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Alphabetic Innerspitation

Laa la laaa la la laa

Rikco  Male  central London 21-Aug-2018 09:09 Message #4723643
A is for awesome, absolutely & amazing
Come this far don't give up now or make the stress or mess be phasing
B is for beautyfilled, brave n yes bold
Brutal the way you display that Love you can't hold
C is for calm, care creative n calculating
This existence called creation collectively collaborating
D is for dance, dream, divine n destiny
And a desire to delve deeper into those bettermost parts of me
E is for everything, empathy n elegance
Even at the so called end the epilogue still eloquent
F is for funtastik, free, Force n friend
Happy are they whom find even 1ne on which they can depend
G is for grace, gratitude n goodness
Giving glory momentarily n multiplying this bless
H is for happy, heart, heaven, humble n honour
The hardest nuts get the heaviest test n reap the highest of honours
I is for infinite, I am, integrity & insight
Into the inner irie I n I
J is for journey, joy & the jewel that is you
Indefinable by names like Muslim, Christian or Jew
K is for kundalini, kind, kool & kin
Kindly telepathically kissing
L is for laughter, Love, like & learn
Letting go n laying low to be elevated in return
M is for mother, maker n music
Mystically unravelling this mystery as we move it
N is for nature, nice, nurture noble n nourish
With no nonsense but with the right tools n common sense any newborn would flourish
O is for observant, omnipotent, opportunity n overflowing
Optimistically optimistik n naturally glowing
P is for peace, positive, passion, patience n perception
Please practice persistence in understanding those reflections
Q is for quality, quest, quirk n quintessential
Can't be quiet all the time communication is essential
R is for real, royal, righteous n rare
That relative reason you radiate so brightly everywhere
S is for soul, star & Spirit
A simple smile, sparkle bright, even in da shit
T is for truth, timeless, teacher & thanks
Meditation is therapeutic so take time to join its ranks
U is for ultimate, universe & unity
Unique we are, to be honoured indefinitely
V is for valour, vigilant n vital
On your voyage use your voice whether town or tribal
W is for wonderful, warm, welcome & weed
Welcome the world n nurture the seed
X is for xenial, X factor & X-Men
Everybody wanna be a star
Funny thing is you already are
Y is for yes, young, yoga n yield
Yea baby, get ya swag on working that field
Z is for zeal, zany & zest
Don't worry about this zoo
Zoom in n focus on your test
Be blessed
Cos you already are
Rikco  Male  central London 21-Aug-2018 09:11 Message #4723644
Alphabetic Innerspiration
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire 21-Aug-2018 19:55 Message #4723702
Rikco - you never cease to amaze me.

V x
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 22-Aug-2018 11:34 Message #4723737
What Vic said, have you ever tried to get published? If not I'd try and find an agent and/or a publisher, I'm sure there are people here who know far more about the process than I do who could give you some pointers or even introductions.
Rikco  Male  central London 22-Aug-2018 20:37 Message #4723775
Thank you V xx
Rikco  Male  central London 22-Aug-2018 20:39 Message #4723776
Thank you, truth talk I'm so lazy, I just Love doing it, but I guess I should try, after all I don't think there's any1ne who hasn't asked me to haahaaa

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