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Wilma  Female  South Yorkshire 23-Aug-2015 10:49 Message #4584597
I am hopefully going to have a trip down to Weston for this exhibition. Putting feelers out to see if anyone interested in visiting it too.

I could make it a meet if enough interest or if you're local and just fancy a visit plus maybe a meal after.

My prefered weekend would be the 27th September.
Wilma  Female  South Yorkshire 23-Aug-2015 10:49 Message #4584598
The Galleries
Dismaland® boasts three large galleries which together comprise the finest collection of contemporary art ever assembled in a North Somerset seaside town.
Model Village
Jimmy Cauty’s hand crafted miniature world will delight and amaze (and potentially cause seizures in persons sensitive to strobe lighting).
Cinderella’s Castle
Step inside the fairytale and see how it feels to be a real princess. Souvenir photos available.
Guerilla Island
Features a bus-mounted museum, library, gallery of guerilla art, Comrades Advice Bureau and workshops in how to hack billboards.
Ben Long
has constructed a stallion entirely from used scaffolding.
Water Cannon Creek
An armour plated riot control vehicle built to serve on the streets of Northern Ireland. Equipped with sniper posts, grenade launchers and now – a children’s slide.
Mini Gulf
An oil caliphate themed crazy golf course made from the hockey pitch at Cheltenham Ladies college.
Giant Pin Wheel
Commissioned by Banksy to power the entire site, it turns out this ecological marvel has trouble charging more than two mobile phones at once.
Kids Enclosure
Strictly for the little ones – an area that combines soft play and loan shop.
Punch and Julie
The infamous Julie Burchill has given this seaside staple a good kicking. Now includes references to Jimmy Saville and Fifty Shades of Grey.
A puppet revue show constructed entirely from the contents of Hackney skips – it’s ‘Fly Tip Theatre’ by Paul Insect and Bast. Self operated.
Jeffrey Archer Memorial Fire Pit
Warm yourself around an authentic real open fire ceremonially lit each day by burning one of the famed local perjurer’s novels.
Portrait Artist
Nettie Wakefield renders your likeness in an exquisite pencil drawing, but only the back of your head. Surprisingly revealing.
Picnic Area
The humble picnic table proves a rich source of artistic ammunition for American furniture twerker Michael Beitz.
Truck-mounted outdoor screen playing a rolling program of short films day and night. Cushions not provided.
Circus Tent
A gothic sculpture park in a tiny big top tent.
Win big prizes on hook-a-duck and the shooting gallery. Knock over an anvil in David Shrigley’s game of skill and cunning. Navigate the high seas with Banksy’s Mediterranean
boat ride.
Big Rig Jig
A masterpiece of post-industrial assemblage art – it’s two juggernauts performing ballet by Mike Ross.
AndyMacG  Male  the West Midlands 23-Aug-2015 11:39 Message #4584608
I saw a bit about Dismal Land yesterday in the news, i’m not sure if i’d enjoy it or not but i could only find that out if i went, so yes i could do that on the 27th but isn’t the 27th a Sunday and that would mean driving down and back on the same day.

Wouldn’t Saturday the 26th be better then if some wanted to stop over, myself included we could take in the sites that “Weston-Super-Mare” has to offer, so yes, i’d be up for it, Saturday or Sunday :-)

Andy Mac
sunnyagain  Female  Hampshire 23-Aug-2015 11:41 Message #4584609
This sounds interesting but from where I am definitely not a day trip! I'll look at trains.
usuallyLaura  Female  Devon 23-Aug-2015 11:44 Message #4584612
saw it on the news, not sure if it's my kind of thing :(

but i can suggest a very good chinese in wsm ! i enjoyed it so much i'd be willing to do the 90 min drive up for it :)

sadly it's my working weekend, tho there is a good chance a colleague will swop with me...
Wilma  Female  South Yorkshire 23-Aug-2015 11:51 Message #4584615

Sorry I did mean the 26th sorry and if folk are wanting a weekend meet thats great, if not and just a day event I am happy for that too. :)

I am unsure what Weston offers but am happy for anyone to add ideas for us.
Wilma  Female  South Yorkshire 23-Aug-2015 11:52 Message #4584616

would be fab if you could, will keep everything crossed for you :)
Wilma  Female  South Yorkshire 23-Aug-2015 11:56 Message #4584617
Laura, Not sure if mine but at £3.00 a ticket I am willing to give it a go :) and I am a little intrigued by it.

Would love the info on the Chinese always a good sign if someone is prepared to travel to a restaurant. Would be great if you could make it.
october  Female  Wiltshire 23-Aug-2015 12:15 Message #4584624
Hi Wilma

Will have to check if that's the weekend that I am away, but if not I could drive there for the day. Would be lovely to meet some MSE folk.

Oct x
usuallyLaura  Female  Devon 23-Aug-2015 12:29 Message #4584627
wow only £3 ? !!!

noble house, 171 high street, worle, wsm.

chinese was recommended to me by someone who lives in wsm, worle is a suburb of wsm.
AndyMacG  Male  the West Midlands 23-Aug-2015 12:45 Message #4584629
No bloomin wonder women are always late, can't even get the right date ;-) hahaha :P

Well, in that case you can count me in, i'm more than happy to drive down early saturday morning stay over and have a slow meander back home sometime on the Sunday, Excellent :-)

Andy Mac
Wilma  Female  South Yorkshire 23-Aug-2015 13:34 Message #4584641

Would be great to meet you and others :)
Wilma  Female  South Yorkshire 23-Aug-2015 13:36 Message #4584642
Thanks Laura for the address. Always great to have been recommended by a local. Yes £3.00 a steal.
Wilma  Female  South Yorkshire 23-Aug-2015 13:38 Message #4584644
Andy, tut tut what are you saying me late no no never well maybe ;)

Great to have you on board :) Looks like we have a chineses thanks to Laura :) I love it when a plan comes together.

Wilma  Female  South Yorkshire 23-Aug-2015 13:53 Message #4584651
Now my spellings gone to put chinese is what I meant.
sheryleese  Female  Avon 23-Aug-2015 20:36 Message #4584716
The queues at the moment are horrendous unless you get special looking to go with a friend when the queues have died down!
october  Female  Wiltshire 23-Aug-2015 20:57 Message #4584721
Sorry Wilma, just checked my dates and I am in Cornwall that weekend.

Hope I will get to meet some of the MSE folks one in the not too distant future.

Oct xx
Nigel_In_Devon  Male  Devon 23-Aug-2015 23:09 Message #4584738
Will it still be open on the 26th September? A BBC page i looked at suggested it would only be runnng for 5 weeks and there was a lot of trouble getting tickets with the web site going down a lot...some were wondering if this was deliberate and part of the 'experience' so to speak ;-)
usuallyLaura  Female  Devon 23-Aug-2015 23:53 Message #4584741
the dismaland website has 27th sept as the last date.
Nigel_In_Devon  Male  Devon 24-Aug-2015 04:36 Message #4584748
Brill. I'll be a last minute decision i'm afraid as i don't know if i will have sold my car by then...
Wilma  Female  South Yorkshire 24-Aug-2015 05:14 Message #4584749
Hi sheryleese, I can imagine it must be a nightmare at the moment. Also as tickets were only available to locals and only on the day It must of added to the chaos.
Wilma  Female  South Yorkshire 24-Aug-2015 05:17 Message #4584750
october that's a shame, maybe it could be moved to the weekend before, also Laure would then be weekend off. Would you be able to make it then?
Wilma  Female  South Yorkshire 24-Aug-2015 05:22 Message #4584751
Hi Nigel, As Laura has mentioned it is the last weekend of viewing. You are right the initial online buying of tickets was very problematic. So tickets will not become available online until tomorrow 25/08/2015 would be good if you could make it, not far on a train :)
Wilma  Female  South Yorkshire 24-Aug-2015 05:30 Message #4584752
Right folks that have expressed an interest how would the weekend of the 19be for you? there are two viewings per day. the one I am proposing is the earlier one 11am- 6pm.

It looks as though they have changed the online site again grrr they are only selling tickets on a week to week basis. My thoughts were we bought tickets upfront instead of on the day to save time having to queue, as there's limited availability each day.
Nigel_In_Devon  Male  Devon 24-Aug-2015 08:00 Message #4584754
"not far on a train"

true, and ishould have a student railcard again by then ;-)

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