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OAP - or not?

Just when exactly do you become an OAP nowadays?

Drusilla  Female  Bedfordshire 27-Nov-2018 17:01 Message #4729607
My sister has just turned 63 and in the olden days, at this great age, she would have been considered to be an old age pensioner. However, she is still working and not entitled to her state pension for another 3 years, like many of us older ladies nowadays.
What confuses me is that at 60 she became entitled to free prescriptions and eye tests, but can't get a free flu jab until 65 or a free bus pass until 66. So why don't the Government just wait until you are 66 before giving anything for free?
It all seems to be very confusing and difficult to know exactly what you are entitled to once over 60. So I guess my sister isn't a pensioner until she's 66, 'cos that's when she actually gets her state pension. But women always used to be considered OAPs once they hit 60.
What do others think?
Nigel_In_Devon  Male  Devon 27-Nov-2018 17:43 Message #4729612
60 entitles us to free prescriptions? Is that just women or men too?

We are entitled to an 'old farts railcard' at 60 (though it costs around £30 a year).
BunnyGirl  Female  Buckinghamshire 27-Nov-2018 18:37 Message #4729615
I do not consider myself as an old age pensioner. I am a person who has reached the age of 71 almost 72 in about five weeks time. I had my bus pass at 60 and also my pension. I stayed on at work tho until i was 63 coz i bought a new kitchen and wanted to get the money back which i had spent. I hate the words OAP or old fogeys.
eurostar  Female  Merseyside 27-Nov-2018 22:24 Message #4729629
my grandson has called me old biddy since he was I love it...…
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia 28-Nov-2018 08:45 Message #4729640
I think these days 63 is not classed as a "retire, wear tartan booty slippers and sit indoors watching daytime telly" age anymore, and quite right too.
I guess you are not an OAP until you are getting your state pension, although I would imagine someone, somewhere would be offended by the term "old aged pensioner" these days.
At least you women are likely to outlive us men so will get to enjoy retirement for a lot longer...
warmundeft  Male  Wrexham 28-Nov-2018 08:59 Message #4729641
Certainly Drusilla, what with the current 'adjustments' to state pension age for women and the knock-on effect on other health-related entitlements, bus passes issued by councils at some different age, to name but a few, there is certainly a need to keep your wits about you.
Most of the concessions seem to kick in at somewhere over age 60, but fear not - you have to last until 75 before the BBC's free licence applies.

'Guess just like life itself, you have to take it when it's there for the taking - and if that means taking whatever label goes with it - well, 'reckon the "sticks & stones" adage applies.
OnlineMSE  Male  Essex 28-Nov-2018 09:23 Message #4729643
Old Age Pensioner is a term not a condition based on physical condition or ability.
It just identifies someone who has stopped working because they have reached a particular age and who receives a (old age) pension from the state. It doesn't mean that they also have to give up working and doesn't have anything to do with qualifying ages for other state benefits like free prescriptions/sight tests etc.
As that qualifying age will now now continually increase the term will too - by the end of this month it's 65 for men & women; it will be 66 by 2020; & the increase to 67 has already been brought forward 8 years to 2026-28 then it's 68 after that. But they'll have to changed again over the coming years.

But isn't "OAP" now a pretty much defunct outside of the pension term. It used to be "Senior Citizen" but these days I only ever see "Seniors" or "Concessions" quoted.

..."So why don't the Government just wait until you are 66 before giving anything for free?"...
The age increase has already been massively unpopular with voters, so just imagine the outfall from that decision. The over 65 share of the population is 18% now and will hit over 25% by mid 2030's and that is a huge electoral demographic group to upset.

As far as bus passes go the qualifying age (in England) for men and women is linked to the women's state retirement age so that was 60 and will now be 65. So that will probably increase too. Although in London you can get an over 60's Oyster card which is free (after you've paid a nominal amount to register) & gives the holder free bus, train & tube travel within the Capital.
Judance  Female  Berkshire 28-Nov-2018 11:52 Message #4729651
Free prescriptions for the over 60s is for everyone NiD. Just take a look at the back of your next prescription.

There's also the winter fuel payment which is universal, but I personally feel should be means tested. Lord Sugar gets his .. and usually donates it on, but he doesn't have to. Then there's the £10 Christmas bonus ...

As has been said, due to the gradual change in state pension age, qualifying ages will increase over the next few years. Confusing? Yes .. so always good to check.

btw .. isn't it time we change the stereotype of a pensioner as described above?
I can assure you that receiving a state pension doesn't suddenly change you into a copy of your granny!!
Eljer  Male  North London 28-Nov-2018 14:31 Message #4729656
" Just when exactly do you become an OAP nowadays? "

Probably when you have dry dreams and wet farts?
Drusilla  Female  Bedfordshire 28-Nov-2018 16:56 Message #4729660
Great comment, Eljer! Sounds about right with some older folk!

Thank you all for your replies. Yes, it does seem that the term Old Age Pensioner is now more or less defunct - and probably politically incorrect too! But I feel heartened by the fact that most of us 'younger' older folk certainly don't look our age or act it, and will hopefully live for several decades past receiving their first
state pension payment.
Aely  Female  Hampshire 28-Nov-2018 22:38 Message #4729682
What you don't get is free dentistry - unless you qualify for additional benefits because of a low income.
Colonel_Blink  Male  Buckinghamshire 29-Nov-2018 08:14 Message #4729695
I get a fed up with the national obsession with terminology. It has spread from terms than some considered racist and has now spread across the board in sexism, sexual orientation, disabilities and old age.
Very much a first world problem.
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire 29-Nov-2018 19:14 Message #4729745
Anyway, 60 is the new 40 !

tumbleweed  Male  Gloucestershire 29-Nov-2018 19:57 Message #4729747
Some of age is relative to the people you are with. For instance, a few years ago at work, I was 20 years older than any of the others on the shift that I was on. Some were nearly 40 years younger.

You sometimes had to work overtime to cover on other shifts, where one of the other shifts had someone older than me, and a couple of similar age.

After we were all made redundant ( even the youngsters ), I worked at another place temporarily for a month or two, where the 'intake' of 8 were made up of 7 in their 20's ( 2 lads, 5 girls ), and little old me. It was only temporary, prior to them moving the work elsewhere.

Then, at times I can be with older people ( family, friends etc ) , some of whom are much more active than I can be nowadays, and they are in their 80's, and I am the youngster.

I fell over last night, putting the bins out. No damage, just a bit of a sore knee, but I immediately thought 'good job I am not old'..or was it being 'nearly old', that made me fall over in the first place.
Madness102  Female  South Yorkshire 1-Dec-2018 23:56 Message #4729949
Oh, I'm with V - yes 40 is the new 60 !!

(Actually I feel 30 !!)

Or is that just blinkin Lights in me eyes?
Andromeda  Female  Berkshire 6-Dec-2018 23:13 Message #4730367
I feel younger now than I did ten years ago.
HotOrWot  Male  Lancashire 13-Dec-2018 23:10 Message #4730797
Good for your Andromeda. I think I do too.

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