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Just Breathe

The only way to get through is to believe in you, and trust in your journey

Rikco  Male  central London
27-May-2018 20:50 Message #4717861
Breathe a funtastik fantasy of theatrical expression
Ironing the creases from this artists impression
Like blazing some zoots man's havin a session
No weed in da oven jus Spirit inception
Fly through water
Swim in da sky
All that it taught ya
Brought ya
Fightin the Force cos it fought ya
And thought ya
Ha ha ha haaa
Like abracadabra
A lasoo on da thought n then it grab ya
Reel you in
Like fishing
For thoughts n feelings
Dirty double dealings
Wid da soul
And that's da goal
Let every layer unfold
Let them truth n lies be told
As 1ne
We remain
As 1ne
Every day da same
The moment will not be in vein
As I reign n rain
Sweet n sour frequency
Stubborn n obediently
Ya see??
Like Mr Bean I was dropped on earth
With the illusion of a human birth
Like a curse
Put here to suffer
Delving deep in da darkest gutter
Something lurking
Singing get up stand up for your right
Orchestrate these orchestras with fight without fight
Let the spark of a Jahfire ignite
Burning bright
Giving the fear giving the ego a fright
Forced to dress back
At the power of this King
Shaking in da boots at the NRG he brings
And strings
Tis a pleasure
And I will always endeavour
To manifest this light from this dark wid ma spark
Maker of explosive weapons like Tony Stark
But my weapons are formless
And storm less
Not what the eye can see
But what is being done with the NRG
A transformer of souls
Give thanks as I watch flowers blossom from the seeds that I've sewn
And yes I've been shown
To show me that perfect is my journey
Understanding me is not actually necessary
Believing in your own self is all that is required of me
Horiss  Male  central London
28-May-2018 14:44 Message #4717911
It's a bit of a double edge sword for me, having trust in my journey.
I have trust in the fact that I'm going on a journey to tescos but what I don't trust is how much I'm going to spend. :(
Rikco  Male  central London
28-May-2018 15:01 Message #4717912
You nailed it mate
That's exactly wot life is
Dont take my words too literally
It's really designed to open you up n make you think
MrQuiet  Male  Northamptonshire
30-May-2018 07:36 Message #4718033
breathing is always a good idea.
NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire
30-May-2018 19:03 Message #4718068
See Mr Quiet Ricko got you thinking.
That's what its all about.

Look left, look right, look no where.
But do something.
Life is fun innit.
Put dat in da pipe and smoke it.

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