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Fitness Trackers

Who uses one?

RoseyCheeks  Female  Nottinghamshire 24-Nov-2018 19:52 Message #4729302

I'm a big FitBit fan and have just ordered an upgrade from my Charge 2 which sadly got cracked when I fell off a wall onto it on holiday - and no - I wasn't drunk lol

Any other FitBitters out there? Or do you use a different brand? Any recommendations? What made you buy one? And does it inspire you to do more?
barney  Male  Surrey 24-Nov-2018 20:02 Message #4729303
I fancy a new fitbit. The old one has put a bit of weight on just lately and she is not getting any younger.
Lady  Female  North Yorkshire 24-Nov-2018 20:25 Message #4729307
When you say you've ordered an upgrade from Charge 2, do you mean you've ordered a Charge 3?
If so, I'd be interested to know what you think of it when you get it.

I had a Charge 2, which I treated myself to late last year and I loved it.
It took a couple of months for it to really prick my conscience and make a serious start on setting excercise and weight loss goals but, once I started to gradually increase my targets, it motivated me to think more about my fitness and exercise regime, so I joined a gym, increased my walking, tracked my calories, recorded my weight loss - it even helped me to improve my sleeping patterns. It's one of the best tools I've had to improve fitness and weight loss - and helped me to lose the 3 stones I needed to get rid of this year.

Sadly, I mislaid it about a month ago - I think I took it off in a shower room in Rhodes and accidentally left it there but didn't realise until it was too late to go back for it.
Now I've got myself into a sustainable, healthy exercise and eating plan, I probably don't need a FitBit so much - but I do miss it! I keep looking at my wrist to check the time, see what my heart rate is, how many steps I've done today etc!

I'm thinking of buying a replacement and was considering a Charge 3 but I need to do a bit more research about them - I think they are a lot more expensive but are water resistant, so I won't risk losing it in a shower room again!

If anyone else uses other similar devices, I'll be interested to read their reviews of them.
JustLyn  Female  Cheshire 24-Nov-2018 21:17 Message #4729312
I have used apps on my phone like My Fitness Pal and now Lose It.

I'm happy with the free versions, though not as accurate as a Fitbit as I don't wear my phone all the time.

I like using an app called Map my Walk which also works mapping routes I cycle, the miles, calories, etc.

Mostly, I log my food to keep calories under 1300 a day and doing this does keep my eyes open to resist nibbles I'd previously "forget".
RoseyCheeks  Female  Nottinghamshire 25-Nov-2018 11:50 Message #4729401
I was considering the Charge 3 but the Versa was only £10 more in the Black Friday sale on Amazon and that was the one I really wanted, so I've gone for it as it's normally a lot more expensive. I know 3 people who have a Versa and they're all happy with it so it seemed the right way to go but without the sale I'd have bought the Charge 3. I do 3 or 4 Aqua Aerobics classes a week so it's going to be great to track heart rate for that class too as although it won't have a proper step count I'm sure I burn more than the 371 calories a class I get manually logging it into MyFitnessPal.

I dabbled with Garmin once but came back to FitBit because I have an established challenge group. Happy to add you Lady if you want to join challenges?
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 25-Nov-2018 11:51 Message #4729403
Do you not find yourself getting paranoid about what you're eating and how much you're exercising or whatever it monitors? I don't even weigh myself and if I have to be weighed at the doctors or something I tell them not to tell me how much I weigh, I was borderline anorexic at one point and if I didn't like what they scales told me I would just stop eating. Now I eat healtily and exercise pretty much everyday, a good walk with Monty and the only measure of weight is how my clothes fit.
RoseyCheeks  Female  Nottinghamshire 25-Nov-2018 12:06 Message #4729409
I think that's the healthiest way for you Hen if you've had issues with anorexia. I still have a fair bit of weight to lose (currently 97lbs down) but the tracker syncs with MyFitnessPal and corrects my daily calorie goal there either up or down so I'm losing at a healthy rate. I'd say it helps keep me focused rather than obsessing me though. I'll still stray from the path from time to time though!

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