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Don't Forget To Shine

People should need dark glasses to behold you haahaaa

Rikco  Male  central London 6-Jun-2018 20:42 Message #4718494
That's right
In the darkest night
When stress tests n fear putting up a really good fight
Don't fight
Remember it will be alright
Darkness is in your name
From the darkness
Is where you came
In the darkness is where you harness
The tools to rule every aspect of this game
Justa shame
We don't see it
When we're in amongst the shit
Bills over the head
Maybe some1ne wants ya dead
Giving thanks
For the blood that I bleed & have bled
No more tear to shed
Only manifesting of joy instead
As I tread
This grumpy bumpy road
Vital keys on the journey to unlock this code
And every moment feel the upload
The download
But I ain't keepin it on no down low
Draw for the arrow n da bow
Lickin magikal shots to rainbow da flow
People acting up
Bad news don't stop
Negativity in the cup
Full n overflowing
And that's just great news to me
An opportunity
To fulfil prophecies
Using n utilising this Divine key
All the knowledge embraced
Nout goes to waste
But nope no copy n paste
Arrows flying like doves n sparrows
Through crevices wide n narrow
Frequencies deep n shallow
Every inch Interrogated
Every aspect that is hated
Over n underrated
Churned to the power of 1ne
Evolving a light brighter than any sun
I came here
Simply to shine
In the midst of all fear
Right now n here
Removing every chain of mind that binds
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 7-Jun-2018 09:40 Message #4718500
Funny I was just thinking last night that I need to learn to laugh more at the memories I frequently torture myself with, we all take ourselves way to seriously. But then I'm a cracked pot, thats how the light gets in.
Rikco  Male  central London 7-Jun-2018 14:43 Message #4718505
In this world filled with stress n depress, it makes perfect sense to create your own happiness, a choice to choose to spark the joys fuse, and yep, gotta be a little crazy to get through me thinks
joolsy  Female  Essex 7-Jun-2018 15:10 Message #4718507
Smile and ya shine from with in ... Life's to short not to :) x

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