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Any techies on here who can tell me how

to strip windows vista business and replace wit Win 7 home premium?

badman  Male  Suffolk 30-Jul-2018 12:20 Message #4721866
I have the 7 install disc but need to take vista off first.
SQL  Male  Devon 30-Jul-2018 12:32 Message #4721867
If the Win 7 is a full install then just format the 'Vista' disk and proceed with a new installation. A full format will delete any old data and remove all old partitions.

I use 'Minitool Partition' software - it's free and can be put onto a bootable DVD/CD for easy use.

Nigel_In_Devon  Male  Devon 31-Jul-2018 13:29 Message #4721957
I would expect the win 7 install to simply overwrite the Vista without having to get rid of it first.
badman  Male  Suffolk 31-Jul-2018 19:47 Message #4721988
I would have done Nigel but it's got Vista business on it and I want to install 7 home premium. Apparently the two are incompatible and won't overwrite.
tumbleweed  Male  Gloucestershire 31-Jul-2018 19:50 Message #4721989
There are some videos on youtube that might help. I have only searched them and haven't watched any, but they seem as though they may be of help.

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