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Has anyone ever used one?

Pickled  Female  Middlesex 23-Oct-2017 07:49 Message #4703657
Hi all - I read about these on Webmd and seems that usage (but not too often) can help with congestion. Has anyone ever used one and did it help? Also, how comfortable/uncomfortable was it to use?

Thanks :)
RoseyCheeks  Female  Nottinghamshire 23-Oct-2017 18:12 Message #4703692
A friend in the US uses one for her allergies but I can't say I fancy trying it.
Lovealways  Male  Cheshire 23-Oct-2017 19:37 Message #4703701
You can get a bottle version too buy it on Amazon or Boots they are good and are recommended for sinusitis by ENT specialist and yes they do help and are easy to use
RAACH84  Female  Buckinghamshire 24-Oct-2017 07:45 Message #4703730
I have never seen them before but they look as if they could be useful.
Pickled  Female  Middlesex 24-Oct-2017 07:51 Message #4703731
Thank you all... I was hoping to find someone who has physically used chap on Youtube says you need to do something with your throat or it ends up down your throat and not out the other nostril!

I popped out to Boots yesterday and bought the little kit. It s sterilised and waiting for the water to cool down. Here goes. Given I've completely lost my sense of smell it can't make it any worse and could help.

PS good to see some familiar names !
wholelottakaren  Female  Lincolnshire 26-Oct-2017 16:59 Message #4703932
sorry to be facetious, but I thought it sounded like some sort of camping loo
hannah  Female  South East London 14-Nov-2017 11:14 Message #4705308
When my son was a baby he was very blocked nasally. I didn't have a neti-pot but had to squirt a small amout of saline solution up his nose and then suck it out his nose... it wasn't pleasant for me, but it certainly worked for him.
Pickled  Female  Middlesex 20-Nov-2017 18:45 Message #4705991
Well - Just thought Id report back on it. I bought a little kit from Boots along with the sachets that you use with it. It was quite easy to use and not uncomfortable at all. It cleared my sinuses immediately. I've been using it about twice a week now and am pleased I went ahead. I can actually breath through my nose now...

Hannah, mums will do anything for their little ones! Well done you!
mycrazylife  Male  Somerset 23-Nov-2017 22:09 Message #4706254
I use a version of one. They work wonders bit my advice is not to be seen using it! Ever!
Pickled  Female  Middlesex 30-Nov-2017 15:38 Message #4706794
Sound advice!!

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