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World Toilet Day

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A_man_called_CHIOG  Male  South East London 2-Nov-2018 07:49 Message #4727900
Like most of you i'm looking forward to World Toilet Day on November 19th but I had never heard of it before now. It is a serious and official United Nations event to tackle sanitation problems around the worldbut part of the article I was reading pointed out the decline of public toilets in the UK.
It got me wondering why, with a growing population, we are able to manage with so fewer public toilets today that when I was at school and they were on almost every road. I know of at least four which have shut in the past few years although the ones which have remained are kept to much higher standard.
My friend who has been a delivery driver for years brought this to my attention as he is forever searching for somewhere to go. Do you ever use public toilets? Are they well maintained?
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Chris2mates  Male  Lancashire 2-Nov-2018 09:53 Message #4727904
For anyone within an hour of Stoke, I would thoroughly recommend a visit to the museum of the toilet.

See this link

It's part of a wider site known as the Gladstone Museum which is a great day out in any event but kids especially love the toilet museum.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 2-Nov-2018 09:55 Message #4727905
Councils can't afford to run them apparently and you've got people using them for unintended purposes. I try and avoid them if possible as they're rarely very nice, Lidl and Aldi are very good at letting customers use toilets in their back room and our fairly newly done up Lidl in Holyhead actually has a customer toilet. I think it is an issue, especially if you have small children who are still learning, when they need to go they need to go, also if you have something like IBS when you need to go you need to go.
Judance  Female  Berkshire 2-Nov-2018 10:20 Message #4727910
Back to the OP .. did you know there is a Charity where you can twin your toilet with one in the less developed world?
... or give money to build one.

Re public toilets .. we have had a situation locally where the District Council, who owned toilets near the car parks and long distance coach stop, decided to close them because they said they couldn't afford to maintain them. Luckily the Town Council have reinstated the loos after a period of closure.

There are some businesses that carry out a 'Free to P' policy which is a great help to anyone who really can't afford to wait.
barney  Male  Surrey 2-Nov-2018 10:29 Message #4727911
They closed a lot of the public toilets, especially the ones in isolated locations, because they were used by men looking for other men for sexual activities. Those men were a bloody nuisance but rather than sorting them out they chose the easy option and closed them.
I remember back in the 60s in my local town the police raided a well known toilet and caught over 30 men in them, one of whom was the town Mayor.
These toilets are a public service and should be kept open and maintained. I would rather the money went on them rather than a new limo for the bigwigs on the Council.
Templar2013  Male  South East London 2-Nov-2018 12:20 Message #4727917
That sounds like an interesting museum Chris2mates and a bit different.

Councils have never been keen on providing public toilets as there is no status in it for the council unlike a nice statue or limo or something they can admire. In recent years they have used the excuse of men using the toilets inappropriately to close them down. They have done the same thing with numerous picnic areas.
I believe both public toilets and picnic areas are important public services and should be maintained rather than closed on the flimsiest of excuses.
tumbleweed  Male  Gloucestershire 2-Nov-2018 12:59 Message #4727921
I have never understood why people hang around in disgusting toilets. I suppose it must be that they want to do disgusting things, and find the wonderful ambience of a disgusting toilet just the right place to do it.

Surely there must be better options for them. When George Michael was caught, you would have thought that he could have done so much better than a public toilet.

Years ago, the bloke who played Jason King was caught in Gloucester bus station toilets, which up to recently, were filthy and disgusting and full of druggies and things. Now they have knocked it all down, and built a new bus station. I would think they have new toilets, but I haven't checked them out yet.

Public toilet cleaners should get paid mega money. Especially after clearing somebody's huge floater that they have covered up with all the blog roll from the giant container
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire 2-Nov-2018 13:27 Message #4727922
Well this post was waiting for me... Last weekend, I was at a market ( in a football stadium CP) where the toilets are in a small building at the back. Its not the cleanest and there are only 2 cubicles, but "any port in a storm" The floor is quite often flooded, not sure why, as the toilets work reasonably well. When I went in, there were 2 people waiting, and the 2 cubicles were occupied with the doors WIDE OPEN . All 4 were chattng away as if they were at a tea party WHILST THE 2 IN THE CUBICLES WERE DOING THEIR BUSINESS. Their gowns and pantaloons, which were lovely sequinned chiffon type , were hanging on the floor getting wet .They were all middle aged ladies, not sure of nationality buy Indian or Asian I think. It was very pungent in there and I was embarrassed, and I didnt stop to spend penny. I did wonder if it was a Candid Camera thing !! but no.

On a lighter note, the best public toilets I have ever been are in Chatsworth House. They were beautifully clean and bright with turquiose wall tiles and all the wood and trims were golden pine. There was light music too. My friend & I took photos as it was so impressive.

There is def a lack of public toilets now, even some of the strange ones like at the end of Hounslow high street. It looks like a large plastic igloo or space ship. I have never been inside as its never open, but it looks like it could blow away
OnlineMSE  Male  Essex 2-Nov-2018 14:09 Message #4727923
In the Budget, the Chancellor removed the charging of Business Rates for owners of any stand alone toilet facilities available for public use, whether publicly or privately owned.
So maybe this will cost saving will help to stop the closure of existing public conveniences and may even lead to others to be opened/re-opened.
But when you're out and about you can normally find WC's in most shopping centres, supermarkets and department stores which are usually well maintained. When you're on the road though it's a bit more difficult. If you're on a motorway you're okay but on non-motorway and local roads you're struggling.

Although some loos here are on the grim side I don't think we should moan too much.
Nothing would ever be as bad as what I experienced at a roadside rest stop in rural China. It was the most horrendous thing ever. Open plan, no cubicles, just 3 squat toilets. And lets just say that most of the users aim hadn't been up to much!!. And I remember when I visited Soweto that hundreds of people had to share the one toilet that was available. That's real hardship.
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Chris2mates  Male  Lancashire 2-Nov-2018 14:30 Message #4727924
Out and about I must admit I aim for the local McDonalds. Their loos are always clean and as often as not, I repay the visit by buying a coffee at least.

I can understand why public loos are closing but businesses with loos available to the public should get a public subsidy.
Nigel_In_Devon  Male  Devon 2-Nov-2018 17:45 Message #4727933
I was going to mention about the toilet twinning too Judance. I had never heard of it before I started working in the school I am currently at.
NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire 2-Nov-2018 18:02 Message #4727934
Jason King in a toilet in Gloucester?
Gosh that would be more frightening than finding Steptoe in one.
Sea Urchin  Female  Essex 2-Nov-2018 21:26 Message #4727954
If this was for nominating the most best kept and interesting toilet I would nominate one in New Zealand. It is only an eco toilet but on the beach at Bob's Bay, Picton on South Island. There is a lovely old man (bumped into him once) who comes down and attends to it every day. I think it is his pride and joy. He brings large fresh clean laundered towels, as well as a couple of large vases/pots of flowers/grasses etc. Anyway a lovely display either side of the toilet. There is also fresh soap and plenty of loo paper. It is inside one of those traditional rustic shed type buildings. And just think, if nobody around, you could always leave the door open and have a lovely view of the sea. :-) I actually have some photos somewhere. Not often i feel inclined to take photos of toilets but this one just looked so unique and spotlessly clean and nice smelling.
NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire 2-Nov-2018 21:40 Message #4727955
My toilet always smells nice.
Would you like a photo of my toilet? SU?

RAACH84  Female  Buckinghamshire 3-Nov-2018 09:06 Message #4727965
We have a couple of public toilets here and they are quite well maintained and appear to be free of any unsuitable behaviour apart from the occasional vandal. I would be unlikely to use them as most of the big shops and coffee shops have better facilities.
The Victorian loos along the coastline always appear to be very clean and the tiles and cisterns can be quite decorative.
warmundeft  Male  Wrexham 3-Nov-2018 09:55 Message #4727967
Well Chris, it appears that the Gladstone Museum in the Potteries (how apt), offers possibilities for an MSE Meet. Perhaps there's a member with some local knowledge of eateries etc ... ?
Jeff  Male  East Sussex 3-Nov-2018 20:02 Message #4727992
A few weeks ago I downloaded onto my mobile phone an app called "Where is public toilet". It shows a local map with details of public toilets, and search filters (including "Dump point" which at first I misunderstood!). Or you can search Google Maps for "toilets public".
HotOrWot  Male  Lancashire 3-Nov-2018 20:15 Message #4727996
Do you have a problem Jeff? You can get some handy little contraptions which you can keep in car or even tuck away in your bum bag.
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PrincessFruitBat  Female  Essex 4-Nov-2018 09:31 Message #4728012
I never use public toilets but I would if there was no alternative.
We have a row of four brand, spanking new unisex toilets where I live.
As yet, we’re not allowed to use them, but they look nice.
They’ve been built next to the old public toilet block which I think may be turned into a shop.

There’s a restaurant in Southend which used to be a public toilet.

It’s called Toulouse.
vanman  Male  Cambridgeshire 4-Nov-2018 10:11 Message #4728016
I visited a public toilet in Southend last night, and it left a lot to be desired!! :-{
even the disabled one looked pretty grim, as the door had been left open as I went by :-{ :-{

One to avoid (unless your desperate)
Corner of car park, just off 'the esplanade' Southend.

Now they've 'tarted up' the seafront, praps the loilets will be next on the list!! lol.
nellieredshoes  Female  West Yorkshire 4-Nov-2018 11:37 Message #4728024
A couple of years ago I heard about a company that produces environmentally friendly toilet paper and gives 50% of it’s profit to charities who provide toilets for people who don’t have access to sanitation. Since then I’ve been ordering my toilet paper, kitchen roll and tissues from them.
Take a look at their website if you’re interested. It gives masses of information about how 40% of the world doesn’t have access to a toilet. More people have a mobile phone than have access to toilets. Some of the projects they support are amazing. They are called ‘Who gives a crap’ and are certainly worth a look.
BunnyGirl  Female  Buckinghamshire 8-Nov-2018 08:01 Message #4728186
I try to avoid using public toilets if i can as never like using them. Never know who was there last.

Although having said that Milton Keynes have very nice toilets quite posh but still not keen on using them.

If i have to use them will not use them if they are not clean. Sometimes the floor is wet as it looks like kids have been in them missing the bowl.

London is vast and went to Portabllo road but found it hard to find any.
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire 8-Nov-2018 11:58 Message #4728194
Conway Castle N Wales has 2 converted toilets - they're now B/B rooms. I went there about 12 years ago with some friends & myself and another actually were allocated the B/B toilets - we werent told till afterwards - they were fine, except they were in the grounds and difficult to find in the dark... bit spooky.
BunnyGirl  Female  Buckinghamshire 8-Nov-2018 14:54 Message #4728209
Should be Portobello road
tumbleweed  Male  Gloucestershire 8-Nov-2018 15:18 Message #4728210
I'm getting an idea for a film.

Some public toilets, somewhere in the past, perhaps about 60 years ago, somebody dies on the toilet, trying to avoid the sloshing floor and searching around for some toilet roll.

Forward to present day. A supermarket now stands proud on the site where the toilets used to be. Shoppers going about their daily shop. Suddenly sloshing sounds in one of the aisles, and a ghostly apparition of someone on a toilet screaming and reaching out for the toilet roll, which until the day before had been in that aisle, but has now been moved to aisle 9. 'Help me, please help me', they say.

To be continued...

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