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What's Worth Watching?

RoseyCheeks  Female  Nottinghamshire 15-Nov-2018 18:03 Message #4728597
Looking for recommendations for iPlayer or NetFlix please. What have you been enjoying lately? Just tried Little Drummer Girl but couldn't get into it. What's your current "Must See"?
Clocky  Female  the West Midlands 15-Nov-2018 20:38 Message #4728618
The True Cost on Netflix is an eye opener if you're gashion concious and want to be eco friendly.
RoseyCheeks  Female  Nottinghamshire 15-Nov-2018 20:47 Message #4728621
I'll take a look. I think they have one called A Dollar A Day (or similar) that makes you think too. I've just been to Cuba and the disparity of wealth between the locals and tourists was quite embarrassing. Lovely people there!
Beach  Male  Dorset 15-Nov-2018 20:56 Message #4728625
Over the last few years, (partly due to watching German director Werner Herzog's profoundly disturbing but riveting Grizzly Man documentary), I've been drawn in to watching any wilderness, gold prospecting or reality show based out in Alaska or The Yukon.

Top of the tree is Gold Rush followed by Bering Sea Gold or Edge of Alaska.

There are dozens more shows covering every aspect of living a live "off the grid" but those are my favourites.

God. Gold Rush is brilliant. I'm currently hooked on Season 9. (I watch it on YouTube a day after it airs on The Discovery Channel).
Clocky  Female  the West Midlands 15-Nov-2018 20:56 Message #4728626
I watched that too Rosie ...loved it! It made me realise how much we dont really need at all.
Clocky  Female  the West Midlands 15-Nov-2018 21:01 Message #4728628
Beach might like Homestead Rescue too then. Its about a family that go around helping others rhat live off grid. They have some amazing ways of making central heating and air conditioners.
If I could just duck out of society and live off grid I'd be in heaven.
RoseyCheeks  Female  Nottinghamshire 15-Nov-2018 21:12 Message #4728630
OTB - funny you say that because I spent most of last year watching whatever I could find on Alaska on YouTube and TV and settled on Building Alaska, partly because I work in the property field, but I learned a lot about their way of life too prior to a holiday there. There's a good Gold Rush museum in Seattle I visited and then did the Skagway White Pass Railway that takes you the route of the gold prospectors. There was still discarded equipment along the way and the path they took the loaded horses up was extremely narrow. I'd love to go back one day!
Beach  Male  Dorset 15-Nov-2018 21:53 Message #4728638
Thanks, Clocky.

I'd not heard of that one but I see it is now on series 3 so I'd have a lot of episodes to enjoy once I found it online. :-)

"watching whatever I could find on Alaska on YouTube and TV"

Yep. You and me both, Rosie ...

I've seen Building Alaska. Really enjoy that one. There is also a series for house hunters looking for property in Alaska that is quite fascinating. And Edge of Alaska is another, intriguing, quirky series.
Beach  Male  Dorset 15-Nov-2018 21:59 Message #4728645
Ha ha. Wouldn't dare go there though! Though I'm impressed that you have, Rosie).

Me? I'm still finding untouched areas of West Dorset within the 20 mile Truman Show style bubble I live under ... though that's more than enough territory to explore for this unadventurous man. (Unadventurous when it comes to concepts of travelling, I mean).
staBinthedark  Male  central London 15-Nov-2018 22:58 Message #4728649
I will settle down and watch a bit of porn in a bit, am quite partial to the odd close up shots. Can I care to ask...when was the last time anyone watched a good old porn movie. The old ones from the 80's used to be the best. I am being nosy and a bit curious Lol
Beach  Male  Dorset 15-Nov-2018 23:09 Message #4728651
Deadliest Catch is another Alaskan favourite of mine. :-)
Beach  Male  Dorset 15-Nov-2018 23:10 Message #4728653
Deadliest Catch is another Alaskan favourite of mine. :-)
JustLyn  Female  Cheshire 16-Nov-2018 15:28 Message #4728682
I recently enjoyed watching "Truly, Madly, Deeply" again after many years.
Madness102  Female  South Yorkshire 23-Nov-2018 15:44 Message #4729152
Red Shoe Diaries was a good porn series - albeit very mild - but I enjoyed it - there are a couple of vids on utube

terry  Male  West Yorkshire 4-Apr-2019 12:48 Message #4738005
Was looking for a thread about films, found this.

Anyone seen 'Mr Forbush and the penguins'? starring a lot of penguins and John Hurt.

I like John Hurt films, quite like the idea of isolation...this film had both. It's an old film, 60's or 70's I think, not sure now? I keep planning to get the daughter to purchase it off the net (I don't buy off the net) but never got 'round to it yet...must get my arse in gear.
Just thought it might interest some as a possible watch when all else is quiet.

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