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nearly forgot me calendar! lol

vanman  Male  Cambridgeshire 5-Dec-2018 10:57 Message #4730210
Doorbell has hardly stopped ringing this morning, first of all, at the ungodly hour of 8.10 am a bloke asked if I'd take in a parcel for someone across the green that was out.
I could hardly refuse! lol, the poor bloke did look as if he may have driven from India! ;-}

Then half hour later, "ding dong", it was a bloke come to read the gas meter, that is just inside the front door

Then 'the widow woman phoned, she was rabbitin' for about 20 minutes

Now a bloke has just been to look at me Bargeboards and Soffits! lol.

So only just opened day 5 on me calendar,

"What did you get"?, I hear you ask,

The chocolate was a 'Christmas tree,

and the joke was ...

What do Monkey's sing at Christmas?

Jungle bells, jungle bells, jungle all the way.

Ha ha ha !
leogirl  Female  Essex 5-Dec-2018 15:47 Message #4730221
You did enjoy your well deserved chocolate Vanman ???

Today is St, Nicolas eve . The Dutch will get presets and goodies tonight and there will be much laughter , teasing and merriment .
I treated myself on a puff mince pie with a cup of tea .

to get an idea of this old festivity
GOOGLE TO SEE THE PAINTING "st Nicolas Eve "by the Painter Jan Steen ..

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