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Peoples Manifesto For


wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 19-Sep-2018 11:46 Message #4725644
Is an inititive being launched by broadcaster Chris Packham, its not funded by any political party or lobby group, but draws together articles and suggestions by scientists and others, with the aim of encouraging people to do things and encourage our politicians to take on measures to protect wildlife. Wildlife habitats have been massively and negatively effected by humans over the last 60 years and this is a manifesto to try and reverse this loss in a way that everyone wins, wildlife, farmers, all of us, I've only scanned bits of it and I don't agree with all of it, but if only half of it was adopted and it could be quite easily adopted, we and our wildlife would be so much better off.

If I can find how to do it I want to contribute some ideas to it for some must have plants that look good and insects and birds love, such as every garden should have some echiums, they're beautiful blue, lilac, pale pink and white flowers, grow to about knee high, have a long season, will self seed. Bees love them and so do all the small garden birds such as sparrows and finches when they've set seed along the whole stem, I've seen groups of birds land on and strip them of seed in minutes. Budleia or butterfly bush, is loved by all insects and is easy to grow and can just be dead headed as they flowers go over and then cut back in winter. Tagetes are a clump forming small flowered marigold that attract insects such as hover fly's who patrol an area around a plant, they're good garden friends who eat aphids and black fly. Sunflowers, you can get dwarf ones now if you don't want the tall ones, not only do they provide a good source of food for bees and other insects, but seeds for birds. If you're not a gardener then let nettles grow, all wildlife seem to life them, including many moths and butterflies, some of whom only lay their eggs on nettles, in fact if you are a gardener have a patch of nettles, they're also good to make a liquid feed from.
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire 19-Sep-2018 20:24 Message #4725665
If you pick your nettles when young, saute in a little butter and some garlic and then stuff some chicken beasts with this mix, its rather nice with some baby new potatoes and runner beans...

Bees love rosemary which grows so easily from cuttings. I am making hedges all over the place with it, even along the sides of the fields in the hedges. I use rosemary a lot in cooking too.

If you shake a packet of mixed leaves (lettuce) into a square about 2' x 2' now ( or a plant trough) you will get salad leaves all through till the spring and even longer, in a slightly shaded area.

I too would contribute some of my own ideas.
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire 20-Sep-2018 09:14 Message #4725677
'breasts' not beasts - how could I get that wrong !
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 20-Sep-2018 11:08 Message #4725682
People tidy their gardens to much and its bad for wildlife, little creatures need things like "weeds" and clumps of dry grass and hollow stems to nest and hibernate in. The best thing you can do is have a pond, I've not got a pond as nearby we have a great big one called the Irish Sea and the inland sea is a wildlife haven lots of salt marsh and wet land.

I think post brexit we should be really thinking about farming and the environment and encouraging good land management and use of land, sheep farms can still be contravercial in wildlife terms, but in upland areas no other crops will grow and I think small farmers look after their land better in terms of wildlife than the large agri-business ones.
barney  Male  Surrey 20-Sep-2018 22:43 Message #4725729
I have patches of stinging nettles around the garden and log piles that I don't use for firewood.
I do try and do my bit for wildlife and always welcome any ideas.

Back in the 6os I was involved in bulldozing out hedges and woods to make fields bigger for the big new combines etc and obviously to maximise every bit of land for crops.
Now they have realised that bigger is not always better because of the dust bowl effect and wide open spaces offer no protection for crops so they are replanting hedges.
Plus leaving a margin around the outside of fields for wild flowers and wildlife.
Hopefully things are changing.
BlinkinLights  Female  South Yorkshire 2-Oct-2018 01:56 Message #4726283
Oh V - I roared with laughter at your Chicken Beasts !!!
It just hit my funny bone ;-)
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire 2-Oct-2018 07:33 Message #4726285
Must be my age Madness... lol

I have just realised that bees love sedum. I only have a small clump but I have a load of cuttings - friend told me they are very easy to grow on, so I shall put them all over the place. They look nice too, even in a vase with some rosemary and cosmos. Save your Cosmos seeds for next year and then just scatter them - they make an amazing show with no attention needed... and also more bees.

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