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The International Space Station

anybody been watching it pass overhead?

Hierophant  Male  East Anglia 1-Oct-2018 19:06 Message #4726261
If you're a bit geeky like me you might be interested in seeing the space station fly over. It's been happening for the last few nights and I have been lucky enough to see it three times.
Last night it was too cloudy here and tonight doesn't look much better but I will have a look anyway.
Tonight it should appear in the west about 7.39pm and head to the east until it disappears from view at 7.45pm.
Heads up!...
NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire 1-Oct-2018 21:10 Message #4726265
I have watched it the last couple of nights. First time was by accident, then I went on the NASA website.
If you see a very bright object moving, that's the ISS.
fosy  Male  Leicestershire 1-Oct-2018 22:39 Message #4726275
first saw it in 2002.

i still find it hard to believe there are people hurtling around our planet in that tin can.
Harley44  Female  the Isle of Wight 1-Oct-2018 23:30 Message #4726278
Thanks for the info! Hasn't been over our way for a while so its good to hear its now back in view. Must remember to look at the websites I have saved which gives the viewing times:)
BlinkinLights  Female  South Yorkshire 2-Oct-2018 01:33 Message #4726281
What does it look like - how do I know its not a star or aeroplane ??? Answers on a postcard please
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia 2-Oct-2018 07:29 Message #4726284
"What does it look like - how do I know its not a star or aeroplane ??? Answers on a postcard please"

We don't know your address so please post it in full here, thanks.
It's visible with the naked eye, looks very bright and moves at a fast rate across the sky (stars don't tend to do that).
Aeroplanes have flashing lights and beacons (to be visible to other aircraft) and land at airports, the ISS doesn't, so you can easily tell the difference.

Tonight (02 October) it will appear in the West at 20.23 and should be visible (clouds permitting) for 4 minutes...
NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire 2-Oct-2018 08:54 Message #4726292
How do we know its not a star or an aeroplane?
All what Hiero said, if still in doubt give them a wave, sometimes they wave back,
tumbleweed  Male  Gloucestershire 2-Oct-2018 09:07 Message #4726293
I have heard that tonight the cocky pilot will be driving it, so expect a few loop the loops, and a bit of daring 'how close can we get to the ground'
OnlineMSE  Male  Essex 2-Oct-2018 09:52 Message #4726295
The ISS really travels across the sky in a narrow band and will depend on how big your sky is and how good your line of sight is.
EG for Madness - South Yorkshire
Tonight around Sheffield it is visible at 8:25 PM for 3 minutes
It will appear at a maximum elevation of 60° above the horizon and track
from 22° above the West horizon to 44° above the SE horizon.

But for the next couple of nights it does pass over some of us nearly overhead (80-87° where I am) but rises and drops quite low down so you'd have to catch it at it's highest point before it's obscured by surrounding houses, trees, buildings etc.
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia 2-Oct-2018 10:04 Message #4726296
Indeed, trying to view it from your bedroom window probably won't be very successful. Get out into the open air, away from lots of street lights and look in the right direction.
It is very bright at the moment, so if you are looking at the right time and in the right direction, you definitely won't miss it.
Make the most of it folks, cos you only have a few more nights to see it...
Harley44  Female  the Isle of Wight 4-Oct-2018 00:11 Message #4726392
Saw it briefly tonight for a minute until it got out of the sun's reflection. Some websites if you're interested in the actual live views from the Space Station:
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia 7-Oct-2018 21:28 Message #4726573
It was the last really bright pass tonight, for the next few nights it won't be so easy to see.
And that's it until late November...
Optimus_Prime  Male  Kent 9-Oct-2018 00:57 Message #4726672
I use the sky guide app for the iPhone. This app is fantastic. Not only will it show you at an instant what ever you are looking at in the sky it will also give you great details about it. I always know when the I SS is visible because of the app will ping me 10 minutes before it is due to pass overhead to alert me ! It will also do the same for iridium flares!

If the night sky is your thing just get the app you will not regret it.


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