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phone call

vanman  Male  Cambridgeshire 3-Dec-2018 14:17 Message #4730069
Just had a phone call from, allegedly 'BT Internet Teknikal Dept.'

It didn't sound like a proper person, more like a lady robot! lol. It sounded like a recorded message, and said...
"Your internet will be discontinued as from today, press 1 to connect to our Teknikal Dept , or press 2 if you want to do away with your internet."
There was NO mention of my name or address,

I tried interrupting her, too no avail. lol.

So, if I'm being monitored, lol, may I just say ...


But, if message was kosher, and I'm not here tomorrow, "Fair thee well everybody!!" lol lol ;-}
vanman  Male  Cambridgeshire 3-Dec-2018 15:09 Message #4730074

Another phone call, this time from a bloke, wanting too speak to the 'sky tv' account holder,
he sounded a bit flummoxed when I said I hadn't got sky tv, and reapeated twice, "you haven't got sky tv"
"no" I said,
with that, in a surprised voice he said "ok thank you" and hung up. lol.

Just as well I didn't tell him where I get my tv signal from! lol ;-}
Jeff  Male  East Sussex 3-Dec-2018 15:40 Message #4730076
Occasionally I get such calls, either from a person or from a recorded message. Usually they claim to be from BT or Microsoft, but sometimes without naming the company. If a person, then I ask them to tell me the instructions which I will note, but they refuse to tell me unless I do as instructed, which I don't. Then they hang up.
If their phone number looks like a UK landline, then I report it to police action fraud phishing, now in I also keep a note of the details. But I suspect that most people don't bother.

They are probably crooks who get people to change their computer settings then charge a lot to rectify it. They ruin savings and the computer experience of many people, especially novices with computing. They should be BeaTen, physically and as a organisation, not in a micro way, nor softly.

On 24-Sep-18 I emailed '' with copy to '101' ( "Hi Police, Today at 8:32am I received 8:32am: I missed a phone call from 01302-897519. That is the same number that has phoned me on 08-Sep-18 at 4:13pm, and on 05-Jul-18 falsely claiming to be from Microsoft trying to get me to change my computer settings, I suspect to create a fault that they can charge me a lot to fix. Also today at 2:37pm, someone (01288-403488) phoned me, having a foreign accent, claiming to be from BT Openreach. He said that he will help me to get the proper internet speed, and he asked me to get in front of my computer. I asked him to tell me what to do and I would note it, and immediately he hung up. These are UK landlines, and should be easy for the police to trace. As some personnel at 101 have repeatedly been too lazy to give me detailed advice and the Action Fraud website has a phishing category that doesn’t fit into the definition of phishing and I received no response from, if I continue to receive such calls, then I may report them to higher authorities, such as the Police and Crime Commissioner and a Chief Constable. Regards, Jeff...", followed by my 20-Sep-18 email.
BunnyGirl  Female  Buckinghamshire 3-Dec-2018 18:51 Message #4730092
Sounds like a scam to me ha ha
barney  Male  Surrey 3-Dec-2018 20:19 Message #4730107
I get these regularly, sometimes 4 or 5 times a day.
Usually from a foreign man or woman claiming to be from BT claiming there is a problem with my internet.
I just tell them to eff off.
vanman  Male  Cambridgeshire 3-Dec-2018 22:20 Message #4730118
Well, I'm still here, at the moment! lol.
But there is still 40 minutes left of today :-)
TheSarcasticOne  Male  Essex 3-Dec-2018 22:59 Message #4730123
When ever any one calls you and you do not know them, some simple rules.

1) never give them any information.
2) do not confirm or deny any information.
3) ask them who they are, both the organization/company and their name.

You can ask them anything you want, BUT you do not give them any information.

If they are "real" they will answer your questions.

They will if they are "real" understand you will not give them any information.

What you can do after the call is completed is call them back, but not on a number they give you. You get the number from a trusted source, bank card, bill or similar. Tell the person you have called what has just happened with the information you were given. You will then be transferred to either the person/department you had been called by OR transferred to the fraud department.

By the way, if someone calls you, you can abuse the hell out of them, especially if you know they are scammers. The tactic I prefer is to have "phone sex" with them, they hang up quite quickly then and if you are really lucky their supervisor will contact you and ask why you were so abusive . . . . how funny.
Minnie-the-Minx  Female  Hertfordshire 4-Dec-2018 00:14 Message #4730127
And don't ring back on the same phone, as they stay on the line without hanging up and then they have got you when they make the next call out.

I got a call from Barclaycard a few weeks ago as I had forgotten to pay my bill. When they told me who they were, I said to them, don't ask me to identify myself and don't try to convince me that you are who you say you are. If you are calling for the reason that I think, and you are who you say you are, then give me 10 minutes and it will be sorted.
Last time it happened a couple of years ago, the buggers blocked my account so that I couldn't pay online, so I had to go into the bank to pay, which was really annoying. They got really shirty because I wouldn't tell them who I was or give any personal information.
Madness102  Female  South Yorkshire 4-Dec-2018 01:03 Message #4730132
Well Minnie, I am very surprised b'cos Barclays say they will NOT ever phone you or ever ask for personal info.

When scammers ring me and ask if they can ask some questions, I say yes, they then ask but I dont answer. When they ask why I am not replying I say "I said you can ask me questions, I did NOT say I would answer" !!
Madness102  Female  South Yorkshire 4-Dec-2018 01:05 Message #4730133
Also, on utube there are some very funny vids about taking the michael out of scammers - go watch !!
Minnie-the-Minx  Female  Hertfordshire 4-Dec-2018 01:16 Message #4730134
Not Barclays, it was Barclaycard. And they most certainly do call you.
It's pretty difficult to identify yourself without telling them something.
Aely  Female  Hampshire 6-Dec-2018 19:44 Message #4730340
They are very tiresome. I block the numbers they call from, 15 in the past 3 weeks.

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