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Birthday Cruise.

to be on the sea, and by it...

Tillybow  Female  Hampshire 29-Sep-2016 13:23 Message #4657418
Recently came back from a cruise with Royal Caribbean, celebrating my 60th while I was away.
12 days, six countries, 4 days at sea, lots of money spent
we are all now skint lol,

I doubt we would ever be able to afford going again, but was worth every penny, and I would do it all again (well, maybe with less sea days lol
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Chris2mates  Male  Lancashire 29-Sep-2016 13:26 Message #4657419
Great way to celebrate and recall your 60th though.

Glad to know you enjoyed yourself.
capnblackbeard  Male  Hertfordshire 29-Sep-2016 14:43 Message #4657428
happy birthday tilly, do you wanna borrow a tenner,lol
lucyjordan  Female  Tyne and Wear 29-Sep-2016 16:00 Message #4657441
Im pleased you enjoyed it, and had a wonderful birthday too.

A cruise isnt my idea of a holiday, i like to take my time, wandering through the towns and sampling the cuisine of the locality. Chatting to locals and seeing how the other half lives. 6 countries in 12 days doesnt really give you time to appreciate any one area in any depth, and personally for me i would have preferred less places and more time to spend in them. The idea of going to sleep in one place and waking up in another isnt for me, but i appreciate that there are thousands who do enjoy that type of holiday.

Roll on the next one eh?
AndyMacG  Male  the West Midlands 29-Sep-2016 16:17 Message #4657443
I've always wanted to go on a cruise but being single it works out rather expensive with the single supplement to the point it's virtually like paying for two, i don't know which would be more expensive, find a partner to share the experience or take the single supplement on the chin, lol
oh well i will be 57 this year so if i can get it sorted by the time i'm 60 i'll be a happy fella ... 12 days, six countries, and 4 days at sea seems ok to me :-)

Glad you had a great time and yes, what a wonderful way to celebrate your 60'th

Andy Mac
barney  Male  Surrey 30-Sep-2016 13:30 Message #4657594
I am hooked on cruises and have been on 7 so far. Can't book the next yet as I am awaiting an operation on my ankle.
Kisame  Female  West Sussex 30-Sep-2016 15:13 Message #4657602
Andy Cruise ships are often looking for male escorts to chat up the ladies
Have fun enjoy yourself with the ladies and get paid !!
amethyst  Female  Cheshire 15-May-2017 16:12 Message #4689108
Hi Tilly and co,

I took my first cruise as a 60th birthday celebration to Alaska with a week on land at either end .
It is a rip off for single travelers and I went with 3 friends.
A great way to see that part of the world as roads are practically none existent unless you want to do the Ice Roads in winter.
The port days were interesting and 1 day was enough.

Just come back from a 4 day trip on the QE Southampton to Hamburg which was really a special treat for my parents who are 87 and 85.
It was far more sedate, although I was acting as parents carer with my brother and his wife.
I didn't bother getting off in Hamburg as I would prefer to make that into a long weekend or city break at a more leisurely pace.
My brother and his wife took a local shuttle bus into the city and did their own thing rather than pay for an organised trip.

Once I've shed the lbs from the food and cocktails and saved up the £££'s for another big birthday treat I'm looking at NZ for my 65th!
It might be a cruise but more likely a self drive and island hop with own agenda. 2 friends interested.
Has anyone got recommendations what to see and where to stay? I've heard of Bach?

At 85 mum payed almost as much insurance as she did for the 4 day cruise.
You definitely need to do the long haul trips before health issues and age catch up with you.
Can't take it(£££) with you.
Minnie-the-Minx  Female  Hertfordshire 15-May-2017 16:29 Message #4689110
Pleased to hear that you had a lovely time.

Normally, a cruise wouldn't appeal to me. But I like the idea of doing the one that starts in Oslo and travels all the way up the west coast into the arctic circle to look for polar bears on Spitzbergen. Some super wildlife to pick up on the way, including the birds and the cetaceans, not to mention the fjord landscapes.
amethyst  Female  Cheshire 15-May-2017 21:25 Message #4689139
Yes Minnie I've heard stories of the post-boat trips to see the Northern Lights with on-board astronomers to describe the beautifully clear night skies it's on my list and I have a friend who wants to visit Spitzbegen.

I wonder if they'll be Armoured Bears - as in The Northern Lights (Golden Compass ) novels :-)

Not sure my finances will stretch to match all my dreams but no harm thinking about them.
Woosey  Female  North Yorkshire 17-May-2017 13:49 Message #4689298
That's what dreams are all about Amethyst, and if they materialise, all the better. Xx
Tillybow  Female  Hampshire 1-Jun-2017 20:25 Message #4690670
amethyst, I hope I wont be 85 before I go on a ship again. it was really great, you had to relax even when you didnt want to lol. We are saving up to hopefully do it again on the next 'special' birthdays in four years' time, which will be grandaughters 21st,my 65th and daughters 40th. all tying in nicely lol.
I think everyone should do a cruise once, even if its a four dayer around our own islands.
some wont be so happy but I know of some folk who spend half their lives and pension money on cruises.
RoseyCheeks  Female  Nottinghamshire 7-Jul-2018 11:15 Message #4720333
Amethyst I cruised Alaska last year too. 10 nights Inside Passage Seattle to Vancouver with land stays at each end. Best holiday ever and the only way to do it properly. Glacier Bay was awesome.

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