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Eljer  Male  North London 10-Dec-2015 22:55 Message #4604556
Puts head in tea chest finds green tights, hoping to gate crash polly's party :)
IronGirl  Female  Cheshire 10-Dec-2015 23:27 Message #4604560
I love the way your ears go all flopperly when you run :-)
PollyValentiniusPoppy  Female  Worcestershire 10-Dec-2015 23:37 Message #4604563
Green tights? Sure, you'll look like a leprechaun!

Eljer  Male  North London 10-Dec-2015 23:39 Message #4604564
its my robin hood tights thats all i have :/
-Soulmajik  Female  Dorset 10-Dec-2015 23:59 Message #4604569
Preocuparse no quita los problemos de manana.
Quita la paz de hoy.
Justaguy  Male  South East London 11-Dec-2015 01:41 Message #4604574
Then don't worry ... be happy :o)
badman  Male  Suffolk 11-Dec-2015 08:33 Message #4604588
Dammit. No messages left.
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire 11-Dec-2015 13:53 Message #4604602
enjoy and live for the day !
matrix  Female  East Anglia 11-Dec-2015 16:16 Message #4604613
I'm eating your feet tonight :0)
Minnie-the-Minx  Female  Hertfordshire 11-Dec-2015 16:49 Message #4604617
bet you've guessed what my favourite flavour of ice cream is now
vanman  Male  Cambridgeshire 11-Dec-2015 16:57 Message #4604620
Dell or Rodney ?
MusicmanUK  Male  Cheshire 11-Dec-2015 17:19 Message #4604622
You Only Have To Ask :)
MusicmanUK  Male  Cheshire 11-Dec-2015 17:22 Message #4604624
You Only Have To Ask Me :)
Nuvo  Male  Merseyside 11-Dec-2015 21:00 Message #4604690
not someone but yer all a wonderful group of carbon units :)

Woosey  Female  North Yorkshire 11-Dec-2015 22:41 Message #4604710
Sending loads of love and hugs.

Woo xxx
Steve1959  Male  Nottinghamshire 11-Dec-2015 22:47 Message #4604711
If you never lived so far away I would have to ignore you
bella111  Female  Devon 11-Dec-2015 23:11 Message #4604713
I like you anyway lol
Eljer  Male  North London 12-Dec-2015 04:49 Message #4604716
i got drunk in suffolk lastnite, i was staggering all over the place
a policeman said - why are you holding a pair of shoes and socks in your hands sir
i said - i dunno, i cant seem to find my feet mate

theres some nutty birds in suffolk ;)
IronGirl  Female  Cheshire 12-Dec-2015 18:07 Message #4604804
The things I do for's a good job you have the cutest face in the whole wide universe (well apart from your big bro, he is also cute looking) :-)
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire 12-Dec-2015 21:01 Message #4604835
I gave you my last Rolo...
FREE  Female  Somerset 12-Dec-2015 21:29 Message #4604837
I'm happier than I've been in years :)
chocolat  Female  Berkshire 12-Dec-2015 21:50 Message #4604838
WOW ! You were amazing today.

You're on the road to the quarter finals.

You're the penalty shoot out goalkeeping king !

How lovely for the opposition to say you would have been their man of the match!!

One proud mum xx

Soul-Provider  Male  Hampshire 12-Dec-2015 23:04 Message #4604845
Your smile is so lovely,makes my day brighter seeing it X
jennifer  Female  Gloucestershire 13-Dec-2015 11:27 Message #4604891
Take you in my pocket everywhere.
FREE  Female  Somerset 13-Dec-2015 12:28 Message #4604912
The new neighbours seem lovely. :)

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