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I'm looking to move .. To be nearer my grandchildren in Colchester

joolsy  Female  Essex 13-Aug-2018 12:27 Message #4722909
Hi me darlins .. I'm looking to move to Colchester & surrounding villages to be nearer my grandchildren .. Is it a nice place to live ..
Beach  Male  Dorset 13-Aug-2018 12:54 Message #4722912
Lots of foxes, I here. ;-)
joolsy  Female  Essex 13-Aug-2018 13:03 Message #4722914
Eeek .. Nothing would have got in last nite beach .. It was like Fort Knox my place lol ... It's my time to move I feel ... I want to be near the coast and my grandchildren .. The worlds my lobster they say lol
mancers  Male  Greater Manchester 13-Aug-2018 14:02 Message #4722920
Your a foxy lady Jools.
Horiss  Male  central London 13-Aug-2018 18:21 Message #4722963
I was stationed in Colchester. I'd stay where you are. Lol
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 13-Aug-2018 19:00 Message #4722974
Yay, Joolsy you can call your new place Boudicca House as Colchester and surrounding areas were her homeland, I can just see you as a latter day Boudicca, charging about the place in your chariot! Sorry I don't know that side of the country so I can't be of any help except in the daft suggestions.
Madness102  Female  South Yorkshire 14-Aug-2018 11:40 Message #4723033
Having come from Essex I have been to Colchester many times - but I dont know where you live now in order to compare - at least you are in the same County already and my advice would be to stay put if you like your house, location and neighbours because you could get a worse place!! However Colchester is ok, but I would not live in the main town but on the outskirts but that is jusr MY preference.
joolsy  Female  Essex 14-Aug-2018 13:09 Message #4723052
Lol hen ... Ooh I could get one of them mobility scooters hen when me legs go wonky lol ... And whizz round the village ... Ha ha Boudicca here I come lol ... Hi madness I'm looking at mark tey and surrounding villages ... I like the quirky shops in Colchester .. Where the cobbled streets are .. Lots of history too ... I often take my grandchildren to castle park ... Such a beautiful park ... And it's not far from the coast ... I'm looking to downsize house is way to big for me and me cat Louie .. Been to view lots of brand new builds .. Very cheap to were I am now ...
Madness102  Female  South Yorkshire 14-Aug-2018 15:16 Message #4723062
Jools Marks Tey and all those small villages are really nice (well I like them) and although newbuilds look fresh and clean they are built in timber - what I call a house of cards!! I prefer something a little more solid and would go for something rather quaint which I believe would increase in value as they are very desirable. Good luck with your hunt and dont forget to offer very low at first, its a buyers market at present down there (if you believe the papers). Also newbuild prices are not set in stone so you can haggle there too.
Beach  Male  Dorset 14-Aug-2018 15:25 Message #4723064
Don't give too much info away, Joolsy, or you'll have em all coming out of the woodwork, trying to trick and charm you out of house and home!

Sounds like you know, (and appreciate), the area you are considering moving to ... so good luck. :-) x
barney  Male  Surrey 14-Aug-2018 16:56 Message #4723066

Its nothing to do with me regarding which house you buy but personally I would not touch a new build with a barge pole.
There have been countless programmes about the complaints from buyers about the shoddy workmanship and faults and the reluctance of the developers to correct it.
They do seem to be thrown up these days.
I would go for a house or bungalow that has been around for a few years and has settled and had any issues put right.
Plus they were built better, more solid, and the gardens are usually established.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 14-Aug-2018 18:59 Message #4723077
I agree with Barney and was going to say the same things as him, I know quite a few builders who wouldn't live in most new builds themselves. I think what groups like Which magazine and BBC Watchdog say is worth remembering, get the best survey you can, don't bother with the cheap ones as pretty much all they do is stick a probe in the walls to check for damp, as long as theres nothing totally obvious like wires hanging out of a wall they just OK it all. You could could ask Phil and Kirsty to find you a house then we can all see it, lol!
johnlock  Male  Essex 15-Aug-2018 17:00 Message #4723140
I would suggest that you look ahead before deciding on where you want to live. Check out what if any public transport there is, local shops etc. As an example, I have no mobility problems now but who knows what the future may bring. My house is a few mins. from either end of town so easy to walk or by mobility scooter. I have a rail stn nearby & I'm close to a bus route even if the bus timetable is crap, rail not much better. On the downside, I'm a long way from any hospital so an ambulance trip would take ages unless a helicopter was sent.
Think about your network of local friends, I believe that Harlow is well served by bus's (not sure if you drive) & plenty of taxis.
Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 16-Aug-2018 11:21 Message #4723194
Yeah Joolsy, a mobility scooter with scythes on the wheels ideal for getting about to do your xmas shopping and stuff when people are milling about mindlessly!

Helper icon Helper
PrincessFruitBat  Female  Essex 16-Aug-2018 11:50 Message #4723197
Hi joolsy, we often go for a drive around Essex and have visited or passed through many of the villages near Colchester. A favourite of ours is Brightlingsea... ...the harbour end. It has lots of new build flats going up. We like to get a drink and watch the water and the birds. You can also catch a ferry to Point Clear and Mersey Island. It’s a great place for kids. There’s a long walk alongside the water's edge, past the beach huts, that has lots of places to sit and rest. It leads to a café and a boating lake and lido. There are swings etc and also a car park, if you prefer to drive down that end.
Madness102  Female  South Yorkshire 20-Aug-2018 23:55 Message #4723629
And another thing Jools, you have to sell b4 u can buy (unless you have the dosh 2 buy outright) - do dont 4get to shop around the Estate Agents (high street) to see who can offer you the cheapest deal - My opinion is that they all do the same job, so you might as well pay the lowest fees. And dont think selling your house happens overnight, it doesnt !! (Unless your house is absolutely fabulous and you put it on for a ridiculously low figure!!) Do your research as to what houses are selling for in your street and nearby.
The alternative to high street agents is the On Line brigade - all of these offer different things so check them out carefully - lots of different prices and bands to choose from - some very cheap but you may have to pay up front. When I next sell I am using Door Steps Online, they charge £99 for basic but I think the £199 package is the best.
Selling is just as important as the buying bit. Do your homework!!
Sea Urchin  Female  Essex 27-Aug-2018 09:44 Message #4724229
Hi Joolsy, Coclchester is the oldest recorded town and very historical; evan has a castle, although looks somewhat modernised now, especially inside. Lots of nice places around Colchester though, like Mersea Island, but I like it around Dedham and Flatford, Constable country not too far away. Lovely villages around Colcjester also. I have a daughter who lives at Marks Tey; handy for the train station. But the A120 that runs through it can be an absolute nightmare and traffic frequently comes to a standstill. I know. There is also talk of a new town that would be called West Tey to be built nearby. Lots of opposition at the moment. For sometime ther have been plans for a new road, four possible routes so far. Definitely worth checking that you would not be buying near one of the planned new routes etc. It is very convenient being so close to Colchester though, if wanting to head there frequently, just avoid the really busy periods on the A120 and also the A12.

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