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I came to shine so I will

Being the light in the darkness

Rikco  Male  central London 10-Dec-2018 13:44 Message #4730570
Hunger n thirst
Yea dat's right starvation homeless or even worse
How can I feel blessed when all around so many feelin cursed?
I try to smile but all the while people suffering needing doctors n nurse
They say seek ye first
The Kingdom of God
And all things shall be added unto you
Tell that to
The starving babies
Stricken wid all manner of disease
Aids malaria n rabies
Pushing up daisies
Counting da blessings
Can't even sleep because I'm still fretting
With our souls they gamble n betting
The value of life so low
You know who gives a shit if ya sweatin
Work ya fingers to da bone
Just to have a place ya call home
Dam right I'm angry
When I look n see the poverty
In this wealthy financial community
They show us people dying on tv
Begging us to part wid $3 a week
What a fkn cheek
What about the poor n needy right here?
And why can't we walk the street late at night without fear?
Does any1ne even care?
I know for sure that every1ne is more than aware
I said I wanna smile
Instead ma Spirit goin wild
When I see the sufferin child
If this is The Most High plan
I look forward to the day I overstand
Meanwhile I stand
Solid as a rock
Nothin surprises nothin can shock
And I won't rest until this bullshit stop
So who am I what can I do?
What influence could ma 2 cents do fe true?
My truth will set me free
And since all are my reflection it's a butterfly effect ya see
I manifest
The blissed the blessed
Peace withiN pouriN out ma chest
In more Love I invest
I will beat this test
I won't get stressed or become depressed
No it ain't easy
The actions of evildoers tease me
Tryin to provoke a reaction
But I invoke The Law of Attraction
There won't be peace in this world til there is peace in me
There are no friends n no enemies
Just reflections of me
Balancing the positive n relative negativity
I see
I see
I sigh I cry
Call for death but I won't die
Ma purpose must fulfil still
Performing The Most Highs will
In the darkness I AM
Shining sooo bright
For All friends foes n fam
Because I can
And I will
Breathing peace be still
We gonna make it to the top of the hill

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