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the second day

vanman  Male  Cambridgeshire 2-Dec-2018 09:34 Message #4729960
Was a bit of a job finding the door today the number was a similar colour to the door,
but I eventually found it.
gently opening the door all was revealed ...

A chocolate Teddy Bear, I felt a bit guilty eating a kids toy! lol, :-]

The joke on the back of the door was, I suppose, a bit of a classic.

What do elves learn at school ?

The Elf a bet.

ha ha ha
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 2-Dec-2018 11:16 Message #4729980
Mum didn't get a joke on her advent calendar she got a squashed looking chocolate that looked like a reindeer poo
BunnyGirl  Female  Buckinghamshire 2-Dec-2018 11:27 Message #4729985
Your Mum should have bought the same advent calendar as Vanman lol

Shame about the squashed chocolate tho.

Maybe next chocolate will be alright.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 2-Dec-2018 11:33 Message #4729986
Manthing bought mum the advent calendar, Bertie was sitting on it so I suspect she will have a few Rudolf poo's.
vanman  Male  Cambridgeshire 2-Dec-2018 14:42 Message #4730003
Advent Calendars with a joke inside are few and far between these days!
'Maltesers' was the first one I had, but they change the "back of the doors" every year.
Last year I had to search for one, can't remember now where I got it from.
This year I found one on the Market.
Usually says on he back, if they contain a 'joke a day'

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