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it's windy

vanman  Male  Cambridgeshire 3-Dec-2018 14:52 Message #4730072
Looking out the kitchen window, it seems to have got fairly windy in the last half hour!
The weather man on my 'weather app' said it would rain around 2pm, but that hasn't happened yet! but the sky is full of black clouds.
Out of the seventeen various types of windmill type things in my back yard, thirteen of them are constantly spinning.
Even the kids plastic one from the seaside, that has only got three remaining sail bits, is working intermittently,
Oh, and the duck seems to have broken a wing!
I shall have to look for the broken bit and see if Mr 'Arold 'ite can fix it! lol.
Judance  Female  Berkshire 3-Dec-2018 16:13 Message #4730077
It's not windy here but it's been a most peculiar day, weather-wise.

Clear skies with light rain and dark clouds looming. Rainbows and latterly a rather grey/yellowy sky that looks as if it might contain snow!

I'm cold so just put the heating on ... mulled wine anyone?

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