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Unemployed ...


alliez  Female  West Yorkshire 1-Dec-2018 09:58 Message #4729892
Well after almost ten years helping people into work and six rounds of redundancies I'm now officially unemployed.

Have known since April that all staff except three managers would be leaving at the end of November due to our contract with DWP about to end. It seemed ages away but the last 6 weeks have raced by. I'm pleased to say that everyone who has been made redundant have secured new jobs except for one who has decided to retire ...

I'm very lucky to be moving to a company in a similar line of work and will be starting with them shortly. phew! Just got my first two weeks training plan and I'm going to be very busy so better crack on with Christmas shopping!
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 1-Dec-2018 11:18 Message #4729896
Lucky you Alliez, do you start your new job in the new year?
alliez  Female  West Yorkshire 1-Dec-2018 12:04 Message #4729901
Thanks WH ... i start on 10th December, so just a short break ... will be strange being the 'new girl'!
Madness102  Female  South Yorkshire 1-Dec-2018 17:07 Message #4729926
Well done Aliez on securing employment - but a bit of a nasty boss having to make you work this soon before Christmas - would have been nice to start the New Year off good and refreshed . . .

Best of luck, hope it lasts another ten year!
alliez  Female  West Yorkshire 2-Dec-2018 12:44 Message #4729991
I was prepared to start on the 3rd ... I'll get all the stuff like email set up, do any online training and will spend some time shadowing staff so I'm ready to hit the ground running in January ...
warmundeft  Male  Wrexham 2-Dec-2018 13:54 Message #4730000
'... hit the ground running' - after your preparation, you'll know in which direction to run ..
Hope you enjoy the new job.

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