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if someone asks for money

wind em up first

cheekychappie1  Male  the West Midlands 22-Aug-2018 15:28 Message #4723750
after you've messaged for a few days and they ask for your bank details,you tell you've had problems with
your email being hacked and don't want to give your details then say you can pay cash and have it transferred to them but you need their bank details ,to make it sound credible ask them to send it to one of your other emails (Which you say hasn't been hacked and is safe)and you will pay them in a few days.
a week later you send an email from the new email address saying this has been hacked too and it might be a good idea to change their bank as you believe hackers have their bank details.
Give it a few days and then block their email address from your emails
leaving some worried scammers behind
leogirl  Female  Essex 22-Aug-2018 18:19 Message #4723755
wrong advice!
Ignore the e-mail , delete and report to headquarters.

cheekychappie  Male  the West Midlands 22-Aug-2018 18:22 Message #4723756
tried that they ignored it
.the advice is not wrong they have to be punished
NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire 22-Aug-2018 23:53 Message #4723792
Yes they have to be punished.
They have been very naughty boys!

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