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Are you afraid of dying?

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A_man_called_CHIOG  Male  South East London 4-May-2018 17:37 Message #4716412
Do you fear death? if so why?
RAACH84  Female  Buckinghamshire 4-May-2018 17:52 Message #4716414
Welcome back Mr Chiog I do hope you will be posting again.

I fear dying in pain and I worry about the welfare of my children if I died.
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire 4-May-2018 18:10 Message #4716415
I think I came close to dying a couple of years ago, when I had my heart failure. It was weird, and I was stressing out at the time, made redundant, stressing trying to find another job, debts mounting up, also someone trying to kill me in a car accident as well, so I was thinking at the time that it might have been better if I had died.

But I am coming through it all, with great help from the family and the hospitals. I can't thank them enough.

I don't think there is anything after death, although in another thread I have said that I want to be proved wrong though. I do find it strange thinking about not being around anymore.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 4-May-2018 18:41 Message #4716421
I am a bit, I'm more afraid of pain than being dead, either theres going to be no me to care, or I'll be elsewhere.
Timmee  Male  Hampshire 4-May-2018 19:52 Message #4716439
No - Not the dying part. I'm like the guy in the news I don't want to be trapped in a horrible situation with no escape. Faced with that I'd want to be able to chose a quick, dignified death.
nellieredshoes  Female  West Yorkshire 4-May-2018 20:27 Message #4716440
Hmm. I’m afraid of actually dying because it’s unknown and it could be dreadful and painful. I’m not afraid of being dead. I’ll know nothing about it. I no longer believe in the idea of heaven,hell or purgatory so that doesn’t worry me. I’m going to assume that if there is anything after death it’s going to be pleasant and I shall enjoy it.
The only thing that really concerns me is not being here. There is still much I want to do. I want to see my grandchildren grow up as they are still very young and I’m quite elderly it’s unlikely that I will.
I guess it must be because I’m innately nosey and I really want to know what happens to those people I love.
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia 4-May-2018 21:02 Message #4716444
It scares me and fascinates me at the same time - I have so many questions about it.
And, I can't imagine not being here (I don't mean on MSE, but here in general)...
JEM95  Female  Oxfordshire 4-May-2018 22:12 Message #4716448
No, strangely enough, not at all. It’s inevitable, and I’m a great believer in what will be will be.

I’m more afraid of not making the most of life whilst I have the opportunity.

I do hope assisted suicide will become legal. I would like to choose when I ‘check out’. We make the decision for our pets when they are old and/or suffering, I think we should be able to do the same for ourselves.
Cassis  Female  Cambridgeshire 4-May-2018 23:36 Message #4716450
I was having this conversation just last night. It came from a discussion about states of consciousness, what conciousness is, and the beliefs we have about physics and the universe, but I was saying that the state of being dead must be like it is when you're under full and deep anaesthesia - you have no experience of "being".
Maybe that's why I hate the thought of being dead, because I like the experience of being alive :) I've often thought about all the fun other people are going to be having and I'm not going to be able to anymore. So it's more a case, for me, of not wanting to be dead than a fear of being so. I don't believe in halcyon afterlife's, but I so wish I did:)
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 6-May-2018 11:56 Message #4716544
I actually find the thought of nothingness quite comforting especially when I'm feeling stressed and got at either by those around me or my own memories, the thought of never having to relive certain things is quite blissful, although I don't actually believe it, for one I think its to easy and a bit of a cop out.
Eljer  Male  North London 6-May-2018 20:46 Message #4716578
I'm already dead, unless a lady wants to revive me, if not, then kick some soil in the hole in the ground and cover me up because I'm cold...

Time for meds...
tsunamiwarrior  Male  Hertfordshire 7-May-2018 07:44 Message #4716595
I’ve no fear of dying. When im gone I’m gone and that thought in itself is comforting.
Free_Spirit  Male  the West Midlands 7-May-2018 10:09 Message #4716600
The honest answer is, I don't know. I have had a share of pain, of various kinds and for a variety reasons, over the years. I can't say that it has been a fair share since I am well aware that there are people who have suffered much more and for far longer than I. However, like most other people, I don't generally like pain very much and like many, I put up with it when I have to. So, pain is one thing, death is quite another. One thing in favour of death, it seems to me, is that it is the ultimate pain-killer, so from that point of view I'd guess, that there some who welcome death.
I have never really been afraid of the unknown, nervous possibly but not afraid. So, I can't use that as a reason for fear of death. As I get older, knowing full well that my time here is getting shorter I consider the inevitability of death more than I ever did and I suppose that there is a tinge of fear there, well, more disappointment than fear, I think that there is so much more that I want to do, to experience and so very little time to get there. I think, so far as death is concerned, no matter how long I live, there will still be that disappointment that I didn't get to do things that I wanted to. Some of these things are things that I have always wanted to do and haven't for whatever reasons and some are newly acquired goals as I have got older.
On this subject, my mind is very much in turmoil and I still can't say for sure, whether I am scared not...

A_man_called_CHIOG  Male  South East London 8-May-2018 08:35 Message #4716652
I share your thoughts Free_Spirit. I'm younger than you but still worry about all the things I want to do while I can.

johnlock  Male  Essex 8-May-2018 20:59 Message #4716701
As my mother once said, "death doesn't bother me, it's dieing I'm not looking forward to."
I have no religious beliefs & think that death is the end, no heaven, hell or afterlife.

RAACH84  Female  Buckinghamshire 14-May-2018 12:13 Message #4717078
If you have faith in God and believe you will go to a better place then you could almost look forward to quietly passing away.
If you have no belief other than you die and that is the complete end then you can go without any worries for the future.
Maybe the majority don’t quite know what they believe or judge themselves too bad to go to heaven and these are the ones who fear death.
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire 14-May-2018 13:18 Message #4717079
I have strange thoughts about it. Maybe cos I am older than most here. I often wonder what happens to the mind. Obviously the body ( flesh bones etc) disintegrates and composts down or burns to ashes, but the mind is a bit different. I am not talking about the actual brain - just the thought bit i e. mind... does this float off into space or something because it is difficult to actually destroy something you cant actually see or touch isnt it. Its like feelings and emotions. You cant actually see them or touch them, but they are there all the same.
Jeff  Male  East Sussex 14-May-2018 17:53 Message #4717081
In 2013 I was in tremendous pain from acute pancreatitis, nearly died and was in hospital for 27 days. But I didn't mind dying.

If it isn't too painful, then I'm slightly braver than Woody Allen's "I'm not afraid of death; I just don't want to be there when it happens." After the initial physiological changes which might be alarming, I suspect that death is like a dreamless sleep, or like "I" was long before I was conceived.

Some of my favourite poems are about death - such as "The life that I have" by cryptographer Leo Marks, although currently I have no "yours and yours and yours" to give to.

Just over 2 weeks ago my evangelist friend D... phoned me. She recommended me to read "90 Minutes in Heaven" by Baptist minister Don Piper, which is about him in 1989 having died in an accident, experiencing going to heaven, singing in a choir there, and meeting his great-grandmother, then 90 minutes later returning to life. Piper's book has sold more than 6 million copies, he has very widely broadcast that experience, and in 2015 a film was made of it.

I told D... that other people claim to have different after-death experiences, (for example, on YouTube people recount their experiences of dying and going to hell, then coming back to life), but D... doesn't believe in hell, and she never wants to know about anything that might conflict with her beliefs and preaching.
Colonel_Blink  Male  Buckinghamshire 15-May-2018 15:51 Message #4717140
i'm not keen on dying no matter what is waiting for me.
capnblackbeard  Male  Hertfordshire 24-May-2018 17:26 Message #4717689
i dont fear dying no more than i feared bieng born
P-E-P  Female  Somerset 25-May-2018 20:13 Message #4717757
Most days, I'm more afraid of living than dying.

It's all relative, I guess.
Ladybird_001  Female  North West London 29-May-2018 11:46 Message #4717958
P-E-P that made me laugh. I don't think I'm afraid of dying, depending what the run up is. A guru once told me I'd die in my sleep, and he didn't ask for money. So I just believe that.
MrQuiet  Male  Northamptonshire 30-May-2018 07:35 Message #4718031
nice one PEP
NoSaint  Female  Devon 13-Sep-2019 22:35 Message #4752461
I think about death too often. I’m not afraid of being dead but I worrying about dying a long slow death. Even if painless I wouldn’t want that.
Steve1959  Male  Nottinghamshire 14-Sep-2019 00:10 Message #4752469
A Tia and a Stroke might have left me full of fear but they never did, they left me feeling numb as much as anything. I felt more stoic than afraid, a sort of chin up or stiff upper lip affair as I was aware of family feelings as much as my own so was distracted from my own thoughts of my demise. I don't go there normally. No point really

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