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of my Advent Calendar

vanman  Male  Cambridgeshire 6-Dec-2018 09:25 Message #4730299
It's a bit of a dull 'n cloudy day, here today, probably gearing up for the arrival of storm Etienne, :-{ lol
Hopefully it won't be too bad down here, them oop North are used to it, and can handle it! lol (only joking!)

Advent Calendar, yep, day 6, the chocolate was a repeat of the other day's offering, the Face of Santa.

Nailed to the back of the door, was this little gem of a joke,

What's a dog's favourite carol?

Bark the Herald Angels Sing!

lol lol ha ha ha!
Aely  Female  Hampshire 6-Dec-2018 19:27 Message #4730338
I trust you have checked that the choccies don't contain Palm oil vanman.

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