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Ive got the urge to have a pair of

Stockings on me

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Elj  Male  North London
1-May-2018 19:23 Message #4716251
Er .. with the woman of my dreams inside of them of course, it doesn't have to be naughtys, ide just like that sort of warm feeling with her that's all mmm ;)

What would you like on top of you?

Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire
1-May-2018 19:55 Message #4716256
uuum... a heap of £50 notes... to start with... lol

TimidTim  Male  Derbyshire
1-May-2018 20:05 Message #4716257
Before anyone else answers, do urges have to be made public?
Like if someone has a fetish for say stockings, are they allowed to keep it to themselves?

Elj  Male  North London
1-May-2018 20:49 Message #4716259
If you want to keep them there stockings to yourself, hermy, then its up to you mate, but seeing as your, NotHermit, then, you might as well let the pussy out of the bag and tell us all ;)

TimidTim  Male  Derbyshire
1-May-2018 22:11 Message #4716263
I was referring to your original post, it is very visual.
I think its best to keep warm feelings to yourself, it could upset people.
Like I am upset cos you are not able to get a lady in stockings on top of you.

Elj  Male  North London
2-May-2018 02:17 Message #4716270
I'm feeling deeply touched by you, like, I'm feeling the warmth coming from you .. please don't worry about me babes because I was told that life begins at 60 and I'm almost there, and ide be just as happy if that woman was wearing nothing but riding boots on top of me, but if what I was told is a lie, then, ide be just as happy if she was wearing a long ankle dress on top of me ;)

It was just an urge, that's all ;)

barney  Male  Surrey
2-May-2018 10:10 Message #4716281
I suggest you keep those urges to yourself. There are probably a lot of people on here with high blood pressure.

Elj  Male  North London
2-May-2018 11:46 Message #4716292
in that case, out with the old blood and in with the new, it might shake the place up a bit, er, my blood pressure is always normal so I might stay a little bit longer I'm sorry to say ;)

barney  Male  Surrey
2-May-2018 13:55 Message #4716298
I should imagine that a lot of the stockings worn on here are blue ones to go with the blue rinses lol.

Do women still wear them ?.

TimidTim  Male  Derbyshire
2-May-2018 17:27 Message #4716302
They wear them when Eljer is 60, they need to form an orderly queue or he will be crushed.

avenuearry  Male  West Yorkshire
7-Apr-2019 08:07 Message #4738160
Nothing wrong with wearing stockings,I do quite often in private at home along with a bra and sexy knickers.

TimidTim  Male  Derbyshire
7-Apr-2019 14:16 Message #4738182
Those knickers might be a bit tight Avenuearry.
Or were you ill when the photo was taken.

Remember not to tell anyone about your kinks, especially on line.

And did you use a photo of someone else?

Justaguy  Male  South East London
7-Apr-2019 20:53 Message #4738191
I'd quite like Carol Vorderman on top of me, or me on top of her either way would be good for me
Unfortunately I don't imagine it will ever happen
Oh well maybe in my dreams ;0)

persona_non_grata  Male  North London
12-Apr-2019 07:26 Message #4738484
Some time ago we were out, five couples, for a meal and a few drinks. The conversation turned to crossdressing and women had a vote, I was voted the one who would look the least like a woman if I was in stockings etc ... it seemed a good thing at the time but ...


HotOrWot  Male  Lancashire
22-Apr-2019 07:02 Message #4739049
This hot weather. It would be nice to wear a kilt with nothing on beneath.

RAACH84  Female  Buckinghamshire
22-Apr-2019 10:11 Message #4739064
Hi HotOrWot. Would you wear a kilt with no underwear?

HotOrWot  Male  Lancashire
23-Apr-2019 09:28 Message #4739096
Lol. Probably not. I could be tempted to wear a kilt on a hot day. Maybe buy some tartan underwear.

durhammedic  Male  Tyne and Wear
13-Jul-2019 17:16 Message #4744941
RAACH84 being a true Scot, you should NEVER wear anything under a kilt! lol

HotOrWot  Male  Lancashire
13-Jul-2019 18:05 Message #4744953
Very scary if out on a windy day.

durhammedic  Male  Tyne and Wear
14-Jul-2019 01:47 Message #4745010
That's what you have a SPORAN for HotOrWot lol

Minnie-the-Minx  Female  Hertfordshire
14-Jul-2019 06:38 Message #4745011
I thought the sporran was to put your money in, not your dangly bits. Though I can imagine they might need a wee bit of support with all that free range dingle dangling.

durhammedic  Male  Tyne and Wear
14-Jul-2019 09:48 Message #4745027
You are correct Minnie-the-Minx. But the Sporran helps cover that private are when the wind catches you unaware ! lol

Templar2013  Male  South East London
14-Jul-2019 09:59 Message #4745029
Somewhere to hide your sgian-dubh is important.

durhammedic  Male  Tyne and Wear
14-Jul-2019 10:15 Message #4745032
Got my Sock for that Templar2013 lol

warmundeft  Male  Wrexham
14-Jul-2019 10:22 Message #4745033
Aye Templar, the Sgian Dubh tucks in the top of your sock.

The kilts I've worn have always seemed heavy enough to reassure this wearer that 'twill have to be a mighty strong breeze to put the wind up or otherwise frighten the horses. Och aye, I was usually true too!

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