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The Self Indulgent Thread

Why wait till death to learn how others may have perceived us?

Otb  Male  Dorset 6-Dec-2018 22:36 Message #4730356
OK. We are merely internet friends BUT isn’t it fascinating that all of us have a knack of summing up a deceased person in, (just about) one sentence … even though we may not have been able to share such thoughts to the person while they were alive?

I mean. We struggle to give an accurate depiction of a friends life if asked point blank by said living friend yet, in their passing, we seem to have little difficulty in relating (to others) that “David was a good man, a perfectionist … aside from that fierce temper” OR “John was a nightmare … though always straight and honest”.

For fun … I’m suggesting …

ONLY contribute to this thread if you are comfy about electing yourself to be “summed up” in one or two sentences by fellow Midsummer members! :-)

And, incidentally, you’ve already done me (on several occasions) so, for once, I’ll not be seeking any more personal enlightenment. :-)

Last thing.

Heiro is probably right in lamenting that some of us maintain a (false?) persona when interacting online BUT, even if that were the case, we, nevertheless, reveal an essence of our characters so … why not find out how others perceive yours?

Kudos to the first person presenting themselves up for examination.

Rather you than me! Lol

Right. The Hope and Anchor beckons. :-)
Otb  Male  Dorset 7-Dec-2018 01:44 Message #4730368
OK. No takers … so I’ll start the ball rolling.

(This is the net … so, I admit, my own observations may be way off the mark … but here they are anyway).

Bunny Girl. A 60s chick … still radiating flower power :-)

Heiro. A cynical fellow … with dashes of wisdom.

Jeff. A frustrating individual … with flashes of genius.

Euro. An effervescent tart … with a heart of LOL.

Pheonixnights. A steadying force … in a storm or a crisis.

Raach84. A sensible mind … and a manner to match.

Wonderoushen. An historical oracle … and a font of advice.

Victoriana. A lover of nature … and a sharp observer of others.

BlackMark. Straight … to the point … but never discourteous.

Minnie. A practical soul … and a lover of reason.

JustLyn. A creative contributor … with an empathic understanding of others.

Tumbleweed. A wise but misunderstood soul … who deserves more attention.

Hermit. An incorrigible sort … with a passionate historical bent.

Orson. A fabulous observer … with comments to match.

Aely. A scientific mind … with an admirable straight point of view.

Warmundeft. A fabulous contributor … always on form.

Lulu70. A brand new member … who immediately made her mark.

Chris2mates. A steadying influence … with interesting original posts.

Tsunami. (Like Heiro), a little abrasive … but always straight and sincere.

Running out of space now :-) but, perhaps, that’s a good thing! :-)

I know we like to joke about Midsummer not being the site it once was but ...

Well. When we look at the fraction of folk I might have mentioned on this thread, it actually turns out that Midsummer is not doing that bad these days ...

Sure. There are not hundreds of you posting but ... there are enough contributors to the threads to still have a little fun and get up to some mischief so ... THANK YOU for tolerating me! :-) x
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire 7-Dec-2018 13:45 Message #4730396
OTB - Intelligent, articulate... still a boy at heart
BunnyGirl  Female  Buckinghamshire 7-Dec-2018 22:42 Message #4730416
OTB - you strike me as Jack the Lad
joolsy  Female  Essex 9-Dec-2018 23:52 Message #4730527
Otb ... Clever .. Has good values .. Forever young ... :)
Minnie-the-Minx  Female  Hertfordshire 13-Dec-2018 16:29 Message #4730771
Well, that brought a smile to face. When I'm dead, I don't suppose I will find out what people think then either. :)
The subject of what people think of others is a fascinating topic for me. It is much like the view from anywhere, which is almost entirely dependent on where the viewer is actually standing at that precise moment, and very little about what is being viewed.
I can't deny the occasional curiosity, but ever since I heard that phrase "what you think of me is none of my business", other people's opinion of me mattered a lot less.
I think I got off lightly here, OTB. But clearly, the mischievous, puckish side of my personality does not show itself on here. :)
For my part, I think you are probably an OK guy, OTB, but when you have one of your episodes, I tend to head for the hills and keep my distance. You are clearly intelligent and like to have a good think and you have decent values and standards. When you are like you are now, you are charming and likeable and I wish that you would show this side of your personality more often, because I feel much more like engaging with you then.
Otb  Male  Dorset 17-Dec-2018 20:53 Message #4731232
Ha ha. :-)

And bless you ... Thank you (all) for being so generous with your comments. :))) xxx

It's true though, isn't it?

We're not going to be around to hear those precious sentences (or two) once we leave this little spinning globe!

I'll tell you what freaks me.

Whenever Bridport loses a bit of a character, chances are, everyone eventually ends up down The Hope (The Hope and Anchor) ... and everyone trots in ... in their black suits and dresses ... and we all gather around tables of food lamenting the loss of ... whoever ... and I always thing, "Mmmhh. One day, this spectacle is going to be on my behalf ... though I'll never actually see it".

Though, weirdly, in relating this thought ...

Well ...

I suppose I am seeing it ... cos it'll be just the same when I go! :-)

The Hope is split into several areas. A bar, a lounge, an eating area, a pool playing area ... and a smoking shed.

At the far, bottom, end of the bar, there is "Cobweb Corner", where the "old timers" sit ... and, directly above it, there is a sign that reads; COBWEB CORNER. FOR A GOOD TIME - NOT A LONG TIME lol

I go down there occasionally, to sit with Bob and Rave and Mike and Nigel ... but I always remind them that I'm only joining them for practice ... for when I'm really old. :-)

Actually ... looking at the clock ...

Ha ha.

Time for a cool, crisp, lager. :-)

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