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Stay True To You

True happiness comes from within, staying true to self goes a long way to achieving that happiness

Rikco  Male  central London 24-Dec-2018 19:06 Message #4732009
And everyting wid its purpose n reason
I give thanks for the simple fact that I'm breathing
Though lifes stresses n messes got me coughing n a heaving
In for the long haul n I ain't leaving
Look that guy over there
In the wheelchair
He don't care
Raking n taking in the air
While people critisize watch n stare
Oh yea
Easy for me to advise to calm cos all’s in order
When it's your ass that sits on the border
On the corner
Feeling the pain n stress
So much doubt n everything's a mess
Or so it would seem
Your light doesn't shine it actually beams
Faced with a darker night
Oh yes it will be alright
Many lessons on this journey
To churn burn n turn me
Remind me
Once again
All I really need is me
To believe wholly in me
Cos if I don't how can anybody
By believing in myself
I open that infinite well
Of opportunity
To manifest the very best of me
Whatever the trial
Whatever the test
All the while
I count it as all blessed
Lessons to garner
Lessons to balance karma
Steer clear of drama
Be a Love light farmer
Whatever the world throws at you
Always stay true to you

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