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A man alone

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A_man_called_CHIOG  Male  South East London
11-Aug-2017 15:40 Message #4697910
Leaving the internet and wandering off into the real world where would a middle aged man go to find an available lady?

It's not too bad for the ladies as lots of single men go down the pub, watch football, rugby or racing or working on building sites, driving taxis and lots of other things.
You might get the occasional woman doing the same but not very often and when a woman is out she is likely to be with a friend so not available to disappear with a man leaving her friend behind on her own.
It seems that many of the places a woman goes are the sort of place which only attracts other women.

I know I'm generalising a bit but why not!
Aely  Female  Hampshire
11-Aug-2017 16:35 Message #4697918
As a single lady I would never go looking for love in a pub. I became single because of my husband's drinking and had no wish to repeat the experience with someone else. The advice "get out and meet someone" is useless around here. There are only pubs.
barney  Male  Surrey
11-Aug-2017 18:02 Message #4697924
If a woman is out with a friend it would be downright rude to leave her friend on her own. Secondly unless the woman knows the man really well it could be dangerous to go off with him.

I think the stigma of women going into pubs on their own is gradually disappearing, well it is around here, and the ratio of single women in my pub is nearly the same as the men.

I always found that the best way to meet women is when you are out and about doing everyday things. Chat to them in the shops, workplace, petrol station, in a queue anywhere really.
Best tip is to get a cute dog lol and head to the places where other dog walkers go. I have a standard Poodle and all the ladies want to fuss her.
fosy  Male  Leicestershire
11-Aug-2017 23:06 Message #4697950
"If a woman is out with a friend it would be downright rude to leave her friend on her own. "

too true barney, it would be rude not to offer three in a bed...:¬)
BlackMark1  Male  Leicestershire
11-Aug-2017 23:11 Message #4697951
It's easy meeting women. Garden Centres, Costa coffee mornings and the patchwork quilting group. Can't go wrong.
TheQuiteMan  Male  Lincolnshire
11-Aug-2017 23:15 Message #4697952
don't forget bingo ...
Bewildered  Female  Norfolk
11-Aug-2017 23:15 Message #4697953
I still would not be comfortable going to a pub alone...and I have considered it when there was a band on I like...butt !!!

I dontwhere you meet when you are 50 plus

if you find out tell me please...

As here there is no where... i dont have a ppoch to walk. grand kid to any where so unless I am lucky enough to bump into someone while shopping i am at a loss.
wholelottakaren  Female  Lincolnshire
12-Aug-2017 00:27 Message #4697958
I often asked this question - i'e never yet had an answer. Eventually I called it a day but cant believe that men say they cant find women
Over the past 13 years Ive tried - evening classes and reading groups - result females (retired) and men old enough to be my dad
The local observatory - result - schoolboys and men old enough to be my dad
Local blues and rock venues result men old enough to be my dad
Service clubs - result men old enough to be my dad
voluntary work result females (retired)and men old enough to be my dad
Classical concerts -result females (retired) and men old enough to be my dad
I even joined a walking group and yes , you have guessed it
In the past I joined 'social groups' again single women

I dont want to spend my time hanging round pubs or local meat markets where there are gangs of men which I find quite intimidating. Where are teh men who like cinema and plays? Usually with a female in tow! Apparently they are scared to go to these places by themselves.

I live an active and interesting life now doing what I want and going where I want so it doesnt really bother me any more
Minnie-the-Minx  Female  Hertfordshire
12-Aug-2017 07:47 Message #4697960
Join a car maintenance course. Definitely full of women.
Drusilla  Female  Bedfordshire
12-Aug-2017 12:48 Message #4697991
Single men should try taking up dance or exercise classes such as yoga or pilates. I have tried ballroom classes, line dancing and salsa, and men are always as rare as hens teeth! With current trends towards getting fitter in middle age, why don't men try this? Loads of ladies there, plus you get fitter too! Win win situation.
TheQuiteMan  Male  Lincolnshire
12-Aug-2017 12:51 Message #4697992
I think its called embarrassment for some men Evandra 
but I do agree with you
Declan  Male  Cheshire
12-Aug-2017 12:51 Message #4697993
Museums and Art galleries. Easy to appoach and you just talk about the artwork as an opener. Of course that is easier if you are into art :)

Bookshops - again easy to find a topic as an opener.

Of course there is always this site but there is the danger of turning into a dinosaur before it happens :) Having said that I have made a lot of friends from this site and had some good times around the country.

If there are two women together just talk to them both - asking them to separate is a none starter and it also halves the fun :)
Declan  Male  Cheshire
12-Aug-2017 12:53 Message #4697994
Evandra - I couldn't agree more. I have done ballroom and salsa and been vastly outnumbered . . .
JEM95  Female  Oxfordshire
12-Aug-2017 16:26 Message #4698004
I agree with Evandra.

We have one man in my Pilates class and at least twenty women. It's all good fun - healthy too - but a definite way to meet the ladies CHIOG.

A_man_called_CHIOG  Male  South East London
13-Aug-2017 08:44 Message #4698031
I'm fortunate to meet many new people every week in my work and also in my social life which is usually around boats and water and I even go clubbing a bit. I do think dancing is the most obvious way of meeting and having fun at the same time. I dance a lot even though I'm rubbish at it.
twinkle2  Female  Hertfordshire
13-Aug-2017 09:54 Message #4698036
You could also try the Meetup groups. Again men seem to be outnumbered and whilst the intention isn't necessarily to find romance but just to meet like minded people to do different activities romance does happen. My local Meetup group does go to dances but also has quite a lot of meals - breakfast, lunch, dinner, afternoon tea - quiz nights, canal boat trips, walks etc
Mikejon  Male  Lincolnshire
13-Aug-2017 10:14 Message #4698039
Find and join a ' readers' group'. Start by enquiring at the local library.
Phoenixnights  Female  Nottinghamshire
13-Aug-2017 19:38 Message #4698105
A dog is definitely babe magnet . Shame it doesnt seem to work with men.
HonestBob  Male  the Central region
14-Aug-2017 19:47 Message #4698238

Get a nightshift job and a dog... I meet lots of women 40+ when walking the dog in the morning after 9am.

Few younger women too but mostly older.
capnblackbeard  Male  Hertfordshire
15-Aug-2017 13:49 Message #4698294
if your girl starts acting up then you take her friend,
MrQuiet  Male  Northamptonshire
15-Aug-2017 16:45 Message #4698320
Anyone with a cute dog can't go far wrong and will always be chatted to.
RAACH84  Female  Buckinghamshire
19-Aug-2017 07:45 Message #4698616
I think walking a dog will always attract attention and conversation from strangers. Sometime people want to say hello but need an excuse to speak first.
MAXIMUS  Male  Hampshire
19-Aug-2017 09:17 Message #4698620
Cookery classes ... Ceroc evenings ,even brousing the shelves at the supermarket can cater for a possible chance meeting . Anywhere , anytime if your open to it of course as things can happen when you least epect it ... ;o]

Madness102  Female  South Yorkshire
1-Oct-2017 00:18 Message #4702070
I think this is an excellent thread - how to meet people !!
I have heard it said that "courage" is the best way to win a woman or man. And that is true - you just need the courage to speak to anyone - but be prepared to get a knockback - you are not attractive to all persons.

I have been to many different dances and yes, always a lack of men ... jive, ceroc, ballroom or a mix, so come on men - go to dances and learn a few moves - you may find you are good at it and enjoy it. And you can dance till you are 90 !!
I also go to many different music clubs - folk, blues, jazz etc. where it is very easy to talk to anyone - with music there is so very much to say. And most people are very laid back.
There really is SO MUCH to do out there but my post would take all nite to write !!
Suskie  Male  Worcestershire
1-Oct-2017 01:10 Message #4702073
The local massage parlour!

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