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Dont say who its for

Eljer  Male  North London 18-Dec-2017 10:06 Message #4707939
This is the last time for me .. i am leaving at the end of this thread.

So if anyone would like to try and get into my mind and soul, and theres some good stuff in there, then youve only got a limited amount of time to do it .. as for my body, i dunno, i think its something in me genes ;)
vanman  Male  Cambridgeshire 18-Dec-2017 12:18 Message #4707951

Why did yer start a new thread when the old one aint full!! ???
Woosey  Female  North Yorkshire 18-Dec-2017 14:04 Message #4707958
Because he's a little love Vanners...and he can.

Merry Christmas to both of you xxx
Eljer  Male  North London 18-Dec-2017 15:09 Message #4707961
Who me, attention seeker, never, lol

It wouldnt let me in the old thread this morning, it said - sorry no more messages, so i thought it was closed for some reason or other, so there... ;)

The cheques in the post woo xxx
vanman  Male  Cambridgeshire 18-Dec-2017 21:41 Message #4707988
and a Merry Christmas to you woo. x
nellieredshoes  Female  West Yorkshire 19-Dec-2017 10:50 Message #4707999
Merry Christmas everyone x
Woosey  Female  North Yorkshire 19-Dec-2017 13:05 Message #4708007
I said it from my heart Elj not for payment. Xxx
jennifer  Female  Gloucestershire 20-Dec-2017 14:21 Message #4708050
Yep, I was locked out of the original thread, too ... thought maybe I'd upset Eljer!!
Eljer  Male  North London 3-Jan-2018 18:58 Message #4708769
Yes you did upset me a bit twinkle, ya know, i was feeling a bit hurt, i mean, i might be a big boy and us big boys have feelings too just like you wimmin, but im slowly and surely getting over it, it would have been quicker if you had creamed me up in some sort of way, so if it happens again then youll know what to do for me my lovely ;)

So, er, where jue think you upset me then twinkle lol

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