet. Exercise. Keeping in Shape.

The Rain Man Diet (TM)

Son-of-a-Beach  Male  Dorset 31-Dec-2018 21:46 Message #4732460
As a broad shouldered 6ft youth, I was 157lbs when I was a teenager, though with sport, exercise and modest weight training, I met and regarded 14st 2lbs as my most perfect, healthy weight. (A weight I maintained for most of my 30’s to late 40’s).

Age and general life issues began to subtly take their toll over later decades and taking Warfarin and, (later), beta blockers for extreme anxiety) saw me “get out of shape” for the first time in my life in my late 50’s and, last year, I (briefly) tipped 16 stone.

That horrified me … though with such a debilitating mental illness, I guess I had more profound issues to deal with. (I went over a year without angling, walking, cycling or pursuing my outdoor pursuits … embattled by inner demons).

Nevertheless, last year I did my homework, drastically changed my diet and created …

The Rain Man Diet

With experimentation (including weighing myself daily), I established that intaking 1950 calories per day kept my weight the same, 1800 calories offered me a gentle weight loss and 1700 calories (dangerously), lost me too much weight (more than 2lb per week) … SO … I started producing business card sized “tickets” that I laid out on one end of my kitchen worktop.

Each card related to food or fluids. ie. Semi skimmed milk for cereal. 60 CALS. Portion of Fruit and Fibre breakfast cereal. 152 CALS. 2 x Men’s health sausages 138 CALS. Slice of WeightWatchers bread. 50 CALS. Eat Smart Cheese Slice 70 CALS. Etc. etc. (Later, I rounded up such figures to units of 10 to make the adding up easier).

I created a card for EVERYTHING I might eat … always grumbling why food manufacturers printed such details so tiny on their packaging.
Son-of-a-Beach  Male  Dorset 31-Dec-2018 21:49 Message #4732462
Together with, what turned into 100+ little cards, I added a graph on the wall and, each time I ate something, I pulled a card aside. (II, later, bought a set of children’s building blocks, building a tower with each block representing 10 calories so that when the (two) stacks reached 2000 calories, I knew I had eat my quota for the day).

Allowing for losing 2lbs per week, I triangulated my existing weight (with what I intended to lose over the months) over the horizontal length of my wall graph, creating a downward targeted line where, each week, I could DRIVE my own eating (and exercising) habits to “stay on target”.

And I did … and proudly showed my son my food cupboards, (loaded with healthy, diet based, products, my diet cards, my superbly efficient graph, my coloured building blocks … and my flat stomach!

“Christ Dad. Talk about obsessive … Reminds me of that savant on the internet”, said Oliver.

“What do you mean, son?” I asked.

“Well, Jeez … It’s like Rain man”. Then he laughed … and called it “The Rain man Diet!” :-)

But guess what? By September 2018 I was 14 stone 6lbs … only 4lbs more than my historical, most healthy, (perfect) weight. (The healthy weight I had maintained most of my adult life).

Sorry. Talked too much … but although my Rain Man Diet always meant I was often feeling hungry, it was a treat (and fun) to be able to start a fresh new day … doing it all again. :-)

And the results? Well. They encouraged me to carry on.

How do you stay trim ... or don't you?
JustLyn  Female  Cheshire 31-Dec-2018 22:07 Message #4732470
I presently do similar to you but use a free phone app.

First I used My fitness Pal, now I'm trying Lose It.

I find tracking my food makes me regulate my calories but I eat anything I like, just smaller portions.

I've been doing it since 2001 when I was 100Kg and size 16-18.
Now I'm 12-14 and relatively fit. I mean I'm sedentary my job similar to a GP but I do some walking, cycling and have a rowing machine.

I'm lucky, not on any meds except 2 iron pills a week so I can donate my 3 monthly pint.

It isn't easy though, my target weight is 80Kg but seem to get stuck at 83Kg. I'm on 1300 calories a day ... mostly.
BunnyGirl  Female  Buckinghamshire 31-Dec-2018 22:08 Message #4732471
I've never really had to worry about my weight as i was 9stone in my teens (but was 5'31/2") in height
now i have shrunk to 5'2" ha ha. Anyway i was that weight until i had my eldest son at 19 then i went down to 81/2stone which i was that weight right up into my fifties. After the menopause the only thing that had got big was my boobs which i went up to a E cup but still only 9ish stone. After i had the operation to reduce my boobs back to a C cup. But now all of a sudden just recently i have gained weight and i hate it so (not much)but enough for one of my friends remarked that i had put on weight.
So now i am unhappy and would like to know how to lose it. Say half a stone.
fosy  Male  Leicestershire 31-Dec-2018 22:25 Message #4732474
bloody hell, that sounds like hard work !

in july 2017 i attended my annual clinic appt. at hospital, and because i knew my clothes were feeling tight on me i didnt want to look at the scales, and asked the nurse to keep my weight to herself.

in sept. 2017 a friend took some photo,s, and i didnt like what i saw, and so i determined to loose weight.
i knew my exercise levels were good so that just left food intake. i cut out what i thought i didnt need, eg, for dinner i would have two cobs and crisps, so i cut that down to one cob only, and for tea i would have anything but with salad.
the above was for five days a w/ends i would have anything i wanted, chips, donar, chinky etc, that was my reward.

the annual "weigh in" was in june this year and because my clothes felt to be a better fit i wanted to know what my weight was...83kg, down from 93kg the previous july !
83kg is a good fighting weight for me and i will maintain that now.

there are too many people who say they want to lose weight and they say it year in, year out and i just think "put up or shut up", cos it gets boring.
its very simple...providing there are no underlying health issues...either use more energy or stop putting so much into the facial orifice, or better still a combination of both.
blunt, but true.
leogirl  Female  Essex 31-Dec-2018 22:29 Message #4732476
if everything fails try the very simple HTP diet.
HTP means HALF THE PORTION . it really works.

joolsy  Female  Essex 31-Dec-2018 22:40 Message #4732480
Can you pass your pounds on to me please ...I need muscles lol ... I swim three times a week ... And walk few miles on me wobblys..I get quiet a bit of exercise with my young grandchildren.. My weight atm is nine stone 3 ... My ideal weight is 11 stone as I'm 5 ft 8 ... I have to take steroids for my condition ... Which gives me hamster cheeks ... I used to hate me hamster cheeks ... But it puffs me crinkles out so that's a positive lol ... Me boobs have still remained fat 34 dd I would love small boobs... I might be able to run then lol lol
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 1-Jan-2019 12:09 Message #4732564
I don't diet, I have so many restrictions on what I can and can't eat because of allergies and intolerances, I dfon't want to limit myself anymore, I used to be a lot more active than I am now but I still walk nearly every day usually for about an hour with Monty. I can't do a lot of things I used, but somehow I still manage to keep fit and healthy.

I never weigh myself though, I very nearly got anorexic a few years ago and know that it could easily come back if I started getting paranoid about my weight or dress size which I would if I knew what I weighed. I think the worst thing was that I was told a few years ago that my BMI was to high and that I should lose a load of weight and the target weight they said I should have was less that when I was borderline anorexic.
warmundeft  Male  Wrexham 1-Jan-2019 23:13 Message #4732615
There are some here who are gonna hate me.
Diet covers all the items I put in my mouth and swallow.
The suit I wore the first time (1968) to get married in still fits.
Weight has been 70 to 75 kilograms, seemingly forever.
As you know, I lost a little recently, but anyway, how much does hair weigh ?

(Reaches for the flak hat.)
JustLyn  Female  Cheshire 2-Jan-2019 17:19 Message #4732653

It just means you eat the right amount :-)
Christy K  Female  Warwickshire 2-Jan-2019 20:37 Message #4732668
I don't mean to be rude but ... W, why would you still have your wedding suit?
AndyMacG  Male  the West Midlands 2-Jan-2019 21:05 Message #4732670
You never know he might want to use his wedding suit again some day ;-) lol

Andy Mac
AndyMacG  Male  the West Midlands 2-Jan-2019 21:06 Message #4732671
And it will probably be back in fashion by then as well, ha ha ha

Andy Mac
warmundeft  Male  Wrexham 2-Jan-2019 21:53 Message #4732674
Nothing rude there Christy. It's all part of the ongoing campaign to dispose of stuff that really is no longer required.
Mind you, the thought has occurred that some of my gardening trousers are close to the end of their acceptable life - but relegation to that use would bypass the jacket.

Fashion Andy ? How would I know ?

BunnyGirl  Female  Buckinghamshire 3-Jan-2019 06:59 Message #4732684
I know the type of exercise i would like to do ha ha

But don't get the chance !
zodiac1  Male  Flintshire 3-Jan-2019 10:36 Message #4732698
my only exercise was a life of hard manual work, I am a stone heavier now (late seventies ) than when 21, I don't diet despite a stroke and a heart attack and will let life take me when its ready to.

btw, I am 10 stone and 5ft5in.
Minnie-the-Minx  Female  Hertfordshire 3-Jan-2019 17:33 Message #4732719
Maybe he's planning on getting married again, Christy?
warmundeft  Male  Wrexham 3-Jan-2019 20:43 Message #4732735
Who knows what's in store for any of us?

Maybe Nostradamus?
Minnie-the-Minx  Female  Hertfordshire 4-Jan-2019 00:33 Message #4732739
Did Nostradamus have multiple wives then?

You would have thought that he would have steered clear of trouble, at least.
RoseyCheeks  Female  Nottinghamshire 17-Jan-2019 19:34 Message #4733529
I use MyFitnessPal and do 3 Aqua Aerobics classes and 2 Zumba classes a week. This used to help me lose weight fairly consistently but I'm really struggling now since being diagnosed as hypothyroid and being on the meds. I'll carry on trying though!

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