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Why can't Google tell me?

Aely  Female  Hampshire 1-Dec-2018 16:08 Message #4729913
why I put the computer on and went to Google? Here I am, in front of my screen and I can't remember what I wanted to ask!

At least if I went upstairs and forgot what I had gone for I could go back down and resume what I had been doing with a reasonable chance inspiration would strike. All I can remember is that when I switched off the computer last time I had it on, I suddenly realised there was a question I wanted to ask.

Stoopid Google.
BunnyGirl  Female  Buckinghamshire 1-Dec-2018 16:55 Message #4729920
Maybe they forgotten aswell what you wanted to ask them ha ha
Madness102  Female  South Yorkshire 1-Dec-2018 17:01 Message #4729924
Bunny you are very likely right !!
Aely - turn it off and then on again and mayhap it will refresh those grey cells ha ha !!
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 1-Dec-2018 18:13 Message #4729932
That always happens to me, its like my mind is as blank as the screen, sometimes I just search something random and a bit boring in the hope that I remember what I wanted to look up, but usually I don't. What bugs me is when I do finally remember to look up whatever it was I wanted to know I can't find it, I get rubbish or "no pages relating to your search found", I get quite a lot of that and yet others can put the same question in and get reems of stuff.
Aely  Female  Hampshire 1-Dec-2018 18:56 Message #4729939

I started randomly googling a few names and places from my younger days, childhood holiday venues, people I had worked with and quite by chance was led to a book on ebay fairly recently written by my old boss from when I worked in Space Research. That triggered the old grey cells, so having sent the ebay ref to my daughter with a request to order it for me (she has an account) I entered my search terms in Google.

To my surprise Ion (plasma) engines such as are currently being developed for Mars and Venus space craft still use mercury as their ion supplier. I thought they had changed to caesium. I also came across a paper on the history of the development of Ion propulsion in the UK written by another guy I worked for (who sadly died a few years ago). There was a picture of the finished hollow cathode T2 thruster. I remember scouring the depths of "Recovery" (the on-site re-cycling centre) for the obsolete vacuum tubes which were dismantled to provide the cathodes for the prototypes! On a less pleasant note, I remember the monthly urine tests to make sure I hadn't got mercury poisoning from the testing I did.

Yeah, alright, I know some eyes and brains might be spinning a bit but I enjoyed the nostalgia trip and it did make a change from checking when to prune my gooseberry bushes and the like.
warmundeft  Male  Wrexham 2-Dec-2018 20:58 Message #4730037
'Reckon Aely that this is another symptom to be considered along with conditioner in the frying-pan and porridge in the coffee mug etc.
Someone somewhere will almost certainly come up with a syndrome tag, but for the time being, lets just call it 'losing it'.

And Wow! 'Tis a very long time since I came across a reference to 'vacuum tubes' - how strong the bonds within a generation!
TheSarcasticOne  Male  Essex 2-Dec-2018 22:58 Message #4730047
Google can't tell me the lottery numbers . . . . for next week.

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