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white working class males

capnblackbeard  Male  Hertfordshire 11-Jan-2018 15:07 Message #4709371
in proffesor greens latest documentry he tackles poverty, anxiety and the far right,
he says we have a class divide not a race divide,
what do you think?
tumbleweed  Male  Gloucestershire 11-Jan-2018 17:51 Message #4709394
I think Professor Green did it, in the garage, with the turntable.

Or am I mixing him up with Professor Plum. I haven't a cluedo.

PS Forgive my ancient persons take on the 'current' music scene. Do they still do garages and things?
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 11-Jan-2018 18:39 Message #4709404
I think class has been on the back burner politically for quite a while now, but I think we're still a class riven society, it's less clear now than it was when I was a child, but its still there simmering away in the background.
Nigel_In_Devon  Male  Devon 11-Jan-2018 20:58 Message #4709415
I thought his program was rather good, I was pleased to see the lad passing his entry exams for Cambridge and also the lad choosing not to join his 'mentor' on the racist march!

The last time I saw figures on which group were failing / being failed in their education it was white working class males. Used to be black males. Whichever group is focused on to try and change things another will slip through and become the bigger concern.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 12-Jan-2018 11:40 Message #4709440
I don't think its fair to totally blame schools for white working class boys lagging behind, I think white working class men in particular have had their traditional roles and jobs removed in recent decades. More mechanisation, a loss of traditional manufacturing, steal and coal have impacted on this group more than others, one of the problems I see is that this group don't value things that would help them, like education, non manual labour and stuff like that. It goes back generations too, from my granfather telling my uncle he shouldn't send my cousin to grammar school because "he'd stop being one of us" all the way down to an ex of mine and young men I've met in life since, this anti education and old fashioned idea of what it means to be a man is letting men down.

Also what is class these days? What class am I, a working class girl who left school with nothing, has done a variety of dead end jobs, was a teenage mother, but then became a semi skilled worker and a university graduate?
tsunamiwarrior  Male  Hertfordshire 12-Jan-2018 12:27 Message #4709447
wonderoushen. I agree with your observations. I also heard on many occasions 'dont do this or that' because it's only for posh people. I do think those traditionally on the left want to keep any class system and divisoons alive as it is what they thrive on and itv represents most of their arguments. I have regularly worked with people who have started at the bottom and worked up to be executives or studied to gain excellent qualifications and have just as many start at the top and go downwards. Most people just get on with life and don't give class a thought.
The levelling out of the class system is a major blow to the left which is why they want to see people like Corbyn revive it.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 13-Jan-2018 10:40 Message #4709524
I'm not sure it has levelled out to be honest, I think it depends on your personal circumstances, my ex still gets grief from the rest of his family for being in a well paid office job, although they're all happy to go to him for help when they need a loan. I think class represents a divide in the Labour party as much as does things like Brexit, older traditional Labour voters probably see class as more of an issue than its younger, better educated supporters. Any of the people I've heard come out with the "don't do this because its posh" stuff are just as likely to be right wing politically as left wing and many are UKIP supporters. I think its all part of the same sense of entitlement and feelings of being let down and left behind that have given the far right a foothold in traditional working class areas that have lost their industries. By and large this a world I grew up in, small c conservative, racist and biggoted towards anyone else, it seemed like a self imposed race to the bottom and anyone trying to climb out of it had the sh1t kicked out of them for even thinking about it. Its far easier to blame an outside group for your failings than to take responsibility for them and do something about it, so its all the fault of immigration, of women and any other group they can think of. It dosent' help that so many of our systems alledgely to help people like adult education have not only been cut to the bone but struggle with the attitudes of the students and the expectations of government. When I did an access course some years ago, it was largley set up to get people into nursing, teaching and social work, anybody wanting to do anything outside of these fields had a lack of support as nothing was geared up to help them achieve it. Many of the people on the course wanted to go into nursing or teaching, but stated that they couldn't read a book, they just about had the concentration to read a magazine article as long as it wasn't to long and threw a fit when told that they had to read a broadsheet newspaper and discuss and comment in writing on some of the articles for class and homework. I sort of felt sorry for the teachers who were in the middle in so many ways, in the middle of students who had no idea what they'd signed up for and were not ready to learn, in the middle of a gorvernment with bums on seats policies and no real understanding of what was needed and in the middle of the way in which education changes so dramatically at university level.

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