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But why?

Why not?

Rikco  Male  central London 30-May-2018 19:10 Message #4718071
And the question still asks why?
Why people Love to hate n lie?
Why can't I
Decide to go or stay?
What with all the decision making at the crossroads n hurdles on the way?
And why isn't it going my way?
Why why
Why do babies cry?
Why don't pigs cows sheep n horses fly?
A question of perception seeking an answer to enhance ya in a favourable direction
Think it's knowledge wisdom maybe it's ascension
Gathering answers to questions of life lessons
And tomorrow the energy change rearrange
Now yesterdays answer looking kinda strange
Then again
Caught up in the struggle of the mind
Walking with eyes seeing but blind
Seeking a path that you'll never find
And come again
To see a different perception
Appreciate n overstand this moment is perfection
In the making
Momentarily creating
All our negative dumb down thought
Using like sport
Flip trippin
Skinny dippin
This energy
All that pesty pest of stress
Wired up
Fired up
Through Spirit n flesh
Supernova erocting
From the darkest waters that thought us
Brought us
Ancient history
Written down inside of me
The blood n the sweat
Of pilgrims n slaves
Ridiculed n unwanted
Yet still they weren't phased
Til the last
Writing down the past
Trickling energy
Born into 2018
As things a get mean
Still the same question on everyone's lips
What? why?
Oh you
Oh you joker of an ego
Effortlessly got us in your flow
And that's alright yo
Cos from darkness to light comes a beautyfilled rainbow
More magnificent than anything ever been or seen
But why?
All of this
What point to prove?
No point to prove
Manifesting this blissed of the blessed thing by getting in the groove
F.. k why
Yea I said it
Full focus upon Spirit
Trust in the journey
Because y is a letter that comes before z
Horiss  Male  central London 30-May-2018 20:01 Message #4718075
I'm to scared to reply. Just in case people think it's the you and me show.
Rikco  Male  central London 30-May-2018 22:54 Message #4718090
It is what it is
Not everyone is confident enough to share their thoughts so for now looks like me n you show
Let us sing the words of Robbie Williams
Let meee entertain you haaahaaa
NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire 30-May-2018 23:05 Message #4718092
Now I like your work Rikco... But Robbie Williams.
Not so keen on Robbie.
Can we sing Bonkers instead?
Rikco  Male  central London 31-May-2018 00:03 Message #4718100
Ok kool let's roll with that
Mixin magik like rabbit outa hat
Can call me bonkers
Miss those days in the playground playing conkers
Behold a magik trick like Mr Willy Wonka
Yes nuts oh Hazel nuts
Dismissing useless questions like what when ifs n buts
Tut diddly tuts
Gotta be a little crazy
That's the only way this world won't phase me
Yet still many things amaze me
Mostly the people
Ignorant egoistic n evil
Man it's criminal
Yet still I'll give em all
I got
Conjuring concocting n stirring up the pot
An especially specialistic brew
Lika doctor I'll cure that spiritual flu
With simple simplicities
Like gratitude thank you n plesse
Humble humility
Peace Love tranquility
Let the energy flow from me
Lika stream
On the rise
No surprise
Stripping veils masks n disguise
Ever flowing
Ever glowing
Infinitely beam
Energy on fire n rising like steam
Could this really be a dream
I don't know n I don't care
As long as I air share n declare
My truth momentarily
Believing anything I say is actually not necessary
Believing in your own self is all that's required of me
drops da mike
Addie123  Female  Leicestershire 10-Jan-2019 01:24 Message #4733104
This is good work are you published?
Rikco  Male  central London 10-Jan-2019 09:02 Message #4733116
Na not yet, working on it

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