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holiday sharing

simonplatt  Male  Cheshire 4-Jul-2018 17:27 Message #4720183
has anyone thought of sharing holidays?

i booked a 6 berth caravan a couple of years ago and was on my own, seemed such a waste.

it could be a caravan or a cottage, a room each for sleeping, and do your own thing for the day, or together optionally. m or f or mixed.

maybe even more than one caravan/cottage and have a MSE meet.

any ideas how to arrange? or has it been done already?
HonestBob  Male  the Central region 4-Jul-2018 17:41 Message #4720184
I have seen/heard of giys who book a holiday, usually a decent one, and look for/ advertise for a woman to go with them... obviously there must be Ts&Cs included.
Horiss  Male  central London 4-Jul-2018 19:45 Message #4720192
Sorry I don't class a caravan as a holiday. If I'd suggested that in the past I'd have got a slap.
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire 4-Jul-2018 19:46 Message #4720193
Bob, sorry , what are T's & c's please (BTW I am not looking for a holiday but just wonderd what it meant)

V x
Blue-Poppy  Female  East Yorkshire 4-Jul-2018 20:48 Message #4720203
Used to happen on here when the meetup room was full.
Blue-Poppy  Female  East Yorkshire 4-Jul-2018 20:49 Message #4720204
@ Vic - I assume terms and conditions
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire 4-Jul-2018 21:15 Message #4720206
oh right, silly me... thanks BP
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 5-Jul-2018 18:41 Message #4720240
Why don't you think caravans count as a holiday?
brisinger  Male  Lancashire 5-Jul-2018 18:55 Message #4720241
Years ago we used to do meets abroad but nowadays you are lucky if you get people to go to meets in the UK. If you try good luck in your venture.
Sea Urchin  Female  Essex 5-Jul-2018 21:38 Message #4720249
I think it is a good idea to find people to come on holiday with you rather thn go on your own. And whether you are sleeping under the stars on a beach, or in something more upmarket, if you are away from home it is a holiday. There used to be a good site for this called 'Companions2trave'l but it folded due to a new owner falling out with people running the website and going off line for four months. The thousands who were on it did not run back. There is another called 'Outdoor Duo' where it is mainly outdoor type get togethers, but some members do organise weeks away etc. Worth a try. Otherwise just book something and then advertise it here or anywhere and ask if anybody would like to come too? It is a shame that when an event is being organises. this site does not automatically send an email out to all members to alert them. If they had I may have gone on lots of things earlier on but never even thought to look in way back when I first joined. They do on 'Outdoor Duo' but most things are in the Peak District going North direction, rathet than anywhere near me. I have seen weeks away in other countries though. Good luck!
Horiss  Male  central London 5-Jul-2018 22:47 Message #4720257
Because a caravan feels like a compact being at home. You do everything like being at home.
Until I get on a plane and everythings done for me it doesn't feel like a holiday.
One has gone up in the world since I was forced to caravan as a child lol
RoseyCheeks  Female  Nottinghamshire 7-Jul-2018 11:08 Message #4720331
You're missing out with that mindset. We used to do camping meets on here, tents rather than caravans and had a blast - even in heavy rain!
barney  Male  Surrey 7-Jul-2018 13:06 Message #4720339
Horiss is right.

I did all the caravanning, camping years ago.

Now it has to be cruises or 5 star hotels.

Coz I'm worth it.
Horiss  Male  central London 10-Jul-2018 17:45 Message #4720516
Shall we holiday together lol

wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 10-Jul-2018 18:38 Message #4720525
If I'm doing a holiday on the cheap then I'd rather have a caravan than a tent, I hate camping. I can't say I'm a big one for holidays at all really, hotels are ok, but then I see markets and stuff with all sorts of lovely things I want to cook and can't.
petergarratt  Male  Cambridgeshire 6-Sep-2018 13:41 Message #4725034
In reply to simonplatt I think it is a good idea why not you would be saving on those dreaded single supplements, you have pubs doing 2for1 meals, iam going on my own at the no to the Xmas turkey and tinsel at pakefields pontin,s, the chalets are a very versatile choice separate bedrooms,etc 5 days4 nights all in 75 pound but at the no I. Have paid the supplement as I go a lot there, but I think the more of you go the more fun it is however I have had a lot of holidays on my own and everybody are always very friendly. As you also get some who are on their own

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