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Car demisting Internal

Internal Car clouding up

MASTICBOB  Male  Hampshire 24-Apr-2018 06:57 Message #4715779
Hi wise people---Some time ago it was suggested on here to put a certain cat litter(new) in old socks / Tights and put in door pockets in car to absorb moisture and it has worked for me a treat---trouble is I've forgotten which of the make and type of cat litter to buy and I have a new car and need to buy some ---please don't send me old socks/tights as I have a collection of socks in me sock drawer---sadly no tights in the tight's drawer !! chuckle !! hope to hear wise words and thank you all xx
Pboro Trevor  Male  Cambridgeshire 24-Apr-2018 08:13 Message #4715781
Most condensation in cars can be prevented by allowing the free flow of air through the car by turning on the fan, opening the air vents and not recirculating the internal air - select to bring in fresh air through the filters.

I have been in a number of taxis where the driver has misted up windows. By showing them how to keep the car clear and fresh smelling by bringing in fresh air without having to open the windows they are usually grateful.

It strikes me that a lot of drivers do not know how the ventilation systems work.

badman  Male  Suffolk 24-Apr-2018 08:34 Message #4715782
I might be advisable to check the drain holes in the engine compartment. They're usually between the bulkheads where the battery and heater matrix is. They can often become clogged with leaves and cause a buildup of water close to the heater matrix causing damp air to be drawn into the car.
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia 24-Apr-2018 09:20 Message #4715783
Are you sure you don't have a leak somewhere and rain is getting in the car?
I always drive with my window slightly open, even in winter, it's a habit left over from my smoking days I think. That and the ventilation system doing it's stuff means I never see any condensation.
I would think those household damp absorbing things would be better but as others have said, you shouldn't really need anything...
fosy  Male  Leicestershire 24-Apr-2018 12:21 Message #4715796
a new car wont need cat litter in socks !

what p/t says is quite right, plus when you use aircon [even in winter] that removes the moisture from the air.

its a bit of a dilemma for taxi/professional drivers who do a lot of town work as its been proven that high levels of pollutants get drawn in through the vent system [from the vehicle in front usually] , so by recirculating the interior air it helps to prevent this, but eventually the windows will mist up.
tsunamiwarrior  Male  Hertfordshire 24-Apr-2018 14:53 Message #4715804
When I recently bought my Ferrari I insisted they supplied four socks stuffed with cat litter. When I pay that much for a car ?? I expect all the accessories.
tumbleweed  Male  Gloucestershire 24-Apr-2018 17:00 Message #4715814
Some interesting, helpful and also funny responses.

I was going to think up a 'funny' one myself, but actually found myself googling cat litter, and watched a little youtube video of a bloke using silica cat litter rather than dusty stuff. Hope that helps.
MASTICBOB  Male  Hampshire 25-Apr-2018 07:59 Message #4715842
Gentlemen out of six replies I get 1 realistic reply, thank you Tumbleweed--Silica cat litter is correct --I just couldn't remember the name, not sure if others read that its a brand new car -- not that it matters how old the car is, of course the cat litter absorbs moisture even when the car stands still over night, I've used this for some years and it works I can assure you--once again thank you all for quirky suggestions, but Tumbleweed you have won the trip in my car whenever your in Southampton area---stay safe and happy Gentlemen!!
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia 25-Apr-2018 08:42 Message #4715845
Hmm well I thought my reply was "realistic".
There are plenty of household damp inhibitors around - Kilrock is one name that comes to mind. I used it in a previous abode that suffered from damp. It comes in granular form, just like cat litter, I presume (I'm not a cat litter expert).
Oh well, you wonder why some people ask for help and, more importantly, why some of us bother trying to give it...
MASTICBOB  Male  Hampshire 25-Apr-2018 09:43 Message #4715853
My Dear Hierophant It was pointed out that the material was for a car and not an INTERNAL building and that it was a cat litter no red herrings were given!!---so sorry but thank you for your suggestion and stay safe xx
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia 25-Apr-2018 10:13 Message #4715855
I understand all of that, I was merely suggesting that material designed to absorb moisture from the air, whether that be in a house or a car, might work better than cat litter, which I assume is designed to soak up liquid deposited on it.
I dunno, maybe the two things are identical products. Maybe they do exactly the same thing. Maybe cat litter is much cheaper, so people who buy the specific damp absorbing stuff are wasting their money - or vice versa.
And anyway, the inside of a building and the inside of a car are pretty similar really, aren't they?...
MASTICBOB  Male  Hampshire 26-Apr-2018 07:49 Message #4715919
Hi Hierophant---Of course your correct in every way for which I thank you for your diligence, but having used cat litter for years and your probably correct in the pricing structure I prefer to stick with cat litter,tried and tested attitude ( funny thing is whilst I have a cat,I live in a bungalow and cat named Bootsie has cat flap to use garden to blow bilges-mind you I suspect he uses other peoples gardens, any time your in Southampton it would be a pleasure to show you and supply copious cups of tea/coffee and even cake!!, thank you dear MSE Friend and I wish you good weather and good health plus stay safe .
MASTICBOB  Male  Hampshire 26-Apr-2018 07:51 Message #4715920
Hi Hierophant---Of course your correct in every way for which I thank you for your diligence, but having used cat litter for years and your probably correct in the pricing structure I prefer to stick with cat litter,tried and tested attitude ( funny thing is whilst I have a cat,I live in a bungalow and cat named Bootsie has cat flap to use garden to blow bilges-mind you I suspect he uses other peoples gardens, any time your in Southampton it would be a pleasure to show you and supply copious cups of tea/coffee and even cake!!, thank you dear MSE Friend and I wish you good weather and good health plus stay safe .
Madness102  Female  South Yorkshire 12-Sep-2018 00:04 Message #4725338
I agree with you MasticBob - your OP was perfectly clear - why the others thought it necessary to give you alternatives I dont understand, as you clearly said the litter had worked well - so its obvious that you stick with something that works - and why wouldnt you?
I am glad you have now got the name - actually this is often a problem, that you buy something and it works very well, but it lasts a long time and then when the time comes to replace, you cant remember the name or the shop you bought it in - its very annoying !!

Hierophant  Male  East Anglia 12-Sep-2018 07:11 Message #4725340
Why the OP didn't just google cat litter in the first place, I don't understand.
You're right though, plenty of things in life can be annoying!!...
Nigel_In_Devon  Male  Devon 12-Sep-2018 08:26 Message #4725343
The use of cat litter helps the symptoms but doesn't sort out the initial problem. Certainly the recirc solution is valid, I would deliberately turn on recirc when I was a driving instructor to see how well the pupils dealt with condensation. Condensation in a previous car was found to be drainage holes being blocked by leaves and an other was down to the pollen filters needing changing.
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia 12-Sep-2018 10:17 Message #4725353
No, no no Nigel - we are not looking for alternatives or original solutions...
MASTICBOB  Male  Hampshire 13-Sep-2018 08:25 Message #4725398
Wot !!! some wonderful responses -- most tinged with wonderful MSE humour -- really wonderful people on MSE --going into winter now and Silica cat litter prob almost solved, looking for Brand names please, but please we still have time for improvement, nothing worse than a car steaming up in correct and proper circumstances ---NOT lover lane pursuits!! Chuckle !!! ( Those were the days ???)--- thank you all for great replies, keep 'em coming and stay safe and happy one and all xox
NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire 14-Sep-2018 20:15 Message #4725485
Why fall out over this subject?
This one is so easy.

Mastic Bob goes to a local garage, and asks the mechanics.
1. What is best cat litter for my car?
2. What are the best socks to put cat litter in?

Best time would be lunch time, when all the mechanics are sat down enjoying a cup of tea.
They would be happy to help, they might even have an upgrade to cat litter now.

Hope that helps.
MASTICBOB  Male  Hampshire 15-Sep-2018 06:33 Message #4725501
Dear NotHermit-- Wot a smashing reply and thank you for your humour Anymore at home like you?? Chuckle !!!--- If I take myself to Garage don't you think the Mechanics would take the mickey out of me and I am already growing up/old with an inferiority complex, after all I am used to dismantling ships engines /steam /diesel and able to change a car engine in a lunch break -- yes I know its a long lunch break!!---I am Diabetic so would need diabetic socks which yer average Mech wouldn't have in stock??? and can't see cat litter ,littering the place 'cos its not usual Litter but Silica (Absorbent) Possibly with your superior knowledge you could find out the BRAND name of Silica litter--I am now depending on your help and I shall await your reply with bated breath- thank you in advance for your help, meantime stay safe dear MSE friend and be quick as my car is starting to mist up!!! xx--Chuckle (in advance)
NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire 15-Sep-2018 19:31 Message #4725533
The mechanics at your local garage will be fine.
I was walking past my local garage today, so I called in.
They were most helpful, even though they were in deep conversation about putting radios at full blast, so that customers get a shock when they
put the key in.
They say you need to take the car to a garage, and get a diagnostic done. They say a diagnostic does cost, but would probably prove cheaper
in the long run. They also suggested Calgon once a week.

Hope that helps.

Have a good evening.
MASTICBOB  Male  Hampshire 16-Sep-2018 03:57 Message #4725549
But arn't you missing the point old chap, calgon in a sock surely would leak out all over the interior so no I can't really consider that one, but please now you are appearing to get into the "mood" so to speak, I was hoping that you would advise me of the brand of "silica"--I await your next suggestion with bated breath and please try not to stray too far from the subject matter as you could be my last chance and I am depending upon you , such a shame you are so far away, but hey possibly silica travels all the way from China,so there is hope yet for "us" both , please try harder and remember you are helping a worthwhile cause,plus we are getting closer in MSE terms and possibly on the cusp of a real friendship!!! so please keep your suggestions rolling forth down south to me and stay safe please and be kind to your self as you appear to be blaming your self for what is after all my problem, so please no more sleepless nights---kindest thoughts--
NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire 16-Sep-2018 19:07 Message #4725595
Ha Ha Mastic.

No you put Calgon in with your petrol when you fill up, it keeps the pipes clean, so improves performance.
Just look at the ingredients on cat letter?

The Calgon advert, the one where they squeeze grey silicone out of that pipe.
That is always on when I am eating... How do they know?

Disclaimer, Always consult an expert on car maintenance.
Must dash, the dishwasher is on, forgot to put any Redex in.
MASTICBOB  Male  Hampshire 19-Sep-2018 08:16 Message #4725639
I just hope you arn't swallowing Calgon--Not Hermit??? could make a mess of yer breakfast of Redex---do you remember the Redex Gauge--really a vacuum gauge connected into the Exhaust Manifold to a gauge mounted on the Dash???---just like a modern Rev counter really, also Duckhams Oil --they were the days??? Do you manage to get out and about in your horseless carriage much or do affairs of state preclude such trips??? whatever they are please drive with caution and of course stay safe--- good luck with the Dishwasher (is it kept in the boot ???)

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