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Be very aware if you have a pub lunch or dinner

check the car park signs

Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire 6-Dec-2018 15:54 Message #4730321
2 weeks ago we stopped off at pub for a quick lunch as we were running late and I was hungry. It was pouring with rain so we dashed into the pub which was very quiet as it was about 2.15pm Meal was... ok'ish nothing special, and we were in & out within 1 hour and 5 mins.

What was the problem you ask ? Yesteday in the post I got a fine for £85 . It appears that I didnt register my car number in the pub on their iPad. I didnt know you had to, I've never done it before and no-one said anything when we were shown to the table. The pub is part of a very well known chain and I am amazed to find that their carparks are being run by some Europrk company who have put signs up everywhere saying you have to register in the pub or be fined. Its not the sort of thing I expected in a pub carpark and certainly didnt see any signs in our dash thru the rain . It also appears that nearly all of this chain of pubs are doing it now. I checked up on them.

This is the only pub carpark in my whole life, that I have ever had to register my No plate in order to not get a fine. amd believe me I have been in a few in my life.

I am going to contest it anyway

So be warned everyone.
tumbleweed  Male  Gloucestershire 6-Dec-2018 16:33 Message #4730323
There seems to be plenty of rip off parking fines around. And the terminology varies between a proper fine and an invoice for private companies.

I imagine that if you had seen the 'signage' around the place, then you would have acted. So t seems that there maybe was not enough around. Also, I would have thought someone could have mentioned it to you. If they didn't, it seems even more of a rip off. They will probably say it was all your responsibility, and wipe their hands of any of it. Disgraceful!

Hope you can fight it, either through the pub, or the parking people. It is not good for the pub at all, you were dining there, and then a walloping 'fine'. If they want you to go back again, then they had better do something about it.

Hope you get on ok, and thanks for bringing it to peoples attention.
barney  Male  Surrey 6-Dec-2018 16:45 Message #4730325
With so many pubs closing every week I thought they would be encouraging customers, not trying to drive them away.

I would send a strongly worded e mail to the pub chain head office stating this.
I would also mention that you are going to be all over the internet warning people about their practices.
Plus you are going to tell everybody to boycott their pubs in future.

If I saw a pub charging for car parking I would not use it.
tsunamiwarrior  Male  Hertfordshire 6-Dec-2018 18:10 Message #4730327
Pubs, restaurants and banks are having to do this to keep shoppers and commuters from taking all the spaces on their property. This is understandable as I know one restaurant which had a full car park every day as it was a short walk from the station. I know one place which was used by travellers flying from Gatwick who would leave their vehicles for weeks.
The real fault lies with the private parking companies who are ones wanting to make money. It is important to know your rights and these can be checked out on Fight Your private Parking Invoice which is a group on Facebook. No private parking company can give you a fine as only a court can do that. Private companies can send you an invoice (speculative invoice) which they are entitled to do if you are in breach of the parking regulations. Most PPCs only take a small percentage to court but since law changes in recent years (2015) the old advice about ignoring is unwise.
The companies they ask you to use for an appeal are often owned by the same people as the PPCs so that can be a waste of time but certain factors must be taken into account such as the signage being legal and clear to read. It's worth taking photos of all signs, entrances etc.
Never give them any information. Never say who the driver was. Never give them your phone number. Bear in mind they have six years to collect the debt.
Debt collectors such as DRP, BW Legal and Zenith (all the same people) will chase and threaten but have no teeth. Never ignore a court document (the real thing often comes from a business centre and looks dodgy). Look our for Letter Before Claim too.
Minnie-the-Minx  Female  Hertfordshire 6-Dec-2018 19:07 Message #4730335
There's been a lot of that around here. I've seen them complaining on FB. Show the receipt to the pub and they will get it repealed. If you go back to see the pub, be careful, or you could get caught twice. Happened to a local here.
As soon as I realise that a business does this, I don't go there again.
These private car companies are crooks. They are just the dodgy clamping companies gone "legit".
vanman  Male  Cambridgeshire 6-Dec-2018 22:23 Message #4730353
So, which pub company was it ??
fosy  Male  Leicestershire 6-Dec-2018 22:39 Message #4730358
if i was running the pub i would have a sign inside the door telling customers to "log in", that couldnt be missed so there would be no reasonable comeback by patrons who failed to do so.

c,mon, dish the dirt, which pub chain is it ??
eurostar  Female  Merseyside 6-Dec-2018 22:45 Message #4730359
a bloke got a fine in Plymouth in a vintage inn chain pub
HotOrWot  Male  Lancashire 6-Dec-2018 23:08 Message #4730363
It’s not often a chain or group but pubs and restaurants which are in places near stations or shopping centres and only the businesses affected by the reckless parking take action to stop it.
Nigel_In_Devon  Male  Devon 7-Dec-2018 05:59 Message #4730370
Aren't these unenforceable? Check out the Martin Lewis Money saving expert site.
OnlineMSE  Male  Essex 7-Dec-2018 12:28 Message #4730393
I've seen it a lot locally and when I travel around. So it's nothing new.
A lot of Toby's usually do it, as well as other pun chains especially if there's a Premier Inn attached, as do some Harvesters, and I'm seeing it more in various Lidl's stores.
It's usually in those pubs, restaurants, stores in busy areas or close to or in town centres.
But then most supermarkets are also now "run" by car parking company's like EuroPark where even if you don't have to actually pay you are bound by the Terms & Conditions which are displayed.
The very first thing on the sign is that by entering the car park you agree to enter into a contract with that company and have to abide with the terms of conditions of that contract. So if it says you can park there for 3 hours but then not return for example another 1 hour, or you must park within the designated parking box, or if it says specifically you must be shopping at the store rather than going elsewhere etc. and don't comply with any of those T&C's, which you're deemed to have accepted when your vehicle is ANPR'd on entering, then you're in breach of contract and they can impose a penalty on you.

It's very unfortunate when it's unexpected and you get caught out but I guess the safest thing is to always make sure these days when and where you park your vehicle.
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire 7-Dec-2018 12:38 Message #4730394
Well, I went back to the pub yesterday afternoon with my receipt and my complaint & the manager very kindly contacted the Europark people and got the fine cancelled. He said that the pub chain had to do it as so many people parked there to visit the canal & lock which is right outside the back of pub - we didnt know that anyway, I doubt if I would have got the cancellation if I hadnt got the receipt still.

It was vintage inns , as some of you guessed, and they have 4 others local to us which we often go ,to and they also are giving over their carparks to this Euro company. Its not as though you pay for a ticket in the CP, it's to ensure that you go in for a meal. In this particular CP, we noticed yesterday that there are 7 large yellow & blue signs saying about signing in. We didnt see any of them before, as it was lashing down, and we ran to get into the pub anyway.

Although I am appreciative of getting the fine cancelled, I am still not happy about this and will not be visiting vinatge inns anymore. I feel sure they will lose trade over this and hope they reconsider their actions about parking.

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