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Abuse of power by a superior ... or similar, questionable, conduct.

Have you ever been compromised?

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Beach  Male  Dorset 3-Nov-2017 19:11 Message #4704628
The phrase, "Casting couch", has been in our lexicon over the whole 100 years of cinematography and we've all been loosely aware of what the phrase means.

However, since the Harvey Weinstein thing, we have, (finally), focussed on the perverse nature of just how power functions within any high profile industry, (or culture), where the granting of favours to a person of influence might bolster or promote the career of a person held under that powerful or influencial persons remit ... IF favours, (sexual or otherwise), were granted to such a person.

Have you ever experienced a person of influence claiming to offer to 'improve' your life, career or similar, IF you were to go along with their specific ideas or demands?
Judance  Female  Berkshire 3-Nov-2017 20:31 Message #4704635
Andromeda  Female  Berkshire 3-Nov-2017 20:53 Message #4704640
I have seen dozens of instances of men taking advantage of their workplace position but in every instance it has been an ordinary working class man who was a foreman or manager.
Beach  Male  Dorset 4-Nov-2017 00:36 Message #4704657
Actually. Thinking about it.

I'm guessing the average female MSE member is just too plain to even attract the attention of any normal, let alone, wayward, male, attention.
barney  Male  Surrey 4-Nov-2017 00:43 Message #4704659

Time to hunker in the bunker as I think some flak might be heading your way lol.
bella111  Female  Devon 4-Nov-2017 00:45 Message #4704660
Well actually the main females on here can deal with Assholes quite easily and do not need to complain or cry wolf, it is the stupid men that get tangled up in a spiders web ;-)
Beach  Male  Dorset 4-Nov-2017 03:29 Message #4704666
Thanks for that, Barney.

I look forward to the stimulation.

Yeah right. (Sigh).

Chance would be a fine thing.
Minnie-the-Minx  Female  Hertfordshire 4-Nov-2017 10:23 Message #4704687
That rather assumes that anyone could care less.
HonestBob  Male  the Central region 4-Nov-2017 12:19 Message #4704700
"Have you ever experienced a person of influence claiming to offer to 'improve' your life, career or similar, IF you were to go along with their specific ideas or demands?"

Yes! It's called a job!

Now a days when I hear more of these claims from women I yawn and tune out! It's as if it's a status symbol to have these claims. Almost as if you're nobody if you haven't got a tale of some man groping or harassing you. With this Weinstein case, we have all heard these women going on for long enough... Has there been any proof yet? I was watching Tucker Carlson on Fox News this morning, they say the NYPD have received a "legitimate" claim, and will be pursuing it!... So what have the rest of them been?

How many times have we seen women use their sexuality or their looks for gain? I saw it constantly as a bus driver, in public just to avoid buying a £1.25 ticket... Imagine what they would do behind closed doors for a huge contract to make millions! I'm not just talking about adult women... Standing outside a off licence, young girls flirting and being very suggestive trying to get men to buy them their juice.

I would guess there are many young men, being sexually harassed and assaulted by "women of power" or women looking to sleep with the boss and initiates the encounter... But where are all the men crying wolf? Hopefully the flood gates open and we will see how people react to the shoe being on the other foot!

In the long run I see this hurting more women, I hope I'm wrong though... it has been know to happen! :D :D :D
hannah  Female  South East London 4-Nov-2017 13:37 Message #4704713
You didn't answer the question, but went on some negative rant about women who have been sexually assaulted.

It is well known that the Law doesn't work well for victims of sexual abuse because it requires evidence that doesn't usually exist due to the nature of the crime.

And regards the question, yes i have, both at work and at home.
RAACH84  Female  Buckinghamshire 4-Nov-2017 15:20 Message #4704715
The law doesn't work well for the victims who are accused of sexual abuse either. The law will always struggle when it relies on two people giving their accounts of a situation and then the authorities having to guess who is telling the truth.
If the situation is recent then there might be some real evidence to prove or disprove an allegation but if the situation was 30 or so years ago that is likely to be impossible.
wholelottakaren  Female  Lincolnshire 4-Nov-2017 15:24 Message #4704716
Of course OTB - you have nailed it. We are so grateful for attention
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia 4-Nov-2017 15:33 Message #4704717
"It is well known that the Law doesn't work well for victims of sexual abuse because it requires evidence that doesn't usually exist due to the nature of the crime."

It doesn't do much for the alleged perpetrators either, having their live's and careers trashed by the media...
Beach  Male  Dorset 11-Nov-2017 01:14 Message #4705044
It isn't just people in a position of power ...

The typical idea of men, (apparently), being unable to resist any kind of female attention, is an utter myth.

We men are not robots and we will not always respond sexually, even if some potential situation presents itself as being offered "on a plate".

Being patted on the bum by a female assuming she has the right to do so has never attracted me.

Actually it turns me off.

Sure. There should be a broad understanding where two folk could flirt or positively express an interest in each other but ... for anyone to assume such an intimate condition has been met ... relies on way more than a fleeting squeeze, hug or touch.

That said ... in considering all of this, it is a bit weird and bizarre to realise that here, in this 24/7 real time, networked and documented 21st century, it can be viewed as, near impossible, to keep within the barriers that, apparently, now represent the way we should behave.

I mean ...

What happens when two drunk 'strangers' fall into bed with each other?

Heck. Forget drunk.

Should two parties present a business plan or an executive summary stating their sexual limits?

(I'm recalling a recent case where a consenting couple had a good time until ... "He touched my breasts DESPITE me ruling out that particular action").

That's crazy, isn't it??

Sure. Make love to me BUT ... don't squeeze too hard, touch my boobs or ... go there!"

(Actually. I understand the thing about not ' going there' but ... really ... Jeez ... )

Apparently, (these days), one partner venturing, possibly unwittingly, into the personal space of another, (even within the sexual ritual), is now a potential CRIME.

What is the answer?

Should both parties present documents stating:

You may, or may not, f/nger me.
You may or may not penetrate me.
You may or may not touch my breasts.
You may or may not touch or hold my shaft.
You may or may not kiss or lick my ...

Sure. Most of us naturally understand human interaction and the natural boundaries we recognise or are being presented with but ...

Your thoughts?

wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 11-Nov-2017 10:55 Message #4705073
My thoughts are that you should stay away from the computer late at night when you've probably been drinking. You're a reasonably intelligent person who says he likes to invent things, so here's an idea for you, if you havn't seen it watch the first episode of Blue Planet and invent some kind of raft to help the Walrus's who are being really badly impacted by the loss of glaciers. I don't believe this is beyond humanity to do and you're often asking for ideas for inventions and I know you're an environmentalist, so off you go and do something useful.
hannah  Female  South East London 11-Nov-2017 11:56 Message #4705083
Absolutely Raach... the law is inadequate.
HonestBob  Male  the Central region 11-Nov-2017 12:48 Message #4705090
"What happens when two drunk 'strangers' fall into bed with each other?"

Well my guess would be it's always the man who must be at fault. That feminist idiot Lacy green made some claim that men are rapists if they have consensual sex with a woman who is over the drink drive limit... What about the women who have sex with a man who is over the drink drive limit?... Nothing.

"Should both parties present documents stating:

You may, or may not, f/nger me.
You may or may not penetrate me.
You may or may not touch my breasts.
You may or may not touch or hold my shaft.
You may or may not kiss or lick my ..."

No not both parties just the male (in a male / female scenario)

It's a good case for videoing every sexual encounter you have in order to protect yourself against false allegations by attention seeking females.
barney  Male  Surrey 11-Nov-2017 15:18 Message #4705100
I dread to think how this is all going to end up.

Is it going to drive a deep wedge between males and females?.

A large number of people meet in the work place and go on to have a happy relationship but now if you ask someone to go for a drink etc is this going to be classed as sexual harassment?.
Are males and females going to keep everyone at arms length and only make polite conversation or only speak when spoken to.
Its going to be a minefield for the dating game.
The feminist movement might have empowered women but I think it did a lot of harm as well. Don't get me wrong, I am not a male chauvinist and I am all for treating women as equals.
But things are getting out of hand fuelled by mass hysteria by the media.
hannah  Female  South East London 13-Nov-2017 12:27 Message #4705224
i think youre right Barney... wedges are being driven in to maximise most differences... its that old divide and conquer tactic used to control the masses... :(
Nigel_In_Devon  Male  Devon 13-Nov-2017 13:30 Message #4705227
Barney..."Is it going to drive a deep wedge between males and females?."

I very much doubt it, the vast majority of people have 2 things in common...respect for others and this wonderful thing called common sense.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 13-Nov-2017 18:44 Message #4705242
I think the thing that gets forgotten in these discussions is that its not just women are subjected to unwanted sexual advances or groping but men too. I think it has less to do with feminism and more to do with people being fed up with being touched up by the powerful who can make or break careers. People want to get a job on the merits of their ability not their willingness to sexually service the boss.
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia 14-Nov-2017 08:41 Message #4705290
This isn't just about "powerful white men" touching females up, although of course the media will make it so because it fits in with the whole anti-Trump attitude that currently consumes social media.
As a white middle-aged man, I worry what damage this hysteria will do to ordinary male/female relations, it has made me totally rethink how I relate to, and act around females.
I was at a wedding at the weekend - I was worried about greeting women that I haven't seen for years or have never met - is a peck on the cheek appropriate? Is touching her arm or shoulder as you greet her, appropriate? It's a bloody minefield!

Also, do we need to rethink this idea that men love women (any women) touching them, I have heard people say that a man can't be sexually assaulted by a woman, it's just not possible.
Is that really true?...
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 14-Nov-2017 11:30 Message #4705310
I don't think Bill Cosby is a powerful white man, the operative word in that sentence is powerful, some people in positions of power gain and maintain their power by bullying and assaulting others. I think the whole Kevin Spacey thing shows that its not just a man on woman problem.

I think a man could be sexually assaulted by a woman, but I don't think he could be raped by a woman in the same way a woman could be raped by a man. I think a man has to have a certain level of willingness to penetrate a woman whereas a woman dosen't need to willing at all.
nellieredshoes  Female  West Yorkshire 14-Nov-2017 11:37 Message #4705312
Whilst I agree to most of what you say there, henny there was the case a few years back where a woman was accused of raping a man, keeping him tied to a bed and availing herself of his assets asand when she wished. I believe she was convicted.
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia 14-Nov-2017 11:38 Message #4705313
You don't need a penis to rape someone...

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