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It is what it is

If it's happened then it was meant to be

Rikco  Male  central London 4-Dec-2018 22:34 Message #4730188
Well then
What if I told you
You came here to feel cursed
Less than blessed
In fact stressed n even worse
What if I told you
That your life is your game
20 cents in da arcade machine n now let's play
Came here
To feel da shame n lame
Taking da blame
Til ya all forget ya owna name
What if I told you
That you are the light inna da dark
Created to feel da fear when ya hear da dogs a bark
What if told you
That your destiny
Dives deep down beneath the bottom of the sea
Can you really comprehend infinity
No beginning or end to the darkness ma friend
A dark knight
Soldier ya fight
Or don't fight
Either iva is alright
What if I told you
Your feelings of contempt n resent
Your doubtful n unsure thoughts you present
Are actually a present
Divine it is a gift
The catalyst to engineer da shift
Metamorph of course
Through da darkness
I will give no remorse
Every aspect that reflects n projects
Will be disect n intersect
Only to resurrect
My perfect
Is not a requisite
Believe in the journey
Trust in Spirit
Even in dat shit
When it hits da fan
I n I mi av a plan
That higher Man
Higher Woman
That indescribable
Outside of your thought consider it reliable
And able
To fulfil
Every moment of the will
More fire to burn away the chill
What if I told you
That illusion of light
That shines bright
Don't be overjoyed that ya lose sight
Of your mission n plight
My delight
As creator & orchestrator
Of this ting
Like an elevator the nrg keeps on rising
Not surprising
This is the plan
To raise the vibration of human
What if I told you
That you are the bliss
You are the bless
Give thanx n appreciate
And claim your happiness
NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire 4-Dec-2018 23:48 Message #4730197
Great Ricko, hope it never hits da fan
All that mess on the man
Not good, not cute
All on your best suit
On new shoes to boot
On a serious note
A man on this site
Is going bald like a coot
His hair falls out by its root
Falls like snow into his shower drain
Blocks his water main
Then he posts tales
Bout whats happening in Wales
He should just get on it
And put a syrup on it
Then he get the bliss
And claim his happiness.
HotOrWot  Male  Lancashire 5-Dec-2018 06:59 Message #4730202
A big thumbs up from me lads.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 5-Dec-2018 11:18 Message #4730214
Great reply NotHermit.

Ricko, I was wondering the other day where you'd got to and if you were going to post another rap/poem, I must have heard you composing, another good one.
Rikco  Male  central London 6-Dec-2018 01:30 Message #4730291
Class act ma friend
Spitting flows like it's a trend
Please don't ever stop
A big salute with thumbs up
Rikco  Male  central London 6-Dec-2018 01:32 Message #4730292
Thank you for your support
Extremely appreciated been a tough few months but guess who's still shining heeheee
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 6-Dec-2018 10:50 Message #4730303
Did you ever manage to get hold of a copy of the Emporers Babe?
Rikco  Male  central London 6-Dec-2018 19:29 Message #4730339
No I didn't
Remind me what that's about please
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 7-Dec-2018 10:05 Message #4730378
It the story of a young black girl in Roman London who rises from the streets to be the mistress of Emporer Septimus Severus, its a novel written in verse, its like a poetic sex in the city set in Roman London.
Rikco  Male  central London 8-Dec-2018 09:49 Message #4730425
I see the below ok but can't get any verse, interesting stuff though surrounding the roman empire of old
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 8-Dec-2018 10:43 Message #4730426
Sorry I didn't understand your last post?
Rikco  Male  central London 8-Dec-2018 21:24 Message #4730459
Sorry I meant book not below
joolsy  Female  Essex 8-Dec-2018 23:03 Message #4730471
Big thumbs up from me ... You are both fantastic with words x
Rikco  Male  central London 10-Dec-2018 13:42 Message #4730569
Thanx Joolsy

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