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Full faith in yourself, you were created because you got this, not simply because your parents had i

Rikco  Male  central London 30-Dec-2018 18:16 Message #4732281
Flying higher
Like trippin on shrooms
Jahfire’s fire
Like hurricane n monsoon
Rainbows in effect when he enters the room
Wid the background muzik playin the perfect tune
Spitting joyous manifestations
With harmonious vibrations
Reaching through to you to me
Emancipate inevitably
Celebrate whole heartedly
Destination is a date with destiny
Combination of thought n Spirit magikally
Aligned n realigned
Defined n redefined
Heart soul mind
Seeking not to find
But breathing this moment that is mine
This ultimate gift from Divine
A space out of time
Inside this time
Unravel yourself through rhythm n rhyme
Sure life full of test
But never protest
Over n understand the process
Learning paths n curves to bring progress
Anger is a choice n so is stress
Stay bless
I mean focus n manifest the best
By shining brighter
Let that Force from Source make your fire igniter
Staying true to self n holding on tighter
Than ever before
I'm fully sure
Ready to break down fear n egos doors
Ready to raise this Love vibration little more
Ready to let it reign
Let it rain
Let it pour
After all aren't we the 1nes we been waiting for?
Addie123  Female  Leicestershire 10-Jan-2019 01:26 Message #4733105
Set apart poetry classic. Do you have any Hebrew roots poems?
Rikco  Male  central London 10-Jan-2019 08:59 Message #4733114
Hebrew roots poem.….. What are they?

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