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NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire 30-Nov-2018 22:00 Message #4729847
Anyone else looking forward to this one, I bet Tumbleweed is.
Odds are close Deontay Wilder is just favourite.
Any predictions?
I think Fury will win, he just looks so confident.
tumbleweed  Male  Gloucestershire 30-Nov-2018 22:18 Message #4729848
I certainly am looking forward to it. I hope Fury wins. He's had his issues, but looks as though he is back.

When he fought Klitschko, I followed all the build up on IFL TV on youtube. They did a great job following him, and you could see how serious he was, in amongst his less serious moments, and how hard he was training. And the interviews with Peter Fury were brilliant. He won the fight well. He outboxed, outthought, outfought Klitschko. Not the most exciting fight, but he did the job well. It shows what he can do.

Since then a lot has happened. Some through his own fault. But he seems to be back. There is still a split with his Uncle Peter, and I am not sure if they will get back together. But he seems to be training up without him ok, so we will see.

Tyson loves defying the odds. He was only weighing one pound when he was born. Now he is 6ft 9in, and weighs a bit more than one pound.

The winner will hopefully go on to fight Joshua next year. Joshua wants that belt to unify the title. A great time for boxing fans.
NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire 30-Nov-2018 23:19 Message #4729859
Yes TW, Dyllian Whyte could still be in amongst the titles yet.
There are plenty of quality heavyweights at the moment.
tumbleweed  Male  Gloucestershire 1-Dec-2018 07:44 Message #4729874
Yes, Dillian White has certainly made his mark in the last year or two. Only lost once, to Joshua, and to beat Joseph Parker was a pretty good achievement.

He certainly deserves to fight for a World title, although the rematch with Chisora is there at the moment. I think White will win that one, then perhaps a rematch with Joshua is on the cards. That would be interesting.
OnlineMSE  Male  Essex 1-Dec-2018 09:22 Message #4729883
There's a lot of difference looking and sounding confident outside the ring.
As Mike Tyson said "Everyone's got a plan 'til they get punched in the mouth"
Sure Fury hasn't got anything to lose coming into the fight but to be 3 stone heavier than the opponent and not to have even been in action for over 2 years will work against him if the fight lasts any length.
Yes Fury's 27 & 0 but he's basically a chancer.
Wilder is 40 & 0 with 39 KO's and all he has to do is stay out of range of Fury for a few rounds and when he's blowing hard expect he'll add to those stat's.
mancers  Male  Greater Manchester 2-Dec-2018 08:07 Message #4729956
Well he surprised a few of us didn’t he.
NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire 2-Dec-2018 10:08 Message #4729966
Not seen the fight yet, but sounds like a classic fight.
He got punched in the mouth, but still had a plan afterwards.
Respect to both fighters.
tumbleweed  Male  Gloucestershire 2-Dec-2018 15:34 Message #4730004
What a fight. Fury well in front, then the knockdowns. Fair play to Wilder.

The knockdown in the last round was like something out of the films. Fury winning, then wallop, he looks spark out, then he gets up and carries on.

A draw seems a bit of a cop out, but all in all, it is probably just about right. A rematch is very much on the cards, perhaps over here.

I hope Tyson has gained some more supporters because of this. Deep down, he seems a decent family man ( the religion side is not my cup of tea though, and some of his family, mainly his dad and uncle, have a past ), an he didn't get the credit he deserves last time.

He seems back, full of life, full of Tyson, a great attraction for boxing. The next few years are going to be unmissable.

I won't mention yet all the other weights, and the potentials for the World titles coming up. I will leave that to another day.
OnlineMSE  Male  Essex 8-Dec-2018 11:25 Message #4730429
So the Wilder v Fury direct rematch is on after being officially sanctioned by the WBC.
I can see why Fury wants it at Wembley, but presumably the champ Wilder will want to fight on home soil, most likely Las Vegas in May.
But sure to be a huge money spinner for all concerned wherever it's held.

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