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Guess who's not coming to


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wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 12-Jan-2018 11:31 Message #4709439
Trump, he's refused to open the new embassy blaming Obama for a bad deal on the sale of the old one in Grovesnor Square and the cost of the new one south of the river. I think he's scared off because he knows he's massively unpopular in this country and there would be huge protests. Personally I'm glad he's not comming, I think his invitation for a state visit should be withdrawn.
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia 12-Jan-2018 11:53 Message #4709441
I think people are kidding themselves if they think Trump would be put off by "huge" protests or being unpopular.
People need to have a bit more foresight, he is President whether we like it or not and whether we like it or not the USA is important to us, just like many other countries with slightly distasteful leaders or ways of doing things.
He has been to other countries without a problem - once again the media are stirring it up cos it's all over social media and the people have's pathetic!...
tumbleweed  Male  Gloucestershire 12-Jan-2018 12:04 Message #4709442
I haven't read the whole background to it, but from what I have read, the bit where he is not doing it because he isn't a fan and doesn't agree with it, then shouldn't that be praised rather than criticised?
Timmee  Male  Hampshire 12-Jan-2018 12:07 Message #4709443
Pyrric and empty victory, but but a brief occasion for celebration by many who imagine the West's problems begin and end with Donald Trump.
tsunamiwarrior  Male  Hertfordshire 12-Jan-2018 12:11 Message #4709444
I don't know Trump's reasons for not coming here to open the new embassy but I would guess it's not enough of an occasion to warrant him worrying about it and it's something presidents usually get their ambassadors to do. I would also say that he couldn't care less about protests in this country as even I'm not sure what we would be protesting about as it's an American decision whether he is elected or ousted but whatever the American's decision about their president it pays the UK to remain friendly with the US and we deal with far worse leaders all over the world on a regular basis.
I don't care if he comes here or not as it's only gesture politics a bit like the expectation of leaders to materialise at every disaster or tragedy.
barney  Male  Surrey 12-Jan-2018 12:52 Message #4709450
If I was Donald Trump I would not bother coming here. Why would he subject himself to protests from the usual ragbag of left wing students etc.

He has probably weighed up the cost of security and decided its not worth it. Unlike our politicians he does think about what it costs the American taxpayer and is trying to put his Country back to being a major economic player that's why he is against the cost of the new embassy and a lot of the other deals done by Obama.
He would rather spend the money on the military unlike our politicians who once again are cutting our defences to the bone.
HonestBob  Male  the Central region 12-Jan-2018 12:58 Message #4709451
"If I was Donald Trump I would not bother coming here. Why would he subject himself to protests from the usual ragbag of left wing students etc."

Argonaut  Male  Lancashire 12-Jan-2018 16:39 Message #4709467
Isn't it amazing how facts fly out of the window when there's a chance to have a dig at someone.

Both Trump, and some of the responders on here haven't done their home work, have they?

The relocation of the American embassy was instigated by G. W. Bush!

Maybe Trump should come so we could put him right on a few things.

Minnie-the-Minx  Female  Hertfordshire 12-Jan-2018 17:32 Message #4709473
He's a narcissist, of course he wouldn't be put off by the protests. He would turn it into a triumph that so many people had turned out to see him. Remember his spin on the attendance at his inaugaration. The man craves attention, any attention, and he basks in the glory of it, regardless of the flavour of it.
OnlineMSE  Male  Essex 12-Jan-2018 18:04 Message #4709474
He's got a point though about going sarf of the River. I baulk at the thought and a billion dollars for a glass box seems like an awful lot of moolah that President O signed off on.
Timmee  Male  Hampshire 12-Jan-2018 18:51 Message #4709479
I heard one commentator this morning saying that it was a huge investment and a vote of confidence in the 'Special Relationship'.

A cynical person might say that's quite a cheap price to have a whole country do your bidding.
westlondonlady  Female  North West London 12-Jan-2018 21:05 Message #4709492
Well done Obama! Also, who goes South of the river?
bella111  Female  Devon 12-Jan-2018 23:31 Message #4709503
I do not live in London so I dont go Sarf... also most of the UK do not, maybe London...definately ought to think beyond their bubble?
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia 13-Jan-2018 07:31 Message #4709506
"The relocation of the American embassy was instigated by G. W. Bush!"

Christ! and it's only now ready to be opened?!! Who did the refurbishment, the local council?...

brisinger  Male  Lancashire 13-Jan-2018 09:23 Message #4709510
If Trump thinks he will gather large crowds, he's sadly mistaken. Most of us have work to do and would rather get on with it rather than going to the expense of feeding a narcissist.
tumbleweed  Male  Gloucestershire 13-Jan-2018 11:02 Message #4709529
Good one Hiero. It reminds me of the brilliant tunnel contractor sketch, done by Smith and Jones.

It's on youtube. Search for Smith and Jones Tunnel Contractor, if anyone is interested.
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia 13-Jan-2018 16:30 Message #4709543
Thank you.
On a serious note, I think everybody, the President included, needs to grow up and work seriously with the set up we've got.
The media are totally obsessed with bringing him down - seasoned journos have resorted to regularly insulting the President in tweets, it is a truly ridiculous situation that is no good for anybody. This cannot go on.
Somebody needs to break the cycle, cos I don't think Trump is going anywhere, anytime soon...
OnlineMSE  Male  Essex 14-Jan-2018 10:37 Message #4709572
The Evening Standard featured some funny Trumpesque Tweets for the reasons him deciding not to visit the UK e.g.

-because their Tower is old, very very old. And previous guests there have died. In horrible ways. Very horrible. Bigly nasty. Towers should be new and shiny like mine. No Tower bigger or shinier.

- because I found out Big Ben is a clock and not a guardsman. false advetrtising. Very Bad !

- because your Prince Harry has asked @BarackObama to be his best man. Not smart. Very bad !
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 14-Jan-2018 10:44 Message #4709574
Journo's may be as obsessed with bringing Trump down as you say, but he started it, every time a journalist asks a normal question about his actions or motivations or reportds something he dosen't like, he effectively calls them liars by saying its all fake news. Trump likes to court controvercy and he's getting it. I agree people need to wind their necks in, but that includes Trump, he's got to stop sending out insulting tweets and behaving like a toddler, with all this my big red button is bigger than your red button, when my kids were small that the sort of language that me and other mums knew meant they were getting tired and maybe a story and nap would be a good idea.
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia 14-Jan-2018 11:09 Message #4709579
"Journo's may be as obsessed with bringing Trump down as you say, but he started it,"

Well that's a grown up way of looking at it.
The media have been on his case since he announced he would run for President, and we know how the media have this "do as we say, not as we do attitude" which they then justify by saying it's freedom of speech and in the public interest.
As I said, both sides need to grow up - I don't think he takes the job that seriously, hence the tweets...
Timmee  Male  Hampshire 14-Jan-2018 11:38 Message #4709585
Reality Check:

Trump is a Very long way from being the worst person in the world - he is actually subject to lots of restraints in his position.
What got him elected? (Clue NOT the Russians)
His voters comprise some nutters, but mainly people who were totally in despair at the two corrupt main parties and wanted ANYTHING to disrupt the status quo. People who were not prepared to vote for the status quo candidate Hillary.

Like Hiero says - the man was elected President for 4 years (semi-literate, self-regarding, idot man-baby or no.) All the Trump hysteria and childishness (like Emily Thornberry's on Marr this morning) and the pathetic grasping of the idea of billionaire TV celebrity Oprah for President just puts off the sensible reforms needed to restore real democracy and honest government to the U.S.
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia 14-Jan-2018 12:02 Message #4709591
"the man was elected President for 4 years (semi-literate, self-regarding, idot man-baby or no.)"

You see this is what I really don't get, how people feel it's OK to say such things about him - people cannot resist little digs. Maybe he has aspergers, is dyslexic or something similar...
tumbleweed  Male  Gloucestershire 14-Jan-2018 13:34 Message #4709594
I think I have said, in one of these threads somewhere, that he is doing some of the things that he said he would do if elected. He is ruffling feathers, stirring things up, trying to change things. Of course there are going to be haters, there always will be, and people trying to bring him down, and it all depends on whether is is strong enough to withstand it all. I think he is.

In his position as a businessman, he has probably upset many may people along the way, rightly or wrongly, but look where it has got him.

I don't follow American politics as much as some, and no doubt if I delved into it, I could find many faults with him, but I am willing to let him do his stuff without me criticising him too much, and see what happens.

After all, It is not the end of the world, or is it???
Timmee  Male  Hampshire 14-Jan-2018 14:44 Message #4709601
" You see this is what I really don't get, how people feel it's OK to say such things about him - people cannot resist little digs. Maybe he has aspergers, is dyslexic or something similar... "

You pull me up on my manner of expression when I'm basically agreeing with you Hiero.

Perhaps I should have said "with all his perceived shortcomings" instead of what I actually said LOL.
Judance  Female  Berkshire 14-Jan-2018 16:04 Message #4709611
For what it's worth ...

As I see it, Trump was a tv celebrity and he saw the Presidency as a star role. He enjoyed the campaigning and the popularity it brought him, but was not prepared for the reality of the role. He seems to view the elected houses as irritants in his plans, rather than having a wealth of experience for him to draw on.
I feel he has no respect for the presidency and has no idea how to conduct himself. He sees each encounter as a 1:1 , Trump against the world.
As a figurehead .. well, 'nuf said.

Voting Trump in as President is akin to the UK voting for Brexit .. a vote for change.

I don't think he's going anywhere .. unless he presses his red button, then we'll all be f**ked!

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