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Rikco  Male  central London
1-Aug-2018 01:35 Message #4722017
Power n empower at every moment of every hour
Don't hold back let that Love shower
Let it rain
And reign
Imprint a stain
Upon the stresses n the strain
With Love the labour's never in vain
With full force from Source I said I'm coming again
And again
Til my energy
Ripples from me
Across every plain
With joy astounding n abounding as I'm driving this train
It's a Love train yes
A reservation for any1ne wid Love inna dem chest
I won't rest
Til I fully invest in the very best
Heart chakra wide open
Pouring NRG infinitely
Mending hearts that are broken
My Love is but a token
And a gift
To inspire fulfil & uplift
To metamorph the course of egos course of course
To evolve n engineer the shift
Never resentment
For this life a gift a present
And it prezents
Itself to us day by day
To shine come what may
I say I say I say
Injoy the night n day
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
1-Aug-2018 09:46 Message #4722027
Another good one, you hadn't posted for a while I'd wondered what happened to you?

Have you ever read The Emporers Babe, by Bernadine Evaristo? Its about a young black girl in Roman London who goes from the streets to being the Emporers mistress, its a novel written in verse, its very good and very clever, its a shame she's not done more on classical subjects because she could do for the classics what Akala has done for Shakespeare.
Rikco  Male  central London
1-Aug-2018 11:48 Message #4722035
Hello and thank you
No not heard of her but will check it out
Good ole Google

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