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Sunday Huggy thread

All welcome

twinkle2  Female  Hertfordshire 2-Dec-2018 09:54 Message #4729963
Morning fellow huggers,

I'm in a bit of a rush today, well that seems to have been the theme of my weekend so far, as I'm going out shortly to explore somewhere new :)
I hope you all have good days and I'll catch up with you when I get back.

(((HUGS))) (((HUGS)))
Phoenixnights  Female  Nottinghamshire 2-Dec-2018 10:06 Message #4729965
Good Morning Twinkle and Sunday Huggers,

Hope you enjoy wherever your off to and the rain holds off.

I have my BFF and her partner coming over for a Sunday Dinner at the local. The first time ive sen her in a while. Apart from that its chores as usual today.

Hugs to all ((hugs))
contender  Male  Leicestershire 2-Dec-2018 10:12 Message #4729968
Morning twinkle

Well not a lot to report really?

Off to the Sailing Club today for a Sailing Committee emergency meeting?

(((Hugs to all)))

leogirl  Female  Essex 2-Dec-2018 10:50 Message #4729973
good morning Twinkle and all Sunday Huggers to come. {{{HUGS}}}{{{HUGS}}}{{{HUGS}}} .

Bit of an eventful weeks where nothings came easy to me and had to chase up people .
Yesterday I had a minor accident when visiting Chelmsford for the German Christmas market. Whilst waiting in a long que to Urn right at a traffic light a car clipped my left hand wingmirror and broke it. GGGRRR.
My friend recommended to go to the police and see if it was recorded on the camera as I had just passed a traffic light.
Police officer at the station most helpful and took all details about time and the exact position I was inon the road etc etc.
The driver who did it shot off in his right hand lane like a rabbit. let`s hope for some news.
But VERY annoying !!! no one has spare money at Christmas time for incidents like that.

Bought myself a pre-Christmas present - a watch . My old one was a Freeby and looked shabby , not worth a new battery.

(((hugs}}} TO ALL.

BunnyGirl  Female  Buckinghamshire 2-Dec-2018 11:22 Message #4729982
Hi Twinkle,

Hope you have a good day today.

I'm waiting for my Avon to be delivered otherwise i would have been out.

Hugs to everyone. Hugs hugs hugs
AndyMacG  Male  the West Midlands 2-Dec-2018 12:55 Message #4729992
Good afternoon Twinkle and all the Sunday Huggers :)

Another grey but mild and dry day here in the West Midlands,

Nothing much happening here as i managed to complete my weekend chores yesterday so its just another chill-axing Sunday for me, i have some TV to catch up on so i’ll be on the ITV hub or I-player, apart from that not much else.

Have a lovely day today and week ahead everyone, Sunday hugs to you all    

)))Hugs((( )))Hugs((( )))Hugs((( )))Hugs((( )))Hugs((( )))Hugs((( )))Hugs(((       

Andy Mac
Pboro Trevor  Male  Cambridgeshire 2-Dec-2018 13:15 Message #4729995
Good afternoon Twinkle and all Sunday Huggers

I was up at 05:30 this morning getting ready to take some cadets from my squadron for their first air experience flight. The weather forecasts had been on the limits for cadet flying and Saturday's flying had been cancelled. So having shaved and showered and got everything together, I logged onto Faceboook at 07:00 as instructed to check the AEF flights latest update - weather was outside of limits for cadet flying - flying cancelled. So by 07:30 I was back in bed. Bit of a mistake. Instead of the extra couple of hours I had envisaged I didn't wake til gone 11:00!

Oh well. a late breakfast and early lunch. Now going to put up the outside christmas lights.

Hugs to all

mancers  Male  Greater Manchester 2-Dec-2018 13:15 Message #4729996
Good morning Twinkle and all.
After a miserable rainy morning the sun is now shining, been watching my grandson in a quarterfinal football match, we won 6-1, a great result seeing they beat us last time we met.may go to the pub for a few non alcoholic drinks later, enjoying my sobriety. :0)

((( Hugs )))
warmundeft  Male  Wrexham 2-Dec-2018 13:48 Message #4729998
Howdy twinkle and huggers all (((HUGS)))
Trust your exploration of pastures new is rewarding.

Similar to Andy's weather, just a light southish breeze & glimpses of sunshine here nicely fits the job of harvesting leaves - and of course there's no harm from the upper body exercise.
Spending some time this w/e researching on behalf of someone's Mum, who apparently hasn't long left - her RAF husband on Runnymede Memorial d. 7/11/44 & details available confused. Scale of tragedy - nearly 300 RAF plus around 30 Army and RN crew of LST 420 which hit a mine off Ostend. Quite a shocker, so advising that 'Mum' has gaps filled in as gently as possible.

So, Trevor, that's three on MSE identified as having an interest in 'things with wings' - hats off to you for your commitment to the youngsters.

Oh leogirl, a moments inattention by a runaway and a big pile of 'good for roses' left for you to clear up. Not nice at all.

And a very good day to you as well Bunny.

Anticipation of a meal in pleasant company Phoenix - that ought to ease the chores along.

Crikey Mike - meetings bl**dy meetings - no chance of getting out on the water then?

Glad to learn you're holding out mancers - guess that socialising with a group can strain 'will-not power' somewhat.

Right! Onwards & Upwards!
(((HUGS))) to all.
vanman  Male  Cambridgeshire 2-Dec-2018 14:27 Message #4730002
I rarely come on the 'huggy thread' but I do read it, lol

I just had to come on today, after reading through the contributions!
and say ...

leogirl ...



Its *
Today lol ;-}

(((HUGZ))) to all.
leogirl  Female  Essex 2-Dec-2018 17:31 Message #4730009
what? I can have an other chocolate? Shall this minute put the kettle on and have a cuppa and a chocolate overload!!!

Want half of my chocolate Vanman ? The joke was " what kind if pictures does Santa take? Does not give an answer but suspect Pixie pictures.
twinkle2  Female  Hertfordshire 2-Dec-2018 17:33 Message #4730010
Hello Phoenixnights,

I went to the Southill Village Stores near Biggleswade for breakfast/brunch with my friend we then stopped off at a garden centre on the way home. It was a nice way to spend time on a Sunday :) It's the first time for ages we've been able to have a proper catch up.

I hope you had a lovely Sunday dinner at your local and enjoyed time with your BFF and her partner. It's been so grey and drizzle around here it's nice to have it brightened up by some company :)

twinkle2  Female  Hertfordshire 2-Dec-2018 17:34 Message #4730011
Hello contender,

Ooh an emergency meeting - I hope everything is okay.

twinkle2  Female  Hertfordshire 2-Dec-2018 17:37 Message #4730012
Hello leogirl,

It is annoying when these things happen, luckily it was something minor despite the inconvenience. I hope the police have a camera pointing in the right direction. I bought myself a couple of presents today, a ceramic hedgehog with narcissus to plant in it and another penguin.

I hope you enjoyed your coffee and advent calenda(((HUGS)))

twinkle2  Female  Hertfordshire 2-Dec-2018 17:39 Message #4730013
Hi BunnyGirl,

I hope your Avon was delivered. I managed to catch the post sorting office on the way home and pick up two parcels that I'd missed.

twinkle2  Female  Hertfordshire 2-Dec-2018 17:41 Message #4730014
Hello AndyMacG,

We had the drizzle down here today.

Isn't Sunday for relaxing? I hope you've enjoyed your chill-axing,

twinkle2  Female  Hertfordshire 2-Dec-2018 17:42 Message #4730016
Hello Pboro Trevor,

It sounds as if you needed the extra sleep. Shame the flying was cancelled but the cadets have to be safe.

twinkle2  Female  Hertfordshire 2-Dec-2018 17:44 Message #4730017
Hello mancers,

Well done to your grandson's team. Also well done on your sobriety. How's the diet going?

twinkle2  Female  Hertfordshire 2-Dec-2018 17:47 Message #4730019
Hello warmundeft,

The place I went to this morning has been on my list for some time and we were very lucky as there was only one table left. It seems to be very popular despite the fact that it's in the middle of nowhere. It sounds as if you have been very industrious already.

twinkle2  Female  Hertfordshire 2-Dec-2018 17:48 Message #4730020

Thank goodness you are reading and can put leogirl straight :)

BunnyGirl  Female  Buckinghamshire 2-Dec-2018 18:08 Message #4730024
Thanks for the hug twinkle but no avon yet. Must be next Sunday!
Sea Urchin  Female  Essex 2-Dec-2018 21:19 Message #4730038
Hello Twinkle and all Sunday Huggers.

I had a very interesting thunderstorm here Thursday evening. I was looking out at all the forked lightening and flashes. It kind of illuminated everything with a purple hue, which trees etc. were silhouette against. In fact the odd flash of lightening sort of came down a bit and then went in a kind of horizontal wiggly curve. Quite amazing but the crashes and bangs were quite scary at times, as sounded immediately overhead. It certainly made the sea rather rough the next day. I did venture in, down some steps near the harbour in a communal area, as others were but then some huge waves came up and I had visions of being thrown up with all the seaweed and being landed like a stranded whale. Managed to wait until the huge waves subsided before making it to the steps and climbing back out. Thankfully allcalmed down a bit now and still very warm.
Hope everyone has had a lovely Sunday.
Sendind very warm (Hugs) from me.

(((Hugs))) (((Hugs))) (((Hugs)))
twinkle2  Female  Hertfordshire 3-Dec-2018 17:54 Message #4730089
Hello Sea Urchin,

That sounds adventurous but also scary. I love watching lightning. It's chilly here today especially when the wind blows.

BunnyGirl  Female  Buckinghamshire 3-Dec-2018 18:55 Message #4730093
My granddad used to open his front door and look at the lightening like that.

Not me ha ha

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