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do they really happen

BunnyGirl  Female  Buckinghamshire 26-Nov-2018 10:01 Message #4729511
When you are asleep do people really dream !

When i go asleep my mind is blank unless of course someone has really upset me then i will dream of why they are being nasty lol
Lulu70  Female  South East London 26-Nov-2018 10:06 Message #4729512
Hi BunnyGirl

Yes, some people definitely do dream, I have always had the most vivid and symbolic dreams. I have also had precognitive dreams.
Shaun63  Male  Herefordshire 26-Nov-2018 11:07 Message #4729518
Yes, I believe that most people dream, depending on the day or how they are feeling can cause you to dream.. I would like to believe that most of my dreams are nice dreams..
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 26-Nov-2018 12:00 Message #4729524
Me too Lulu, there are times I dream so intensly I wake up exhausted.
Judance  Female  Berkshire 26-Nov-2018 12:05 Message #4729526
I dream every night.
I occasionally have quite intense dreams as wh describes, but mostly are just fragments. .. except the ones I call 'frustration' dreams where I'm trying to get things done and everyone is being really unhelpful or I can't find a toilet (but then I wake up and go to the loo!)
Lady  Female  North Yorkshire 26-Nov-2018 13:13 Message #4729530
I thought everybody had dreams during part of their sleep cycle but most of them are forgotten when you wake up - I think the theory is that the "memory storage" function of your brain is not usually operating during REM stage of sleep, when you are dreaming.

I rarely know that I've been dreaming unless it's been very intense and I've woken up mid-dream or if I've had one of those "lucid dreams" when I'm asleep but somehow aware that I'm dreaming and can sometimes direct some of the events in the dream. Even then, I don't usually remember the details after I wake up.
leogirl  Female  Essex 26-Nov-2018 13:32 Message #4729532
I do dream and sometimes have a dream that is repeated a few days/weeks later. .
The most idiotic dream is me going to a warehouse where bathrooms are displayed and me desperate for using the loo use the one on display.
Judance what would Freud say to that?

Sometimes a dream is so real that I can not tell the difference between reality and dream. perhaps too much wishful thinking?
TheHermit  Male  Oxfordshire 26-Nov-2018 16:33 Message #4729539
I sometimes dream I'm awake.
Eljer  Male  North London 26-Nov-2018 18:05 Message #4729544
Yeah, but your just a nutter hermy ;)

If theres someone who i fancy, then i dream about them or being with them, mmm.
eurostar  Female  Merseyside 26-Nov-2018 19:14 Message #4729550
I dream or maybe go onto the astral plane...who knows lol
Minnie-the-Minx  Female  Hertfordshire 26-Nov-2018 20:08 Message #4729556
I have some really bizarre dreams. They are so vivid and I do remember them.
Eljer  Male  North London 26-Nov-2018 22:20 Message #4729571
Yeah, i do a spot of astral, ile look out for ya euro) lol
AndyMacG  Male  the West Midlands 27-Nov-2018 21:41 Message #4729626
"do they really happen"

I bloody well hope so or i was really out on a date last night with Demi Moore ;-) lol

Andy Mac
vanman  Male  Cambridgeshire 27-Nov-2018 22:21 Message #4729628
Andy Mac ...

"I bloody well hope so or I was really out last night with Demi Moore ;-) lol"

Did you have a meal Andy, or just a drink?

Who paid!? lol

Did you get a 'HonestBob' type reward!! ?? lol lol.

jennifer  Female  Gloucestershire 28-Nov-2018 10:16 Message #4729645
I had a dream the other night about being away on a line dance holiday in Columbia. Our line dance teacher said that to get back over the border, we would have to prove we were line dancers and he showed us the dance we had to do. I told him, I wouldn't be allowed out of the country, because I couldn't do that dance and asked if we could do my favourite (for information it's called Stanryck!!). Nope can't do that one, I was advised. I wasn't allowed out of Columbia!

Told my line dance teacher about this dream at class on Monday and he did the dance Stanryck in class just so that I could get over the border in my head! So funny!
AndyMacG  Male  the West Midlands 28-Nov-2018 18:34 Message #4729671
"Did you have a meal Andy, or just a drink?"

"Who paid!? lol"

"Did you get a 'HonestBob' type reward!! ?? lol lol."

Mmmm, i think we went for a meal and a drink, i think we split the bill but i'm not sure, i know i offered to pay as i always do but as for a HonestBob type reward I’m sure i kissed her on the lips but i’m not sure if it was an Australian or a French kiss but my lips were really salty the next morning or was it something on my tongue ;-) ha ha

Andy Mac
BlinkinLights  Female  South Yorkshire 2-Dec-2018 00:04 Message #4729950
Yes, dreams do happen, but some people just dont remember anything at all the next morning. My ex was like that, he believed he did not dream, but I could tell that he did - he would talk, move around, sigh etc

When I used to tell him my dreams he said I was a nutcase and they would take me away !!
HotOrWot  Male  Lancashire 13-Dec-2018 23:15 Message #4730798
When I think back to the past it can be difficult to know if some things actually happened or I dreamt them.

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