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Parliament channel Adjournment debate

Aely  Female  Hampshire 6-Dec-2018 20:17 Message #4730343
I've been popping in and out of the Parliament channel (605 on Virgin) keeping an eye on the EU Agreement debate while watching pre-recorded showings of The Bill and 1987 Eastenders (Angie has told Den that she has 6 months to live). I just went back to the Parliament channel to check that the debate had finished and found that they are now busy discussing the protection of seahorses in the Adjournment debate.

Fascinating stuff! British waters contain 2 species of seahorses, mostly around the Shetlands and down the West Coast down to the south of the country but most are in warmer waters. Sadly up to 150 million of these fascinating creatures are lifted from the seas each year, many illegally (a license is required) many of them sold as curios and used in jewelry.
Madness102  Female  South Yorkshire 10-Dec-2018 01:05 Message #4730539
I think Seahorses are SO "blinkin" lovely. I went to a sea museum (or whatever) in Southend once and watched these tiny little seahorses for about an hour - they are so gorgeous.
There is a charity who seek money to protect them. Vids also on utube.

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